Applycup Hiring Solutions LLP, Fastest Growing Recruitment Company in India Striving Across Globe

Nikhil Batra, Managing Partner & Co-Founder, Applycup Hiring Solutions LLP
Nikhil Batra, Managing Partner & Co-Founder, Applycup Hiring Solutions LLP

Applycup Hiring Solutions LLP, Fastest Growing Recruitment Company in India Striving Across Globe

“You Become what you Hire” is a basic formula we follow and that makes Applycup and our customers Happy.”

- Applycup

One of the 10 Most Promising companies in Industry, leads the industry as an expert with the same belief as it personifies the idea every day as they navigate through the journey. Applycup Hiring Solutions have carved their unique stance ensuring seamless bridging of the gap between the talent pool and the recruiters.

Jointly holding an experience of 25+ years now, they ventured into entrepreneurship after recognising the market, the kind of challenges companies are facing in hiring and process. Today Applycup Hiring Solutions LLP is the fastest growing recruitment company in India and has Providing Hiring solutions across the globe for the last 7 years.

In a conversation with The CEO Magazine, both the co-founders shared about the journey, solutions, challenges, and other aspects of the business on behalf of their brand, Applycup. Here are the edited excerpts:

TCM: How was the journey? What were the challenges you surmounted in your journey?

ApplyCup: Since we established Applycup in April 2016, we ventured into the unknown world of start-ups and were aware of the risks and challenges that come with the decision. The toughest decision for us was to start a recruitment company.

Yes, this industry is diverse and well-established which implied that we already have several competitors in the market. But we stand differently because we chose the toughest requirement to start Applycup.

TCM: Where does your brand stand in the human resource ecosystem today?

ApplyCup: Today, after more than half a decade of establishment, we are known for Hiring into Product based and Product Engineering, Captives and RnD centres in the IT domain. We have gradually started Hiring for ONGC, manufacturing and Lifesciences and we are doing great there too.

We bring to the table In-Depth Pre-Screening, timeliness, quality hiring, no false commitments, process-oriented and quality employees, and quick turnaround time which ensures that we stand peerless in the industry.

TCM: Who encompasses your target clientele? What are the peerless solutions you are offering them?

ApplyCup: We are majorly catering to the Indian market in junior mid and senior hiring for IT, Non-IT, and our quality is our identification. We have closed positions encompassing APAC, UAE, U.S, ANZ (Australia and New Zealand) Germany etc, and Technical and Non-Technical Position Globally

We adore taking on tough positions as challenges drive us and it has become our habit to overcome the same each time. We have catered our services to distinct domains including eCommerce, Retail, PLM, BFSI, Healthcare, Life science, Data and Analytics etc.

Our target clientele includes several industries as well while product development and R&D suits us the most. We have supported growth for several start-ups by ensuring that they are on the receiving end of the right people to take companies to the next level and scale better.

We continue to ensure that Applycup has deployed efforts in sync with its highest potential to offer end-to-end hiring for roles like Mid and Senior Level Hiring ( CTO, VP, AVP, Heads, Managers etc.), Sales to Services and more.

TCM: Being among the most admirable names in the industry, what are Applycup’s core values?

ApplyCup: The Applycup team proudly personifies our brand's core values. We robustly believe it is a crucial part of our stance in the industry today and our peerless solutions. Respect, Integrity and learning or RIL form the core pillars of Applycup.

TCM: What is success for you? Whom would you like to credit your success to?

ApplyCup: Success is a subjective term and each professional or leader who has experienced the taste of success must have a unique stance on the same. At Applycup, success is defined as “not giving up.” We continue to believe the same and strive as the best solution providers and the credit for the same goes to our customers, the team, and our family.

TCM: What are the achievements and awards you are most proud of today?

ApplyCup: There are many occasions in this journey that marks reaching significant milestones that makes us proud. Looking back at those moments, I would like to share about our achievements since inception. We boast of getting selected as the most promising start-up in one of the start-up events in 2017.

We conducted more than 50 Job fairs from 2017-2019 with the participation of more than 300 companies from different industries. We onboarded 500+ people in one year with different customers in 2019. And of course, getting published in The CEO Magazine’s 10 Most Promising companies in Industry issue is the proudest moment for us.

TCM: What motivates you and how do keep your team motivated?

ApplyCup: We have maintained a learning culture since the first day we initiated this brand. This culture has been the core of our brand’s identification. Learning has allowed us every Applycup ex-employee to join some of the biggest brands. Eventually, it has led to the scenario where it motivates our current employees to work and grow in the same environment.

TCM: What’s next on the cards for the company in terms of growth and expansion?

ApplyCup: Indeed, we are growing in terms of new clients, new recruitment models and looking for the team size to be doubled by end of this financial year.

TCM: What do you feel about giving back to society, are you doing anything about it?

ApplyCup: It is our honest belief that society is a crucial part of Applycup and we believe in extending the helping hand to the same for their contribution. At our company, we choose to give back through the empowerment of people.

It allows us to contribute to the society in future with leaders in making. Apart from our core business, we are involved in other social activities like training activities and career guidance to freshers through different channels to help them choose wise career options.

“You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.”

– Mahatma Gandhi

Nikhil Batra, Managing Partner & Co-Founder, Applycup Hiring Solutions LLP
Nikhil Batra, Managing Partner & Co-Founder, Applycup Hiring Solutions LLP
Nikhil Batra, Managing Partner & Co-Founder, Applycup Hiring Solutions LLP
Applycup Hiring Solutions LLP, Fastest Growing Recruitment Company in India Striving Across Globe

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