Top 10 ERP Software Companies for Retail

Top 10 ERP Software Companies for Retail

Top 10 ERP Software Companies for Retail

Top 10 ERP Software Companies for Retail

ERP is a crucial enterprise application technology solution for retail enterprises and brands. In addition, it is an essential tool for finance, accounting software, risk management, and several other businesses.

Because retail businesses concentrate on selling directly to customers, their enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solutions must also contain consumer-oriented capabilities.

Some solutions are tailored to particular industries, such as fashion, food, and groceries, and may provide features that are very advantageous to those businesses.

Retail (ERP) enterprise resource planning software manages the unique business procedures and requirements of omnichannel or multichannel retailers.

In contrast, a typical (ERP) enterprise resource planning software system is built to fulfill the requirements of organizations in other sectors, such as manufacturing and construction.

With retail enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, a retailer receives modules vital to the retail industry's workflow.

What is retail ERP?

Retail ERP is a tailored, real-time software solution designed to link and integrate retail-specific business activities. With retail (ERP) enterprise resource planning software, retailers may simplify, automate, and manage front-end and back-office business activities more effectively.

This customized Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software eventually improves merchants' bottom lines.

Omnichannel comprises sales from brick-and-mortar retail locations, eCommerce, and other online sales channels that may need warehouses and inventory management for order fulfillment and product returns.

Retail ERP Software is a comprehensive retail management system used by single-location and multi-location retail businesses.

It encompasses all essential parts of retail management, including sales, POS, inventory, storage, delivery, and invoicing. Now let's examine the Top 10 ERP Software Companies for Retail.

Top 10 ERP Software Companies for Retail


Aptean provides industry-specific software to specialist manufacturers and distributors in 20 global areas.

Aptean (ERP) enterprise resource planning software enables retailers and distributors to standardize processes, utilize real-time data updates, streamline retailer compliance with integrated EDI, increase supply chain efficiency with built-in warehouse management capabilities, enhance visibility into company processes, optimize purchasing decisions, and manage the omnichannel retail experience.

Aptean ERP assists the organization in organizing enterprise-wide data and integrating it into a single truth source.

It gives the firm access and real-time information into all business processes in one location.

The organized business model makes the firm more effective and productive, hence boosting profit margins.

With unified data, workflow management, and personnel records management, it is possible to simplify corporate processes and operations to stimulate business development.


  • Simple to Use.

  • Simple maintenance

  • Modifiable and adaptable

  • It allows adding fields to a database easily. The data manager reads all the fields, so adding a field carries it across immediately.

  • Excellent help and support.


  • Documentation. Once understood, the architecture of an extendable system works well. Some tasks might be challenging and time-consuming.

  • The absence of system consolidations.


Brightpearl is a one-of-a-kind retail operations platform designed for retail and wholesale companies.

Its offerings include sales order management, inventory management, retail accounting, and buying & supplier management, among others.

Brightpearl's SaaS architecture is meant to evolve with a company as it expands.

It provides many service tiers to ensure that each merchant obtains the appropriate infrastructure and support for their company.

Brightpearl offers additional services, such as deployment, training, support, and a dedicated client success team.

Brightpearl, on the other hand, is a retail operations platform. Brightpearl integrates your sales orders, fulfillment, inventory management, accounting software, reporting and planning, warehouse management, and more into every one of your sales channels.

Brightpearl is designed to safely handle peak trading, interfaces with the whole retail tech ecosystem, is omnichannel-native, serves as the system of record for critical trade data, offers real-time trading automation of insights enables you to keep control and manage by exception.


  • It is incredibly user-friendly, making data access and related process work easier for the whole team.

  • Therefore, there are no systemic difficulties.

  • Spreadsheet-based product management mass-updates.

  • The capability to rapidly update vast quantities of data.


  • Several components of the UX/UI and functionality are manifestly obsolete and need modification.

  • In addition, it seems as though they are locked in obsolete processes that should be optimized.

Heartland Retail

Heartland's point-of-sale and retail management software is meant to allow retailers to harness their data, sell more, and increase their total revenues.

Sales, customer administration, orders, inventory, buying, and analytics comprise its primary functions.

Heartland's solutions are an ideal option for retail businesses, regardless of their industry or intended market.

Additionally, Heartland may contribute to the development of specialty verticals and stores in the gaming, hobby, and crafts sectors.

Heartland Retail is a cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) and retail management system built by retailers for retailers.

Designed with multi-store, multi-channel retailers in mind, the software enables retailers to provide the same service to all customers, regardless of where or how they purchase.

Heartland Retail gives retailers more control over sales and profitability by putting actionable real-time data in the hands of everyone who needs it, from the CEO to the shop floor.

Nationally, retailers use Heartland Retail's mobile POS to recover precious square footage and impact purchasing behavior at this crucial time of choice.

With inventory management, exceptional custom reporting, APIs, and portability across platforms and devices, Heartland Retail is user-friendly, fast to use, and esteemed for making its users' tasks simpler.


  • It is simple to understand, straightforward to navigate, and user-friendly.

  • Customer service is outstanding.

  • The system's reporting capabilities are excellent.

  • It is so easy and quick to scan an item and then receive payment from a consumer.


  • The Quickbooks connection is not ideal, but it is functional with some effort.

K3 Business Technologies

K3 offers twenty-five years of expertise in supplying retailers, distributors, and manufacturers with integrated business software solutions intended to assist businesses in adapting to market changes and meeting client demands.

With the K3 Imagine Retail Suite, companies of all sizes and in all sectors will have access to an adaptable POS and back-office solution that is browser-based.

Users will also be able to personalize their solution with the features and functionality their business requires to provide the optimal shopping experience for their consumers.

K3 Business management software Technology Group concentrates on the retail, distribution, and manufacturing industries.

The firm provides enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for Microsoft that customers use to handle accounting, marketing, and supply chain management, among other things.

K3 Managed Services oversees the IT operations of clients through data centers and services including design, procurement, and implementation.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM by K3 works via cooperation with Microsoft to deliver Web-based and mobile customer relationship management capabilities.

The corporation does the majority of its operations in the United Kingdom.


  • Positive management and a healthy work-life balance. A nice experience.

  • Excellent personnel and flexible working conditions.

  • Work-life balance Flexible working hours Professional administration.

  • Very delighted by the inclusive work environment.


  • Consistency of Leadership Capability across the Business Management Software

  • Changes in direction and near-term objectives

Horizon ERP

Horizon (ERP) enterprise resource planning software is accounting software and a GST billing platform meant to assist small distribution, manufacturing, and retail enterprises in generating bills, controlling inventories, tracking GST returns, and managing other financial processes.

It contains modules for GST invoicing, GST filing, accounting, and inventory reporting.

Horizon (ERP) Enterprise resource software enables retailers to handle point-of-sale operations, fixed price lists, sales reporting, buy-order processing, and more.

It also helps small firms to arrange their raw materials, semi-processed, and finished product inventories into a uniform interface and to spot data input problems using the system's built-in validation capabilities.

Other capabilities include a profit analysis, a ledger statement, automated backup, data import/export, and a display of inventory.


  • Simple to Use, User-Friendly, and with a Solid Support Team.

  • Simplicity, workflow design, and exceptional client service.

  • Obtain all kinds of reports. Good help and service.


  • If a cloud system was available, this would be an excellent ERP.

Enhance smERP

Expand smERP is a cloud-based business automation software intended and built for small and medium-sized exporters and retailers.

Order processing, lead management, export paperwork, manufacturing, B2B/B2C sales, POS billing, and warehouse management are essential aspects.

Expand (ERP) enterprise resource planning software automates corporate software operations associated with omnichannel sales, exports, and manufacturing.

Built on many technological platforms, including SQL Server and Microsoft Azure, the program offers a scalable and customized solution with SSL-encrypted data transport and storage in different locations.

Expand smERP integrates with a variety of third-party apps, including Magneto, Blue Dart, and Amazon.


  • The program is user-friendly.

  • The module-by-module separation was ideal for ERP users.

  • Cloud-based effectiveness.

  • It is simple to comprehend, simple to browse, and simple to obtain.


  • Software is rather sluggish; if it were created more quickly, it would be ideal.

Lightspeed Retail POS

The retail ERP package from Lightspeed is a cloud-based software for brick-and-mortar and online retailers.

The scalability of Lightspeed POS allows it to support expanding medium-sized retailers with several shop locations.

For Lightspeed, third-party add-on applications are available to increase its capability to meet particular company management software requirements.

Lightspeed Retail is a cloud-based POS system appropriate for retailers in areas such as clothes, footwear, bicycles, jewelry, pets, athletic goods, and home furnishings.

The system provides retailers with inventory management, retail shop management, cash drawer control, payment processing, purchase order management, customer profile access, accounting software integration, and integration with POS hardware, including barcode scanners and receipt printers.

Lightspeed provides a completely integrated eCommerce platform that enables clients to manage in-store and online inventories, have a unified view of their consumers, and analyze multichannel sales data.


  • Lightspeed Retail makes it simple to create goods and manage retail operations.

  • The reporting capabilities of the company management software enable you to make informed choices based on correct facts.

  • Excellent integration between POS, eCommerce, accounting software, and data analytics.


  • Customer service is the absolute worst.


Epicor Software Corporation offers business software tailored to the requirements of manufacturing, distribution, retail, and service industries.

The firm provides cloud-based and on-premises solutions. Epicor provides retailers with retail management capabilities for payment processing, e-commerce, inventory forecasting, customer assistance, loyalty programs, and more.

Epicor offers two retail solutions: Eagle and Propellor. Eagle is a fully integrated retail management system for local retailers, while Propello is designed for independent retailers.

The industrial, distribution, retail, and service sectors may depend on Epicor Software Corporation's business software.

●     The firm offers solutions that may be deployed locally or in the cloud.

●     Epicor offers retailers a variety of retail management activities, such as payment processing, e-commerce, inventory forecasting, customer care, loyalty programs, and customer data management.

●     Eagle and Propello are two retail-related solutions offered by Epicor.

●     Eagle is a fully integrated retail management system for local retailers, whereas Propello is meant for independent stores.


  • Epicor ERP is extremely configurable and features a new REST API that can be used to do even more tasks than previous versions.

  • Dealing with all orders, including work, purchases, and client orders.

  • MRP scheduling is excellent and easily modifiable by component or group.

  • By right-clicking and navigating to a new form, it is possible to get further information about a required field quickly and easily.


  • The reporting is acceptable, but the performance is sluggish.

  • Report creation in the SaaS context is cumbersome; it is difficult to test as you create reports.

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform

Dynamics 365 surpasses typical ERP systems by combining enterprise application resource software planning capabilities with the familiar Office 365 applications into one, cloud-based solution.

Retailers may use the Dynamics 365 platform to forecast consumer intent, create omnichannel shopping experiences, implement loyalty programs, get a 360-degree picture of their customers, employ real-time inventory visibility, and establish a single source of truth for their organization, among other things.

Dynamics 365 is adaptable to the requirements of both small and large companies' management software.

A cloud-based solution that combines familiar Office 365 products with significant enterprise application resource software capacity.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 exceeds the capabilities of typical ERP solutions.

●     The Dynamics 365 platform enables retailers to anticipate user intent and build omnichannel commerce experiences.

●     Implement loyalty programs, provide a 360-degree view of their consumers, and use real-time inventory visibility.

●     Establish a single source of truth for your organization, and much more

●     Both small and big enterprise applications may use Dynamics 365 since it can be tailored to fit their specific requirements.


  • Adapting business/work processes to user/business requirements.

  • Safe and simple to use.

  • Integrating other Microsoft products.

  • Capability for AI-supported process automation.

  • Customization based on user/business requirements to meet business/work process requirements.

  • AI-assisted process automation capabilities.


  • The user interface is not very user-friendly, even though the CRM program is usually user-friendly.

  • Capacity for data storage is restricted.

Logic ERP

The Logic Enterprise program is a fully integrated ERP solution that supports manufacturing, distribution, and retail processes.

LOGIC ERP is one of the most sophisticated and cost-effective enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions on the market.

LOGIC ERP, on the other hand, is one of the most accepted and widely used end-to-end ERP solutions for Retail & POS, Warehouse Management, Marketplace, and eCommerce with all the insights at its business management software dashboard and an inbuilt Business Intelligence (BI) whether it is single or multi-location retail.

LOGIC ERP's Omnichannel Retail ERP Suite enriches and fortifies the retail supply chain to give a unified customer purchasing experience with state-of-the-art Retail Billing (POS Billing) experience across offline retail, eCommerce, and marketplaces with a fully linked API.


  • The best working environment for novices to even have experience.

  • Flexible scheduling.

  • Good work atmosphere.

  • Cooperative colleague.

  • The best product for the retail sector.

  • Positive Work Culture and Environment


  • Error in SQL database logic

Last not least

We defined retail ERP software and listed the Top 10 ERP Software Companies for Retail providers.

Whether or not you accept the concept that an ERP system developed for retail with its many sales channels is the best option for your retail organization will determine which ERP system you choose.

Retailers are expected to have the finest enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. Here, we have included the Top 10 ERP Software Companies for Retail.

This list may be useful for you and your company. Of these ten retail software firms, we also include two retail ERP software companies that are highly well-known.

Brightpearl and Lightspeed Retail POS are examples of the top retail-specific ERP solutions.

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