Top 10 ERP Software Companies for the Media Industry

Top 10 ERP Software Companies for the Media

Top 10 ERP Software Companies for the Media

Top 10 ERP Software Companies for the Media


In this regard, the media sector is comparable to other organization and activity management industries. Similarly, it requires all the software management software other companies use, such as CRM, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), and Payroll.

The global business media industry is a dynamic entity capable of keeping and regaining the positions of other companies in the worldwide marketplace. 

Indeed, it requires a robust and comprehensive system to manage its operations, such as advertising, printing and publishing, news broadcasting, etc.

There are several projects of this kind in the media business that need ERP software companies, and many companies offer ERP software to media and entertainment organizations.

These companies provide various solutions, including Software for managing finances, marketing, and production. 

These companies also provide various services that enable them to manage their operations better. The following list provides the top 10 ERP software companies for Media.

Top 10 ERP software companies for Media

Oracle NetSuite ERP for Media

Oracle NetSuite ERP is a media-specific ERP software. NetSuite (ERP) Enterprise Resource Planning Software for Media and Publishing Companies controls all of your clients, including subscribers and advertising, in a unified application suite that combines sales with finance, accounting, and order management back-office activities.

The NetSuite ERP software for Media Companies is based on the expertise and best practices of many media companies. It is supplemented by a proven methodology and configuration services for the deployment of professional services.

  1. Execute sales campaigns inside the system and assess their effectiveness with ease.

  2. Manage all areas of marketing, including the sale of readership orders to advertisers and subscribers.

  3. Monitor advertising from insertion order to delivery and validation, then generate bills automatically based on customized billing schedules.

  4. Integrate with other market-driving technologies, such as DoubleClick, OpenAds, and further validation servers.


  • Tailored Reporting

  • Related Record is a full function.

  • Audit monitoring


  • The option to personalize some displays for researching payment information

  • An implementation may have been more efficient.

  • Training materials

BatchMaster ERP

Any ERP System appropriate for Media is the BatchMaster (ERP) Enterprise Resource Planning Software.

Inventory Management, Production Management, and Accounting Management are among the Software's essential functions.

BatchMaster ERP is a comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system designed specifically for formula/recipe-based manufacturers it help them streamline manufacturing, distribution, quality, regulatory compliance, and financial reporting while integrating with their existing accounting and Financial Software.


  • BatchMaster is rich in features. We can map and automate our processes for most production and distribution scenarios. 

  • Consultants are available at reasonable rates to provide customized help if something is out of the box.


No disadvantages have been detected so far; however, we shall learn about BatchMaster's usability when we begin utilizing it substantially in the coming months

Apagen ERP for Media

Apagen developed Apagen's Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software for the newspaper business, from which the Print Media ERP Solution was developed.

It meets their needs for addressing pain areas, such as advertising sales, space inventory, circulation management, subscription management, procurement and inventory, finance, and human resources.

The media sector ERP for the media sector with a user-friendly interface and a closely integrated business module, ensures a high level of service to the client by handling their tiresome day-to-day chores efficiently.

Elinext ERP for Media

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions created by Elinext teams are intended for the Software, administration, and development of digital content. 

They become crucial for improving productivity and teamwork, satisfying customer expectations, and obtaining visibility.

Elinext teams provide complete media and entertainment software solutions. That enables our customers to enhance the performance of their business management software, enhance the user experience, and raise engagement rates.

Elinext develops (ERP) enterprise resource software systems for the media business with the following number of features:

Production Management And Planning System: Assists in the planning and management of all industrial processes to ensure that they run at the needed levels.

Electronic Document Database: This is a specialized repository for all data about customers, employees, and current and historical contracts.

Market Management and Planning System: It gives the capacity to produce and sustain value for customers and the company's profit. It also aids in developing several vital analytical tools that improve managers' comprehension of operating critical strategic challenges and choices.

Contracts Management and Planning System: A module containing the most vital information about the customer and aiding in managing all activities related to fulfilling the contract's terms and conditions.

The Finance Management Module: Assists in organizing all accounting and financial information and making it accessible 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

The Staff Management System: Reduces the amount of time spent on administrative tasks and offers the business specialized programs for performance assessment, staff contact information, responsibilities, working hours, and so on.

Timekeeping and Payroll System: A module that checks employee attendance and the number of hours worked, examines timesheets, and calculates payroll.

Statistics Module: Collects and analyses data on financial and accounting Software, sales, inventory and quality control operations, departmental and staff productivity, etc.

Uprow ERP

Uprow ERP is a good Enterprise Resource Software System for the Media & Newspaper sector. This Software supports English and offers customization options.

Uprow ERP is a simple but effective inventory management software designed to increase earnings.

Manage inventory across many retail locations using a single database, automatically reordering goods, creating variations, printing barcode labels, and more.


  • Integrated and centralized in terms of reporting.

  • Simple to use and run, tailored to your business's needs, Reasonable cost vital customer service.

  • Business processes are completely retraceable. It satisfies all business software requirements and permits minimal customizations to meet our needs.


  • Incompatible with specific hardware. Features are absent from lower-tier programs.

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Tally.ERP 9 - TallyPrime

TallyPrime is corporate resource software that is accessible on Windows-based computers. This Software for the media and newspaper business lacks mobile functionality.

Tally is now one of the significant producers of business management software worldwide. Today, approximately 2 million companies in over 100 countries rely on TallyPrime, Tally's flagship product, making us a natural leader in the business management software industry.

The program is a real all-arounder that makes it easy for businesses. To keep track of their accounting, inventory, outstanding, cash flow, banking, GST compliance, and a lot more!


  • They are centralizing the whole accounting procedure.

  • Every aspect and function of television is helpful and significant.


  • It is tough to start with; it could be more user-friendly for beginners.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Business Central

This ERP software provides various services for the media and newspaper sector, including CRM, Financial Management, HR, and Payroll.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central; a business software solution for expanding SMBs that delivers corporate application cloud administration.

In a single app, communication lets you combine your finance, sales, services, and operational teams. It helps get the data you need to grow your business software and prepare for the next iteration.

The operational flexibility of Dynamics 365 Business Central enables SMBs to respond swiftly to changing market circumstances and customer expectations.

Regardless of how you want to manage the customer flow of processes, processes, and various models, Dynamics 365 Business Central delivers the foundational performance and adaptability required for success.


  • An interface that is easy to use, has a wide variety of potential applications and is compatible with the media industry.

  • It's an excellent method of monitoring metrics, and you can make a note of client queries.


  • It is vital to make improvements to the transportation module since it could benefit a great deal of the transportation industry.

  • The performance of Microsoft Dynamics ERP degrades as the amount of data being processed increases.

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How can an ERP software system help manage your business?

TYASuite for Media

TYASuite is Software that services all media and newspaper companies. This ERP software can be bought with a free trial period and monthly payment plans.

TYASuite assists you in transforming your accounting software into a business management system. 

Their goal is a satisfied and successful customer, since when our client succeeds, so do they.

TYASuite is an all-inclusive, scalable, plug-and-play cloud ERP application designed for fast-growing, mid-sized, and large enterprises and the media sector.

It efficiently and effectively automates all front-and back-office activities, including revenue management, financial management, vendor management, fixed assets, compliance management, order management, billing management, and inventory management.


  • Customizability.

  • The customer assistance crew was available when needed.

  • From a development standpoint, TYASuite is one of the most straightforward ERP systems to implement.

  • Appropriate for the media industry.


  • It sometimes hangs and is a bit more expensive than comparable instruments.

Horizon ERP for Media 

Horizon ERP, An Enterprise Resource Planning Software, is specifically designed for the media and newspaper industries.

It includes modules such as Accounting Software, Banking Integration, and Barcode Integration.


  • Simple to use

  • User friendly

  • Solid Support Group


  • Daily reports of accurate assessment and straightforward invoicing are incredibly beneficial.

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Marg ERP 9+ Software

Marg ERP 9+ Software is an ERP application designed for the Media & Newspaper sector. This on-premises ERP system is designed for startups, SMEs, agencies, and enterprise applications.

CRM, Financial Management, HR & Payroll, amongst other vital aspects, are integral to the application. 

The Marg ERP software is a business process management software that caters to your firm's needs. Such as Retail chain, supply chain, sales force automation, Financial Accounting, Inventory, Budgeting, Production, GST, etc.

Marg ERP 9+ is an all-encompassing, adaptable software that delivers an on-premise corporate application solution. The Software provides fully-customizable modules for diverse businesses.


  • It is incredibly user-friendly and has the most outstanding features.

  • The MARG ERP 9+ ERP Software is a centralized system for managing several company divisions' sales, marketing, and training. Using the same Software, you can manage many business units at no extra expense. 


  • The training provided by the firm is below average, and there are just a few available alternatives for customization.

Last But Not Least

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platforms integrate all business processes into a single system, allowing users to command and report on all activities from a single screen or location.

ERP systems may significantly boost the productivity of a business and, therefore, its ability to raise earnings.

Therefore, a business must choose the ERP platform that best meets its needs. The above top 10 ERP software companies for media will prove helpful. 

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