Kirloskar Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (KTPL)

Advancing Healthcare through Innovation and Excellence
Kirloskar Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (KTPL): Advancing Healthcare through Innovation and Excellence

Kirloskar Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (KTPL): Advancing Healthcare through Innovation and Excellence

EDATHIL NAVIL PRASAD - Executive Director & CEO - Kirloskar Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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Kirloskar Technologies Private Limited (KTPL), an integral component of the Kirloskar Group for over three decades, functions as a healthcare enterprise specialising in the manufacturing, procurement, Sales, Marketing and service of medical equipment across specialities, including neurosurgery, oncology, cardiac surgery, imaging, Pain management and more.

Additionally, it delivers top-tier digital radiology products and extends its reach to regions encompassing Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

Accredited with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 and approved by the Atomic Energy Regulation Board, Mumbai, KTPL excels in Sales, Marketing, servicing, Testing and calibration, Installation, and commissioning of Biomedical Equipment.

Core competencies of the company encompass exceptional service, organisational proficiency, customer partnerships, and a highly skilled workforce. Headquartered in Delhi, with branches and representatives across India to provide sales and support to the customers.


A Vision for Transformative Healthcare

Fuelled by their commitment to excellence, quality, customer satisfaction, and holistic value generation for all stakeholders, KTPL envisions becoming a highly esteemed integrated healthcare provider in India and South Asia.

They strive to partner with and empower the medical community with advanced, dependable, cost-effective medical solutions to enhance disease management and overall quality of life.

Rooted in care and trust, the company’s core focus is on delivering top-tier, reliable products & services in healthcare for the betterment of patients and the medical fraternity.

KTPL employs a comprehensive Quality Management System (QMS), encompassing ISO standards to fulfil the organisation’s mission and meet the expectations of clients, staff, and the communities it engages with.

This approach is underpinned by a set of guiding principles, including client focus, meeting requirements, impartiality, compliance with regulations, continuous improvement, process standardisation, training, cooperation, and a proactive approach, all while upholding integrity.

To achieve their goals, the company emphasises senior executive leadership and resource provision to empower employees. The selection of competent staff ensures well-planned, high-standard services.

They deliver value to clients by aligning offerings with needs and enforcing compliance with laws, standards, and client requirements.

At KTPL, their commitment to improvement is unwavering. This involves setting and reviewing objectives, reporting key performance indicators, and maintaining consistency through streamlined processes. Upholding a reputation for service excellence and ethical conduct, the organisation fosters trust in interactions with clients, partners, and competitors.

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Edathil Navil Prasad, Executive Director and CEO, Kirloskar Technologies Private Limited

Edathil Navil Prasad brings to the table three decades of versatile leadership experience within the Healthcare/Life Science domain.

His scope of expertise encompasses sales, marketing, operational management, Supply chain, manufacturing, Quality Control, R&D, after-sales service operations, customer service organisation, and effective people management within the Healthcare industry.

Boasting an MBA, ME, and Post-Graduate Diploma in General Management from prestigious institutions such as MIT, Colombia, and TUCK Dartmouth USA, Mr. Navil is further distinguished as a Certified Six Sigma Black Belt Professional.

His career trajectory has spanned prominent organisations, including BPL, L&T Medical, OCI (USA), and most recently, Transasia Biomedicals Ltd.

In his current capacity, Mr. Navil orchestrates the development and meticulous execution of high-quality business strategies and plans aligned with the company’s existing business practices, ensuring alignment and congruence with short-term goals in mind.

KTPL’s Extensive Suite of offerings

KTPL operates through three key divisions: Capital Equipment and Life Saving Equipment (CE & LS), Invitro Diagnostic (IVD), and Medical Assets Management (MAM).

Their CE & LS division deals with high-tech medical equipment for oncology care, digital radiology, cancer diagnostics, etc. KTPL represents global manufacturers like Pyrexar, Samsung, NXTSTIM USA and PathnSitu Biotechnologies etc.

The MAM division focuses on efficient maintenance and management of medical equipment to enhance the productivity of medical technology assets. KTPL maintains 200,000+ medical equipment under the PPP model of NHM in 5000+ medical facilities.

The company has established spare parts depots, testing, and repair centres at multiple locations and conducts periodic preventive maintenance and calibration services. KTPL’s Quality Assessment Services division offers on-site and in-house calibration services for a range of biomedical equipment.

The company operates nationwide with an employee base of around 520 employees, including management experts, biomedical engineers, electronics engineers, technicians, and logistics experts. The company is expanding to serve more states and private hospitals, providing outsourced maintenance services for medical equipment.


Their steadfast dedication to innovation and patient-centric solutions distinguishes KTPL from others in the industry. The company prioritises advanced research and development, pushing technological frontiers to create devices that enhance patient outcomes and elevate healthcare procedures.

Additionally, the company’s unwavering emphasis on quality, compliance, and rigorous adherence to regulatory benchmarks serves as a unique characteristic, guaranteeing that its products uphold the utmost standards of safety and effectiveness.

Collaborative synergy, unwavering passion, and a collective commitment to driving positive change in global healthcare mark the company culture at KTPL. The teams operate harmoniously, fostering an environment where diverse expertise converges to tackle intricate medical issues.

A foundation of open dialogue, mutual respect, and a drive to learn and evolve characterises this culture. Innovation is endorsed and complemented by avenues for professional advancement, empowering staff to significantly contribute to the company’s mission of advancing healthcare through pioneering medical solutions.

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A Journey of Growth and Resilience

Reflecting back on their journey, Mr. Navil recollects, “The course taken by KTPL was not without its challenges. Yet, within those challenges lay invaluable lessons. One significant learning was the development of cutting-edge technology and services, elevating our capacity to provide the utmost care to our esteemed clientele.”

Even amidst the recent challenging economic conditions, the company adeptly navigated by operating within a niche market segment, garnering attention from both government and private investors.

“Success for KTPL is measured by its transformative impact on patients and healthcare. The strides we have taken in medical technology underscores our achievements. Notably, we have achieved regulatory recognition for upholding product standards and safety and prestigious industry honours for our devices, marking their innovation and contribution to patient care,” shares Mr. Navil. “Catalysing progress for India through partnering with global leaders in the medical devices and equipment sector has been our priority.”

What Lies Ahead for KTPL?

Recognising the transformative influence of emerging trends like Data Science, AI and Robotics in their industry, KTPL strategically embraces these changes, transforming them into opportunities for adaptation and growth.

The company’s proactive approach is evident in its embrace of recent technological breakthroughs, seamlessly integrating state-of-the-art IT and IoT systems with AI tools. This synergy has notably reverberated across their operations, products, and services, yielding positive outcomes.

KTPL, at present, is steadfastly directing its focus toward introducing an innovative, comprehensive system for Cancer diagnostics and therapy in India through the assimilation of cutting-edge technology sourced from their partners in Japan and the USA.

This strategic initiative not only reflects their unwavering commitment but also lays the groundwork for Kirloskar Technologies to establish itself as a prominent and influential presence in diverse healthcare sectors.

Words of Wisdom

Advising young entrepreneurs, Mr. Navil shares,

"Always keep in mind the actual requirements of customers, prioritise quality, manage costs effectively, and provide excellent service offerings.”

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Kirloskar Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (KTPL): Advancing Healthcare through Innovation and Excellence</p></div>
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