Sturgeon Consulting

Providing Impeccable Recruitment Solutions to Mitigate the Talent Gap
Sturgeon Consulting: Providing Impeccable Recruitment Solutions to Mitigate the Talent Gap

Sturgeon Consulting: Providing Impeccable Recruitment Solutions to Mitigate the Talent Gap

Varun Swaroop, Founder - Sturgeon Consulting

Acknowledged for enhancing the retainability of employees for renowned brands, Sturgeon Consulting made a promising beginning in 2018 to help businesses access the most relevant talent for their organisations.

Sturgeon Consulting's efforts and distinctive approach have propelled the company to greater heights in providing ideal recruitment solutions throughout India's real estate, Private Equity, Construction, and Infrastructure industries.

The core competency of Sturgeon Consulting lies in effectuating clients’ requirements by delivering impeccable executive search and selection solutions with a specialisation in the recruitment of mid – senior-level professionals.

Sturgeon Consulting is a renowned recruitment services provider from its headquarters in Mumbai and branch offices in Goa. The firm has been able to obtain a strong footing in the industry, working on its vision to be India’s most dependable company to jobseekers, hiring managers, and colleagues and to set the highest standards for ethics, professionalism and fairness play.

Reputed and well-known players from varied sectors have entrusted the firm with their recruitment needs, including top Real Estate developers, Construction companies, Private Equity Funds, Co-working companies, Project Management Companies, and International Property Consultants. Sturgeon is in a constant growth mode and is consistently building and improving its capabilities to serve the clients better and become the most dependable partner for organisations’ hiring needs.

The Core Values

At the heart of core values, Sturgeon Consulting follows the guiding principles below that define its every action, decision, and consideration. These include:

1. Maintain the trust of organisations and jobseekers

2. Obsession with being an expert

3. Being adaptive

4. Do not promise what you cannot deliver

5. Building long-term relationships

6. Keep expanding your knowledge base

7. Do not let anything or anyone corrupt your thoughts and actions

8. Always aspire to inspire and uplift

9. Be a custodian of the company’s culture

10. Sleep every night with a clear conscience

Key Differentiators

Match for Meeting – The micro-niche specialists ensure that more than 90% of CVs they send to the clients get shortlisted for interviews

No clapping without mapping – Depending on the difficulty of the search, they speak to anywhere between 50 and 100 accurately mapped professionals for each assignment.

Meet to hire - The two-step selection procedure guarantees that clients will only meet those best qualified for the position.

Paid hiring, free marketing - Unless it is a confidential search, every potential employee receives a persuasive sales pitch about the client's accomplishments and growth and offers details. In the end, one is employed, but everyone leaves having learned about the clients' development.

Experience matters – Due to their industry expertise, consultants are qualified to advise both clients and job seekers. This is especially beneficial while engaging in crucial talks.

The Search Must go on - The experts at Sturgeon regularly find and interact high achievers in their specialized field. This helps them create a virtual pool of pre-qualified talent for clients which in turn benefits the clients by having their search times cut by a startling 50–80%. Additionally, because Sturgeon’s consultants set aside a specific amount of time each day for genuine search & selection, the cost of creating this network is distributed equally.

Because of this, the clients get to spend less on Search & Selection while receiving the most efficient and time saving service, than they would typically. To jobseekers this means that they only get introduced to the most relevant and exciting opportunities as Sturgeon’s consultants already know their area of expertise as well as their aspirations

Master of one – Strugeon Consulting is confident in its expertise in the industries it serves. It has a strong network of job seekers in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and India.

The Business Issue, Sturgeon Strives to Resolve

People are an organisation’s most valuable resource, but when hiring new employees, employers rarely have the chance to meet the most qualified candidates. This is due to the general absence of sector-specific specialisation in recruitment agencies. One way to reduce the likelihood of employing the wrong person is to work with a specialised recruitment business within the industry.

Companies only select candidates from a pool of persons they have met. In order to ensure that they meet not just the finest talent from the industry but also the best talent for their business, it is crucial that their recruitment partner is knowledgeable about them, their industry, and their competitors. Sturgeon Consulting specialises in the Real Estate and Construction industries.

With real estate and construction sectors as its specialisation, Sturgeon Consulting has performed an advisory role to job seekers and hiring managers over the years. It has helped clients stay up to date with industry salary benchmarking, growth opportunities provided by the competition, and access to the most relevant talent for their organisations.

The Industry's Future Trends

The real estate sector in India is growing at a phenomenal rate. An increase in average household income in urban areas, development of smart cities, the ‘Make in India’ initiative, an increasing number of homegrown entrepreneurs and unicorns as well as an unparallel increase in data usage, cloud computing, and the digital economy are all contributing factors to the growing demand of all kinds of real estate, be it housing, commercial real estate, retail, hospitality or industrial & warehousing and data centres. There will be a tremendous need for talent in this industry in the following years, and they are prepared and equipped to satisfy this demand.

The Dynamic Leadership

Varun Swaroop

With excellent expertise in "Executive Search" for the real estate, infrastructure, and construction industries, Varun Swaroop holds over 14 years of professional experience. He took the foundation of Sturgeon Consulting with the only goal of assisting businesses in the most smooth, quick, and effective way possible in locating the most incredible talent for their enterprises. He regularly interacts with promoters, CXOs and recruiting managers from significant enterprises with a presence at the local, regional, national, and international levels.

Archana Pandey

Founder and former executive search professional with more than 8 years of expertise, Archana Pandey is an inspiring lady. She has a keen eye for talent and a remarkable capacity to comprehend the hiring managers' needs and the organisation's culture and locate and attract the most pertinent people for organisations. She is also in charge of developing a potent recruiting team for Sturgeon.

Dr Ram Swaroop Ratan

Dr Ram Swaroop is a retired Director of Agriculture with the Government of India and currently runs a successful NGO dedicated to ensuring sustainable livelihood, environmental conservation and preservation of people and the planet by promoting applied Agri-horticulture practices, and skill development and entrepreneurship in rural India. He is also a partner at Sturgeon Consulting and plays an advisory role in guiding and mentoring the founding partners.

Words of Wisdom

● Overnight success is achieved through compounded efforts made each day

● Make excellence your passion, and you will never find any job boring

● The biggest failure is not doing something out of fear of failing

● Consistency and an optimistic outlook could end up being your greatest strengths

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