Clensta International

Clensta International

Dr Puneet Gupta, CEO-Founder, Clensta International


"The unique feature of zero utility of water makes the product novel and drives the vision of universal access to innovative & exemplary hygiene centric healthcare solution"

Dr. Puneet Gupta.

The innovations in the industry of personal hygiene have ranged from all sorts of products like sweat patches and mosquito repellent bands. We are undergoing a transformation phase with this industry growing swiftly.

It's no more just about normal soaps, shampoos, hair care, and face washes, but now it's more about innovation healthcare product like the latest waterless healthcare.

Waterless healthcare, a way towards healthy access to personal hygiene for any locations with the scarcity of water, or water logistic challenges or accessibility to washroom and especially for hospitals, outer space, adventure enthusiasts, defence personnel, home healthcare, hotels, railway networks and more.

This innovative waterless healthcare solution was created under the hegemony of Dr Puneet Gupta, CEO-Founder of Clensta International. In association with the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, they are revolutionizing the space of personal hygiene with ground-breaking healthcare solutions that benefit all and aim to create environment-compassionate products that contribute towards a better world.


Dr Puneet Gupta, an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Management (Calcutta), is a start-up enthusiast and B2B marketer. Earlier he was professionally associated with Honeywell and post that joined a defencestart-up.

Business world awarded him the title of 'Young Entrepreneur of the year' in 2019. He heads a team of seasoned professionals, research scholars, and professors, relentlessly working towards making health and hygiene waterless.


Established in 2016, through "Waterless Technology", Clensta developed a range of Waterless Bathing Products, that negates the use of water and the portfolio of this product includes waterless shampoo, waterless body bath, which works more like soap.

"Through such innovations, Clensta helps to save 350 litres of water by one bottle of 100 ml and has already achieved milestones by saving nearly 6 million litres of water in a short period" adds Dr. Puneet.

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Clensta as a brand had been established with the thought to provide innovative solutions to everyday problems. While closely working with the Armed Forces, DrPuneet met brave soldiers on duty at remote locations like Siachen, Kargil, and Drass dealing with extreme living conditions with almost no access to personal hygiene which propelled him to develop waterless products, leading to the establishment of Clensta.

Dr. Puneet further states, "For making personal hygiene accessible to everyone, we came up with the idea of innovative "Waterless" healthcare products like Clensta Waterless Shampoo (Optimum Head Hygiene Solution) and Clensta Waterless Body Bath (Comprehensive Body Hygiene Solution)."


Undoubtedly Biotechnology is the most promising industry today. Since its existence is not new, in the past 70 years it has grown exponentially.

If we talk about a few examples like the integrated product improvements with pollution prevention or solving the phosphate water pollution problems due to laundry detergent; everything has been addressed by biotechnology and still has the potential to address some of the world's greatest challenges, such as feeding a growing population and offering new alternatives to our scarce natural resources.

"All the points that we address through biotechnology, are for the people, therefore, it is not about supporting people. It is the need of people and the greater impact towards the better life that the biotechnology industry tackles" assert Dr. Puneet.


Clensta develops an innovative healthcare product line, for locations with water challenges; no other brands products are useful in such areas.

Dr. Puneet shares, "Our business is scaled from the aspect of B2B as well as B2C. Our revenue model is driven by the selling of these waterless products. We have a well-connected distribution network that works closely towards making our product available in areas resolving issues related to maintaining hygiene. We are also present online through various e-commerce portals."

There has been a fundamental shift in the appetite for the biotechnology industry, where investment organization and investor saw biotech as a risky space. However, that has changed now.

There have been multiple initiatives of investment opened up by the Indian government and seeing the trends, the investment organizations have entered the field.

"There are multiple opportunities available, not only in terms of investment, funding but there are multiple problems that have not been addressed yet" adds Dr. Puneet.

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The products from Clensta are widely accepted in Army, Navy, Private and Government hospitals in India like All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital (RML), Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), Seth Sukhlal Karnani Memorial Hospital (SSKM), CK Birla, and many more.

Their focus is to go deeper into the existing Indian market and tap different cities across India; scale in tier 1/2/3 cities. They want to establish in the market of B2B and explore the B2C market as well. The major aim is to build the brand's credibility, visibility and expanding the international footprint.

Dr. Puneet proudly affirms, "We have already set up global operations with a subsidiary in The Netherlands, and are either already in discussion or exploring business opportunities in Africa, Asia, EU, North America as well as South America."


Along with a record-breaking sale of around 4x products, Clensta has received appreciation by the Honourable President of India Shri. Ram Nath Kovind, Indian Defence, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, Falling Walls Venture, and Level NXT Program and other media coverage of ET now, TOI, Business Today, Outlook Business.

The company has recently also received the NATO number which makes the product accessible as well as acceptable for Defence Forces across the world for countries that are part of North Atlantic Treaty Organization and they have also established international partnerships for South Africa, the MENA region, European countries.

The year 2017 marked Clensta's association with IIT Delhi – its R&D centre, backed up at U. S Embassy, American Centre, and subsidiary office in The Netherlands. It was also recognized amongst the top three companies at BIRAC.

Organised by the British High Commission and India, Clensta received 'Best Healthcare of the Year' and 'SME of the year 'and 'Start-up of the year' at the Leader of Tomorrow Award organised by renowned ET Now news channel, Top 10 winner at Level Nxt Award organised by Price waterhouse Coopers (PWC), Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) and CNBC New Channel, along with being honoured with the Innovator of the Year at Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (where it gained recognition and award as the Top 10 Innovators) and at Small Business Award organised by Franchise India and Entrepreneur India.

The Company has also been recognized globally, among the top at United State Embassy – Nexus Program, World Start-up Factory program in Netherlands, Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council – BIRAC established by Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Government of India, Wharton India, HITLAB, Start-Up Chile, Singularity University, Krypto Labs and Falling Walls Venture.

Lastly, Dr. Puneet wraps the conversation saying, "As an entrepreneur, I see that the Indian biotech sector which includes university, organization, institute, and start-up are taking the risk and understand the potential of the industry as well. India constitutes around 8 percent of the total global generics market, by volume, indicating a huge untapped opportunity in the sector lies in front."

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