Top 10 Biotechnology Companies in New Zealand

Top 10 Biotechnology Companies in New Zealand

Top 10 Biotechnology Companies in New Zealand

Top 10 Biotechnology Companies in New Zealand

Biotechnology is a subfield of science that employs biological systems or live creatures to create or produce items or technologies that enhance the quality of human existence.

It is a combination of several techniques and technologies, such as molecular biology, genetic engineering, bioengineering, bionics, and nanotechnology.


Advanced biotechnology methods include tissue engineering and regeneration, nanobiotechnology, fermentation, chromatography, DNA sequencing, PCR technology, and cell-based tests.

In recent years, the incidence of chronic illnesses has increased rapidly owing to lifestyle changes, excessive alcohol use, bad eating habits, and a lack of physical activity. 

Numerous top pharmaceutical and biotechnology, biomedical companies are devoted to the development of new and creative medications, vaccines, and improved treatment techniques to combat the spread of illness. 

Due to the increased demand for organic foods and goods, biotechnology is being used in the agriculture sector. 

It facilitates the production of organic goods by reducing the use of synthetic pesticides and boosting pest management.

In addition to food and beverages, bioinformatics, industrial processing, and environmental sciences, biotechnology methods are used in a variety of other industries.

Top 10 Biotechnology companies in New Zealand

To address the increasing ethical difficulties in clinical trials and the limited adoption of new equipment and techniques owing to their high prices, several industry leaders are investing in research and development and focusing on enhancing drug discovery and development.

Here are Top 10 Biotechnology companies in New Zealand

Agriculture Research, (AgResearch)

 AgResearch is a global leader in biotechnology that creates new solutions to enhance the quality of life for people and the environment. This organization's headquarters are located in Hamilton, New Zealand

Focusing on agricultural enhancement, environmental remediation, and animal health, AgResearch is at the forefront of biotechnology industry research and development.

AgResearch was established in 1972 to assist farmers in enhancing agricultural productivity. Since then, the firm has created a variety of goods and solutions that have improved the quality of life for people and the environment. 

The herbicide-tolerant crop type, which has saved farmers millions of dollars on weed management, is one of the company's most popular products. 

Additionally, AgResearch has created a variety of environmental remediation products, including the Superfund clean-up product line and the Bio-Clean environmental remediation system.

AgResearch is a major supplier of animal health solutions in addition to its primary product lines.

AFT Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

The mission of AFT Pharmaceuticals is straightforward: to produce breakthrough solutions that benefit people. David Flacks is the chairman of this corporation, which has its headquarters in Takapuna, New Zealand. 

They do this by seeing possibilities that others may have overlooked and by filling market gaps with creative solutions that may bring beneficial health outcomes to individuals in need. The foundation of this company's success is research and development. 

Pharmaceutical innovation may take two forms: inventing and licensing new medications and equipment and improving an existing product.

Research & development enables companies to create the greatest items in their specialized fields and then export them worldwide. 

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BLIS Technologies Limited

Together with its subsidiaries, BLIS Technologies Limited develops and distributes healthcare solutions based on bacteriocin-producing bacterial strains. This organization's headquarters are located in Dunedin, New Zealand. 

The firm distributes two strains of probiotic bacteria: BLIS K12, a probiotic supplement to support the ear, nose, and throat health of newborns and children, as well as to improve bad breath; and BLIS M18, which promotes the bacterial balance necessary for dental health. 

Its product portfolio includes DailyDefence, a daily probiotic to support throat immunity; DailyDefence Junior, a daily powder formulation to support the ear, nose, and throat health of infants and small children; 

ThroatGuard PRO to provide immunity support to protect against winter illnesses; ElitePRO, a suite of WADA-tested products for athletes; and TravelProtect to support the immune system when traveling. 

Fresh Breathe Kit is a diet that re-opens the mouth, removing bad-odor bacteria. Honey Bliss is a delicious honey lozenge that relieves sore throat or scratches, ToothGuard Jr. has probiotics for dental and gum health that help prevent cavities in children and gum disease in adults. 

It has activities in North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. BLIS Technologies Limited was founded in 2000 and has its main office in Dunedin, New Zealand.

Pacific Edge Ltd 

Pacific Edge Limited, a cancer diagnostic firm, conducts research, develops, and commercializes diagnostic and prognostic tools for early cancer identification and management in New Zealand, the United States, Australia, Singapore, and globally. 

The firm was founded in 2001 and has its headquarter in Dunedin, New Zealand. It works via two divisions: Commercial and Research. 

Cxbladder is a genomic urine test for the identification and treatment of bladder cancer offered by the firm.

It is also developing Cxbladder Resolve, a product designed to identify high-grade or late-stage bladder cancer and provide an increased clinical resolution; Cxbladder Triage, a product that analyses the gene expression of urine-based biomarkers alongside information on known bladder cancer risk factors. 

Such as age, gender, and smoking history to rule out patients with a low risk of having the disease; and Cxbladder Detect, a product that can be used as an adjunct to cysts.

In addition, the business is working on Cxcolorectal (prognosis Gen II), a prognostic gene signature for patients with stage II or stage III colorectal cancers, as well as products for bladder, gastric, colorectal, endometrial, and melanoma cancers.

Kode Biotech 

Kode Biotech Limited is a private corporation created in 1996 to commercialize and license KodeTM technology. This organization's headquarters are located in Auckland, New Zealand. 

Kode Biotech Limited is the owner of the previous Kode technology and the creator of the new Code technology. Transform the surface of biotechnology. 

Mission: Revolutionize Surface Modification with Kode Nanotechnology allows our partners to build items of the future generation using a technology that improves and shapes life. 

Kode Biotech is the owner and parent company of several companies that license Code technology for a range of industries and applications. 

Kode Biotech has pioneered nanotechnology's biological surface modification. Kode is a nanotechnology-based paint that can transform practically any biological surface in 30 minutes and any non-biological surface in seconds.

Stephen Henry is the founder and chief executive officer of this organization, while David Ross is a co-founder.

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Real-time Genomics

Real-Time Genomics provides next-generation sequencing-using researchers with options for in-depth genomic analysis. This organization's headquarters are located in Hamilton, New Zealand. 

These options include RTG sequence analysis tools for reading mapping, variant discovery, protein search, and applications in metagenomics. 

Real-Time Genomics is passionate about genomics. The company's primary competency is its dedication to understanding, anticipating, and meeting the demands of top biological researchers. 

The business offers strong computational skills in algorithms, broad product development capabilities, and a commercial team with over a century of experience in delivering genomics innovation to the life sciences sector. 

At the core of their technical architecture is a patent-protected pattern search method that allows precise mapping and alignment of NGS data with a combination of speed and sensitivity that is unmatched in the industry. 

Then, application-specific pipelines produce findings that combine accuracy and speed to give researchers and physicians exceptional value. 

Real-Time Genomics is a New Zealand-based private firm with representation in San Francisco.

New Zealand Pharmaceuticals (NZP) 

New Zealand Pharmaceuticals Ltd. was founded in 1971 to extract and purify biochemicals from byproducts of the New Zealand meat processing industry. This organization's headquarters are located in Palmerston North, New Zealand. 

The company's earliest products were derived from bovine or ovine bile and were pharmaceutical intermediates

Over the following fifteen years, NZP's reputation for quality and service helped it to become one of the market's leading manufacturers and suppliers. 

The product line expanded to include an assortment of other biochemicals from the meat sector. New Zealand Pharmaceuticals produces and sells pharmaceutical intermediates and diagnostics.

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Symansis is a science-based company that manufactures reagents for the life sciences. This organization's headquarters are located in Timaru, New Zealand. 

Its specialty is giving scientists who study cell biology, cell signaling, metabolism, cancer and metabolic diseases high quality small therapeutic proteins, antibodies and unique kinases, and the traditional ELISA assay. 

This encompasses the area of cell signaling, whose results are especially useful in drug development, such as the examination of the effects of possible therapeutic molecules on the activation of intracellular kinases. 

Inhibitors with documented effects on cell signaling molecules are also available to aid the researcher.

Human cell-expressed proteins are commercially available with all of the glycosylation moieties necessary for full physiological activity. 

In the disciplines of inflammation, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and cancer, these proteins are of interest. 

A variety of assay kits for the assessment of analytes of interest in the area of cellular control and with physiological significance in the aforementioned disciplines are also under development. 

Symansis's philosophy is to produce high-quality goods that satisfy the demands of researchers and to provide excellent customer service and technical support. 

The company was founded by a group of leading cancer researchers from the United Kingdom, the United States, and Timaru, New Zealand, who now serve on its Scientific Advisory Board. 

This has enabled the company to develop its products with the guidance of its scientific expertise and understanding of what researchers are seeking. 

Combined with this high level of research excellence is an in-house staff with competence in all aspects of product development, production, quality control, and sales and marketing. 

New Zealand's South Island is home to the company's sophisticated facilities and GMP-compliant production. 

This is also the place for the manufacturing of one of the country's most important raw materials, antibodies, which can be generated in the country's renowned disease-free environment.

AROTEC Diagnostics Corporation

Since its inception in 1996, AROTEC Diagnostics Limited has been creating and providing crucial components of the highest quality to the autoimmune diagnostic business. 

AROTEC, headquartered in Wellington, New Zealand, has expanded over the years to become a trusted provider of quality reagents to both IVD firms and research and academic institutions worldwide. 

AROTEC is a specialist in protein purification with years of expertise; over 75% of our personnel have a background in biochemistry or biotechnology. 

This knowledge and our pragmatic approach have enabled us to master difficult purification procedures and create premium diagnostic reagents on an analytical to bulk scale. 

By meticulously "polishing" the final product using high-resolution chromatographic procedures, purification is obtained. This almost eliminates contaminating chemicals, guaranteeing a very low background. 

Continuous in-process analysis with a variety of analytical proteomic methods enables us to maintain strict process control, resulting in minimal lot-to-lot variation and a finished product that adheres to our product standards batch after batch. 

This is why AROTEC has continued to develop and currently provides the majority of big and medium IVD firms worldwide with our superior products.

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Douglas Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 

Sir Graeme Douglas, a West Auckland pharmacist who sold prescription medications, launched Douglas in 1967. This organization's headquarters are located in Auckland, New Zealand.

In the 1990s, he was effectively researching and producing his items for the local and foreign markets, which he began doing in 1980. 

Today, Douglas employs over 700 individuals and sells to over forty nations worldwide. Douglas is New Zealand's biggest family-owned healthcare provider, with locations in Fiji and Pennsylvania. 

The Douglas Pharmaceuticals brand, Dedicated to Health, was founded in 2012 with a desire to export high-quality pharmaceuticals to worldwide healthcare markets. 

Since then, we've grown into a solid business that our clients can rely on. It all started with a group of Pharmacy grads' notion.

Attempting to make history in the Indian pharmaceutical sector by effectively applying the principle of using individual capabilities, collaboration, and teamwork. 

All of these professionals have extensive expertise and experience in several facets of the pharmaceutical industry, including Intermediates, APIs, Quality Control, Design, Marketing & Sales, etc. 

Douglas is now one of the fastest-growing organizations in India, serving the needs of several corporate hospitals, government organizations, health care professionals, and trade channels. 

Last but not least 

Over the next few years, the global market is expected to grow because there are more chronic diseases, target diseases, and genetic abnormalities around the world, more money is going into research and development. More advanced tools and systems are becoming available, and healthcare and research facilities are getting better everywhere.

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