A people's person at heart and Bafna Group, Adetya has shaped up people's practice and Strategic HR function of the organization.

The HR industry is fast gaining ground. They are no longer a small and slow department but crucial members in the major business decision making processes in various companies. Under this spectrum, packed with new opportunities, young energy and innovation, some change makers are unwinding the blockheads.  It needs the audacity to fly high and get beyond the limits of the sky and that's what we learned from the professional endeavour of Adetya Chopra; presently leading the Human Resources function of the renowned Bafna Group, he is an HR Leader who deeply understands business.

Adetya has over 18 years of extensive experience in human resources; he has led L&D teams of prestigious companies like NIIT, Wipro and Synergy. He Joins Bafna Group as Group Head-Human Resources in August 2019. The Bafna Group established in 1956. Currently, it has a presence in 4 major industries; Automotive, Logistics, Healthcare, and Manufacturing. The group touches the lives of over 100,000 customers annually through 4000 team members.

Till date, Adetya has built businesses and teams ground up and turned them into multi-million dollar profit verticals. In continuation of his success stories and he has consistently upgraded his skills to be an expert at stakeholder management, wielding his brand to build relationships and influence decisions in business. He has been honoured by Harvard Square to be a member of Leaders Excellence.

In academics, Adetya holds Certification in Business Strategy from the University Of Virginia Darden School Of Business, Diploma in L&D from The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and did schooling from Hiranandani Foundation School. He is a proven leader, with deep expertise in different industry verticals and passionate about building outstanding teams in organizations. 

To have a fair understanding of his inspiring journey, The CEO Magazine interviewed Adetya Chopra- Group Head-Human Resources, Bafna Group. 

Edited Excerpts

TCM: At the outset, please give us a glimpse of yourself.

Adetya Chopra: At 36, I have worked for 18 years; a part of me is defined by my success and my failures. I think I belong to the club of being an Entrepreneur and then a successful entrepreneur in the HR space.  

Amongst the ton of things I like, what I enjoy the most is Travel, Music, spending time with Dogs, Reading, and my private space to think every day.

TCM: How do you look back at your professional journey traversed this far? What is your major learning?

Adetya Chopra: Life has been kind professionally. Learnings have been many and with each new assignment, major learning comes along however what I learned early on, which I believe has been a game-changer for me – there is no substitute for knowledge, keep learning, keep re-educating. 

TCM: You have over 18 years of experience in various facets of HR. How have you seen the function evolve?

Adetya Chopra: I think what I have witnessed is HR moving from Personnel Management to it being a Semi-Strategic partner. However, evolution rightly has been slow however effective. What has consistently lacked is invention and innovation. HR created disruptive practices however it has not kept pace with the diversified workforce which exists today. 

TCM: What are challenges did you face during the initial phase of your career?

Adetya Chopra: Quite a few, from being able to introspect what I enjoy doing to being able to get noticed in a crowd and most importantly, being able to communicate my value to organizations. Knowing a good start matters, it was important not to press the restart button early in my career. 

TCM: As a global HR leader, company recruitment head, and educator you are an inspiration for many. Who inspires you? 

Adetya Chopra: I have had the privilege to work with the finest very early in my career, inspiration is and has been core to my drive. Abraham Zachariah, Kiran Shesh, Subroto Mukherjee, Ashfaq Ahad, and Padmini Misra have certainly been huge inspirations.

TCM: What do you believe lies in the future of the HR industry?

Adetya Chopra: At this point, there is a blur when I am asked this question. For the foreseeable future, I think reskilling the workforce will keep everyone on their toes. Small innovations and measurable impact should ideally be the future. 

TCM: What is the best career advice you ever got?

Adetya Chopra: I think I received plenty of nuggets as advice but I don't think there was that one piece of advice that redefined my career; life wouldn't make sense with just that 1 piece! 

TCM: Highlight your achievements, awards, and accreditation.

Adetya Chopra: Being able to set up my own business and being able to exit it successfully, for now, remains the highlight of my achievements so far. Equally, being able to build practices for my employers ground-up I believe has the same taste. 

As for awards, I stay away. Gaining external validation from bodies which themselves need validation is not my playing field. 

For me accreditation is constant, I engage in multiple learning programs, be it in the areas of Strategy, Business or HR. 

TCM: What are your focus areas for the next year in your role?

Adetya Chopra: 2019 has been exciting whilst setting up Digital HR, embarking on a Culture journey and being a part of a business acquisition. 

2020 will be about Creating Servant Leadership for one. It's the only way forward. The charter otherwise is clear, integrating our group companies, engaging the workforce better, creating a performance culture. I think my plate should be full and so should my appetite. 

TCM: HR is a preferred career choice for many students and people seeking a professional change. Could you give a few quick tips for people who are newly transitioning into HR?

Adetya Chopra: Have depth in the subject. Keep abreast of the industry as you go through your education. Lastly but most importantly, give importance to understanding every aspect of the business – knowing Finance, Operations, Sales and IT is what makes you get a seat at the table. 

TCM: What is your favourite quote? 

Adetya Chopra: Think twice, cut once. 

When you start at 18, you are slightly oblivious that you are on a journey which is what made me more involved with my work. Purpose to me has been central to everything that I have done. – Adetya Chopra

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