Ushta Te Consultancy:  empowering companies through comprehensive staffing solution

Ushta Te Consultancy:  empowering companies through comprehensive staffing solution

Ushta Te Consultancy:  empowering companies through comprehensive staffing solution

One of the direct influences of the progressing business ecosystem on companies has been on their talent demands. Rapid development brought in by technology and emerging market condition has indicated that companies have to often chart their talent demands beforehand and work proactively to stay ahead of the curve. This has also implied that staffing firms have a greater role to play. As per the data presented by Executive Recruiters Association, the recruitment industry in India is progressing by 21% yearly and is approximately worth Rs. 35,000 crores.

 Ushta Te Consultancy is the stalwart of recruitment services in India. It was established on 1st April 2012 with an aim to offer tailored-made services. The company is working in the Content and HR domains for companies across media, technology, lifestyle, retail, and advertising & marketing domains. Since inception, it has been developing as the leading recruitment brand and performing as a preferred talent acquisition partner to multinationals and leading Indian businesses.

The Man behind the Brand

Ushta Te Consultancy is achieving its business goals under the excellent guidance of Malcolm Mistry. He is the Founder and Director of the firm and holds more than two decades of experience in the print industry. Malcolm has worked across Indian Express, India Today Group as a Publishing Director, and he was the last CEO of the newspaper DNA.

While working in India Today Group he realized that the industry is lacking the right kind of talent of a particular caliber that creates a kind of opportunity for recruitment companies to provide the right talent solutions. Keeping that in mind, when he left the media industry, he thought of set up something in the human resource space, and so, he started his own entrepreneurial venture named Ushta Te HR Consultancy.

To perceive more Ushta Te Consultancy and recruitment industry, our editorial team spoke to Malcolm Mistry.

Here are the edited excerpts.

Throw light on your organization and service portfolio.

Ushta Te means the great awakening, which also translates to, "happiness unto you".

Ushta Te Consultancy is an established solution provider in the HR domain for both contract and permanent staffing. Here, a proven set of methodologies are followed when it comes to seeking the right talent as we believe in delivering talent, not just people. We provide managed and outsourced services on key projects to multinational clients.  

Our HR services include providing skilled resources to reputed MNCs and large enterprise clients on permanent roles as well as a contingent basis. We have 2 types of staffing solutions.

Ongoing – These are positions that are critical to business and need to be serviced for the long term.

Fixed term contract – These are positions that are project-based in nature and may or may not have continuity at the end of the contract

We provide talent in the technology as well as non-technology areas, for their diverse requirements. Some of the positions we have fulfilled include Product Designers, Web and UI Developers, Application Developers, and Software Design Engineers, Testers and more.

Ushta Te has also been managing outsourced projects for Microsoft for some of its strategic platforms and initiatives. Further, we provide speech & translation services using techniques like speech to text and text to speech, to help our clients extemporize machine learning. In another outsourced project, we have delivered the editorial, marketing & monitoring services.

What are the unique factors that make your company stand out in the industry?

Ushta Te Consultancy offers a number of services, which most companies do not, such as outsourced projects, permanent staffing solutions, consulting solutions and more. We work with some of the large players across different platforms. We provide resources on a permanent basis and simultaneously work as outsource service providers as well. The flexibility of offering people, the type of services that they require based on their requirements allow us to create an edge in the market.

What are the key points that define an organization as a top employer today? 

Dynamic nature, growth, and a wonderful culture are the key features that attract talent to any company and make any organization as a top employer.

Tell us about your team and area of expansion.

Ushta Te is the team of 100+ proficient and expert professionals, who are dedicatedly working to go beyond the expectations of clients.  We have two offices- Mumbai and Hyderabad. Hyderabad mostly has outsourced projects which we manage for multinational clients.  The major success factor of our company is technology and Social Media.  We are in the intersection of technology, processes, and human resources.

Who are your major clients?

We have worked with Microsoft and some other leading MNCs like Reliance Brand Estee Lauder, Louis Vuitton, Bvlgari, Moet Hennessy, Conde Nast DDB Mudra, Omnicom Media Group, Dentsu Aegis Network and more.

According to you, what trends and tools will shape Human Resource departments over the next five years?

Database management is going to play a preeminent role in the HR industry. It will be essential to discover the right kind of talent. Moreover, database management combined with AI is going to be hugely important in providing a bit of predictivity on what kind of talent will do well in which type of company.

What milestones and achievements are you most proud of today?

As a company, we are proud that:

  • We don't really come with a human resource background, but today, we are among the top  human resource solutions company
  • In spite of not being human resources, we have created our mark in the industry. We stood among the top brands of the industry just in a few years, and our identity comes from our clients and the kind of talent that we deliver.

What are your future plans to enhance the employee experience in your company? 

We always empower our key employees; we provide them a lot of independence. I believe that it promotes both employees' professional and the organization's growth. The employees know that the organization is growing so there will be also a goal for them to grow with the brand.

Words of Wisdom

Starting a company in the HR domain is not as simple as it seems, you should have an entrepreneurial mind, a lot of patience, and progressive nature. 

Potent Leadership

Hiren Asudani

Chief Strategy Officer

Hiren is an accomplished leader and brings over 20 years of valuable experience. Having lived and worked across multiple geographies including US, Canada and India, he has a deep understanding of prevailing cultures and ecosystems, driven by strong relationships developed over time.

Diana Gomes

 Principal Consultant

Diana is an HR Professional with 7+ years of experience in HR Management and Client Servicing. She looks after the Talent Acquisition and HR Operations for the Microsoft account.

Maria Lobo

Deputy Manager – Human Resources

Maria manages the Human Resource operations for all the Microsoft teams that we work with including, MSN,, Bing, and Cortana for their Noida and Hyderabad operations.

Manish Mankar

Manager Commercials Analytics & Accounts

Manish comes with 21+ years of rich and diversified experience in financial analysis and planning, forecasting, and commercial operations. He comes with cross-functional experience across Financial Planning, analysis and reporting, Budgeting and more.

Asmita Sawant

 Principal Consultant

Asmita comes with 9+ years of professional growth driven by strong analytical skills with experience in Talent Acquisition and Management, Engagement, and HR Operations and Training.

Sreedevi Rao

 Lead – Human Resources & Projects

Sreedevi is a seasoned HR professional who brings 9+ years of valuable experience from across several industries spanning from Information Technology, Shipping, Real Estate, and Recruitment Consultancy.

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