Potential Genesis HR Services LLP

Supporting People Reach Their Fullest Potential through Customized Development Solutions
Mr Krishna Ramamurthy

Mr Krishna Ramamurthy

Founder of Potential Genesis HR Services LLP

Potential Genesis HR Services LLP: Supporting People Reach their Fullest Potential through Customized Development Solutions

“People Development Professionals in India must use most contemporary development in neuroscience. Outdated models are not a good fit for purpose,” shared Krishna.

Potential Genesis HR services LLP, a people-focused organization on the quest of setting global benchmark works in specialized areas providing customized people development solutions for both business and individual growth, it's an organization celebrated for delivering world-class Training, Consulting & Development services to their clients.

With "Ignite Potential” as its motto, it has transformed thousands of lives and helped them reach their fullest potential.

The firm came into existence on 16th February 2014 with a unique researched 4D approach to learning- Diagnose, Design, Develop and Deliver – which crafts a “Fit for purpose” solution. True to its Motto It was formally inaugurated on 24th July 2015 by the Children of the SOS Children’s Village, Chennai.

Krishna shared, “Expectation Drives Experience and the other way around. All experience has an expiry date.”

Recently, Krishna Ramamurthy, the man behind this innovative idea was on the hot seat of The CEO Magazine, and we grabbed a chance to have a candid conversation with him. Here are the edited excerpts:

TCM: Briefly describe your company. What are the major driving forces behind your company’s progress?

Krishna: We are divided into three (3) verticals- learn easy, help easy and coach easy, for serving people development needs. Coach easy (www.coachezzy.com) and Help easy (www.helpezy.com) address the “Just-in-time “development needs of the corporate executives. Over five years from inception, we have been working on people development. A lot of work around people development we have realized, work around basic psychology, sociology.

People Development Professionals use very little neuroscience driven intervention. I do understand that psychology is an aspect of neuroscience, but it is not complete. To develop people without understanding the brain and its function is futile.

Especially after the invention of MRI and fMRI instruments, scientists have stretched the boundaries of “People Development”.

Our experience informs us if people have to grow, evolve, develop, they have to be able to move from “Coping “to “Dealing” with life circumstances. The progress to dealing with coping is based on how individuals are thought to handle cognition.

TCM: When and how did you incept your entrepreneurial and/or leadership journey at the Company of the Year 2021?

Krishna: The company was started in 2014, and we started operating in 2015. We have been in the business for the last six years and have been making steady progress. We have been looking at different ways of offering services for people’s development.

The organization still believes that learning and development are important for people. I agree to some extent but learning and development alone cannot bring efficiency.

One has to move beyond learning and development to implementation of learning and development which majorly comes from coaching and helping. So that we have been constantly working on.

And, slowly changing the way we have been approaching the market. And it also needs the creation of capacity, so we have also created 130 accredited coaches and about 20 accredited helping professionals.

TCM: Tell us in detail about your distinct services and products.

Krishna: Our main USP is entirely focusing on people development work on science and very specifically on neuroscience, and a bit related to the nervous system!

While working with people, we found that people have a lot of unfinished stories, work in progress in their life that dominates the thinking of who they are and what they can be.

This is where neuroscience helps us to enable people to Relabel, Reframe, Refocus and Revalue (Dr Jeffery Schwartz Work) and help them to reconfigure their experiences.

Our fundamental belief is that experience has an expiry date. So many times, we hold an experience that has contributed to our life and has no validity today. but because of the biology we still hold on to, we tend to approach the current reality with the experience.

The current reality needs the current experiences, not past experiences. We cannot allow past experiences to inform us about the way we should deal with the current reality.

But people struggle with progress because they hold to expired experiences due to the influence of the memory system of the brain, and the emotions. It is important to note our emotions binds our memory. When we reconfigure our experience, we change our emotions as well which can aid progress.

We help people to understand that every day, every time, every moment, we create experience, those experience we should be able to look at very objectively, take out those experience which are fact, and get rid of those experience that are fiction.

We must also be aware our current experience creates our future expectations. Most of the time our unreasonable expectation leads to the less desired outcome. I call this “Excessive Expectation Cognitive Dissonance

TCM: What are the most significant challenges you face today being at the forefront in your niche?

Krishna: It is difficult to make people development professionals understand the concept of neuroscience. People are very practical and logical. A lot of people in the world tend to look at things with logic or rationale.

A lot of people do not understand science. So, to confront them with science and the impact It can have been tough because they push back and tend to sit in their comfort zone. That is something we constantly struggle with. Unfortunately, most people development work currently practised in the organization are outdated. The future of people development must be based on science and not logic!

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TCM: Shed some light on your team. How did you build a dynamic team?

Krishna: We built our team in2015 for the gig economy of today. Our team members work on a freelance basis. We don’t run our organization with salaried people.

This is something we were very clear right from the beginning that many companies are talking about today. We develop people based on our thinking, our standards. It was tough our determination and efforts have helped to progress.

TCM: What motivates you as a leader? And how do you keep your team driven?

Krishna: What I believe is a major factor for many people’s developments work include an uncompromising quest for knowledge, an uncompromising quest to look at what causes people to behave who they are.

So that is what we constantly ask ourselves. We do research, develop our models based on published scientific research. And we used them constantly with people to help them grow. And that is what keeps the team driven.

TCM: What are some of the key technological transformations in your space, especially post-pandemic?

Krishna: There is no dramatic transformation, we have always been believing in virtual systems. And, we are very clear about reaching people just in time. Now, what I mean, just in time is to reach out to people at the point of the event which creates an experience.

This cannot be achieved through EAP programs. We have also realized psychiatry, counselling and therapy are for acute problems not for normal thinking challenges!

TCM: How would you define success? Is there a secret mantra to success?

Krishna: We do work with mindshare mentality. Our success formula is, “the more we share the more we have.”

TCM: Could you talk about your company’s business performance through 2020, key learnings, and your expansion plan for 2021?

Krishna: In 2020, we went through a lot of difficulties, because corporates were busy working on handling the pandemic situations and therefore, they had different challenges. However, 2020 has been a great opportunity for us because we had international works and got clients worldwide from the US, Egypt, China, and Singapore.

Of course, they are not our direct clients, we acquired them through our affiliates and partnerships. We have also used the opportunity to divide the organization into three verticals. In terms of expansion plans, we would like to offer more helping and coaching services, especially with US organizations, some European organizations.

TCM: What advice would you give aspiring entrepreneurs looking to venture into the industry?

Krishna: People who want to enter the people development industry, first need to realize that it is knowledge-based. Many of them do not believe so, they think communication is enough. No, it is not. You need to have a lot of knowledge, the quest for knowledge, and more importantly, the quest for scientific knowledge.

“Be mindful of excessive expectation cognitive syndrome.”


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