The young entrepreneur Nishaan Singh, CEO, Sanbun Investment on his Journey as multi-asset trader & investor

Mr. Nishaan Singh
Mr. Nishaan SinghSanbun Investments
"If you're not first, you're last," are some of the motivation steering words.
Cherished by Nishaan Singh

The young entrepreneur Nishaan Singh, CEO, Sanbun Investment on his Journey as multi-asset trader & investor

Nishaan Singh, Founder & CEO, Sanbun Investments, has indeed transformed these words into his reality and is continuing to revolutionize Indians' outlook of the stock market investments.

Years ago, a passionate young stock market investor started a journey to become a fierce, ardent, and growth-oriented leader successfully leading a 200 member and ever-growing Sanbun Investments team.

 "When I was younger, I was quite intrigued by the workings of the stock market, even though I didn't have as much information at the time. As I turned 15, I started on learning basic concepts of the stock market and other related topics," shared Nishaan, on how his journey incepted.

Navigating through his career, the then-teenager Nishaan witnessed growth by leaps and bounds. However, the young visionary's untainted interest was followed by various hiccups in the path to success management which he fiercely overcame.

In 2017, to share his lessons, experience, and specialization of the stock market through consultancy and services, he laid down the founding stone of Sanbun Investments.

Today, leading from the front and leading by example to many Indians who are afraid to venture into the stock market investments, Nishaan continues to bring change he wanted to see with his brainchild venture.

With a sought after firm in his own right, Nishaansavours his positions as a multi-asset trader, portfolio manager, stock market trainer and mentor to anyone fascinated to learn about the industry.

In an exclusive interview with The CEO Magazine's Editor Purnima Narang, Nishaan unveiled various his success story including challenge of acceptance, his young team, industry, and advice for the next generation.

Mr. Nishaan Singh
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 Here are the edited excerpts of the insightful interview:


The CEO: Was acceptance a major challenge initially? How did you overcome other challenges?

Nishaan: Definitely, similar to every classic start-up story, acceptance was a major challenge in the early days. However, I had two options in front of me at that nascent stage of my start-up. I could have either backed out and given up or I could choose to stand my grounds and move ahead. I have no regrets that I chose the latter and continued my journey to success with Sanbun Investments.


The CEO: Enlighten our audience about your target clientele? What are the services you offer today?

Nishaan: We are not targeting any particular segment of the society, because our focus is on 'change.' And we are well aware that change comes only when people from all classes and age groups work together.

So, we aim to give guidance, knowledge, and skills to those who aspire to participate with us. We boast as a company which has been the first choice of an established list of businesses and individuals.

Currently, Sanbun Investments enjoys the status of a renowned stock advisory firm offering services including PMS, online courses, advisory services and mentorships.

We equip our clientele with 4-6 swing recommendations every month, at the same time, the aspiring stock traders with online courses encompassing information on everything related to financial markets & assisting them to become a profitable stock market trader and investor.

Sanbun Investments' FTTP program is well-tailored to comprehensively assist anyone who aspires to create a career in the stock market.

Mr. Nishaan Singh
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The CEO: What are the core values imbibed by Sanbun's young team?

Nishaan:Sanbun's young team is just amazing. They are always eager to learn more and more. They've by far imbibed integrity, courage, and the art of open communication.

The CEO: You have aced social media game; tell us about your social media journey.

Nishaan: Social media journey has been wonderful. My younger self could not have even imagined that I would once be communicating and connecting to the entire world this way. It's great from various standpoints to have a digital presence.

The CEO: Tell me about your thoughts on success? Who would you credit to?

Nishaan: I believe success is easy to achieve when you work for only money, easier to achieve when you work for passion, and easiest to achieve when you work to add value to someone's life. We at Sanbun Investments change people's perspective not only about trading but also about life itself.

The CEO: Tell our readers about the feathers in your cap?

Nishaan: Well, there are several parameters to estimate one's success or failure. I evaluate my growth and achievements based on how many people stand beside me. So, I believe these people are feathers in my cap.

The CEO: What are the next milestones you plan to reach in the consulting landscape?

Nishaan: I am planning to multiply my growth by scaling my Hedge Fund Sanbun Capital into a billion-dollar fund. The next milestones I plan to accomplish are Sanbun Investments' unique identity and help millions of people to become financially independent.

Mr. Nishaan Singh
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The CEO: What advice would you give to new entrepreneurs?

Nishaan: Why wait? Just start. Never underestimate the process. Sometimes, you have no idea how much lies ahead and how much luck is awaiting you. And good luck from my side, too.

The CEO: What is the company looking at from the perspective of expansion?

Nishaan: We are planning to integrate many classes of people into our forward-looking company. I strongly believe that it is high time that people in India start looking at the stock market with some serious considerations. I am planning to turn Sanbun Investments into the largest private equity firm in India.

The CEO: Do you believe in giving back to society, if yes, how?

Nishaan: Indeed, fulfilling social responsibility is a value I fundamentally believe in. We must give back to society. It is society's absolute right to ask from us. Sanbun Investments team will soon patronize some social cause events and halt activities that cause troubles to the environment.

Mr. Nishaan Singh
Mr. Nishaan Singh
Mr. Nishaan Singh
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