Thompsons HR Consulting

With A Phenomenal Team of Energetic & Passionate Professionals, THOMPSONS HR CONSULTING Only Believes in Delivering Excellence
With A Phenomenal Team of Energetic & Passionate Professionals, THOMPSONS HR CONSULTING Only Believes in Delivering Excellence

With A Phenomenal Team of Energetic & Passionate Professionals, THOMPSONS HR CONSULTING Only Believes in Delivering Excellence

TI WILLIAMS - CEO & Managing Partner - Thompsons HR Consulting

As the corporate sector is consistently evolving, finding the right candidate for the right job is becoming incessantly complicated. The HR job is very methodical; they help the candidate find a valuable job position and fill up the post for the company with individuals ensuring productivity.

Thompsons HR Consulting is a talented team of HR professionals, deeply enthusiastic and passionate about the HR business delivering nothing short of perfection.

Since 2015, Thompsons HR Consulting has dedicated its time to strongly providing support to build a collective ideology in delivering customised recruitment solutions.

They use search portals, high-end updated databases, and market mapping to identify comprehensive resources in this process. They scour the massive candidate lists through a rigorous regional/national headhunting exercise, delivering the best fit in terms of the business as well as the company-candidate relationship.

Thompsons HR Consulting Invests In Holistic Candidates To Ensure Excellence

Thompsons HR Consulting has always sought to inspire individuals about their jobs and excites the organisation about the new recruit. Its mission is to transcend the boundaries of the recruitment industry by providing innovative human resource solutions.

On the same note, they envision delivering all HR services with excellence by establishing a correlation between the market needs with the ideal talent pool.

Thompsons HR Consulting considers each candidate their asset and takes pride in them as a recruitment facility. Because they believe the recruits to be of great value, they invest in training and mentoring these new candidates, helping them to reach the business or market potential.

Thompsons HR Consulting has a diverse service list, considering the various specialised sectors. In each segment, they bring their best performance and undivided focus.

The sectors they serve include IT, ITES, BPO, Automotive, Water treatment, Engineering, and Real estate. The recent boom of Digital Automotive Radar/ Electric Vehicles and other similar technology in automatic sector is one of the specialized new verticals

Thompsons HR Consulting And Its Work Methodology

Success for any firm is tied to the passion and enthusiasm of the team. Thompsons HR Consulting has excellent references and clients from social media who approach the firm, having heard of the company’s prosperous past.

The primary purpose of Thompsons HR Consulting is to offer a complete HR solution to their clients connecting raw talent with the market requirements. Following this methodology, the team has achieved marvels in the past and is still heading to accomplish more milestones.

The recruitment industry never really runs out of decent opportunities. And with the infinite possibilities waiting ahead of Thompsons HR Consulting, they must be competitive and take time in each project they touch upon.

It has also given them time to look at the various global practices impacting the Talent Acquisition industry and implement them in their services to get the best possible outcome. Over the years, the firm has strictly maintained its ethics and integrity, which is considered a hallmark for any group ecosystem.

TI Williams’ Entrepreneurial Journey With Thompsons HR Consulting

Thompsons HR Consulting has its current office space located in Mogappair, Chennai. Co-founded by TI Williams, the company embarked on the journey in 2015.

Since then, Williams has maintained the Managing Partner & CEO position. He carries over 30 years of experience in the industry serving in different multinationals in different Sr. Management levels.

Mr Williams separately manages another thirteen-year-old firm named Fluidoze Control Systems LLP. It is a marketing solution providing company, channel partner and distributor for niche industrial engineering products and automation solutions.

Coming back to Thompsons HR Consulting, it currently holds approximately 15-20 leading clients in both IT & NON IT segments.

When Thompsons HR Consulting was founded last decade, it started as a self-funded venture by TI Williams and Dr Irene Williams.

Today, they have reached quite the distance with an employee count of 15-20 managed by a dynamic leadership in Ms. Shivani Ramesh who heads the business operations. It is more like a close-knit team aiming for a united cause and mutual success.

Thompsons HR Consulting’s Contributions To Solving Business Problems

The 2019 Coronavirus pandemic had a massive impact on the world, especially in the corporate sector. Those unprecedented times called for an immediate change, and the talent landscape also shifted based on this, leaning more on tech conglomerates.

It is also to be noted that startup firms today are fighting hard to get talent with an entrepreneurial mindset. Hence, Thompsons HR Consulting considers the candidate’s aptitude along with their attitude to select a suitable candidate for specific job roles.

Upcoming Trends- Hr Automation And Ai Infusion

The steady technological boom around the world indicates a future where AI-driven end-to-end recruitment process is embedded in every IT and non-IT segment. The industry has a lot of potential to keep technology at the forefront. However, on the downside, huge churnings and volumes are noticed within the IT industry.

These are not suspected as a bubble and, thus, will stay at least for a couple of years. The situation will remain like this as India becomes a hub attracting more businesses worldwide to move their jobs into the country. Thompsons HR Consulting has dedicated its time to developing an AI-driven, end-to-end recruitment process.

To be truthful, the future of the HR industry seems a bit challenging. However, Thompsons HR Consulting senses great opportunity lying within these challenges. All one needs to do is adapt to the VUCA world (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity).

Their primary goal for the future is to penetrate the international markets. Besides that, Thompsons HR Consulting also plans to provide value-added services, Direct RPO and Non-RPO accounts, and skill development.

The Roadmap To Accomplishment

Thompsons HR Consulting is slightly diverging its focus from the Talent acquisition vertical and redirecting it to Training. Training has largely remained untapped in certain niche segments all these years.

And sensing the potential, the firm has decided to dive into this field in the near future. They have an idea of building each vertical with a unique touch.

Besides building an AI-driven recruitment process, Thompsons HR Consulting meddles with other latest technology interfaces such as IoT and blockchain technology.

With training being their latest business vertical, the team passionately thrives on delivering their best. Thompsons HR Consulting takes its vision and mission seriously and executes it instinctively.

When asked for a piece of advice for the new brood entering the industry, Williams said that any entrepreneur starting their journey must remember the very cause and conviction for starting and never quit on that.

Only sheer dedication and stern belief takes one forward towards the goal. There will be many storms in the journey, but one should always remember that the rainbow comes out to play as the storm clears away.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>With A Phenomenal Team of Energetic &amp; Passionate Professionals, THOMPSONS HR CONSULTING Only Believes in Delivering Excellence</p></div>
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