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Mrs. Sreevidya Sudheesh & Mr. Sudheesh Babu Pillai


SREE CRAFT, founded by Mrs Sreevidya Sudheesh and Mr Sudheesh Babu Pillai in 2015, is an ISO-certified and award-winning Interior firm providing turnkey Interior Fit-out solutions that create beautiful and smart commercial environments and homes through inspiration and design.

From planning and building to designing and decorating clients’ ideas and dreams with utmost care and perfection, they focus on creating dynamic environments where people, families, and businesses can thrive and grow.

By maintaining strict quality standards and unrivalled professionalism, they aim to provide creative solutions that are international in quality without compromising on their values.

SREE CRAFT has a vision of providing energized, inspiring spaces to function, hassle-free refurbishing, and converting the spaces into inspiring ones.

By pursuing excellence through dedication, experience, and disciplined employees with an ongoing passion for delivering quality and time-bound projects, the team at SREE CRAFT is working toward achieving its mission of creating spaces for happiness.

 SREE CRAFT Key Services

SREE CRAFT offers unlimited design styles for Residential Spaces, Corporate offices, Commercial spaces, Educational Institutions, and Hospitality sectors. The team at SREE CRAFT acts as a problem solver and creates meaningful and inspiring spaces for their customers with their undivided attention to the project.

Their turnkey Interior Fit-out services cover everything from design to execution with after-sales service. Driven by the pursuit of perfection, and extreme attention to detail, the SREE CRAFT team, individually tailors and designs the most beautiful spaces for their clients.

From extravagant corporates to splendid commercial buildings, luxurious home interiors, detailed custom furniture, lighting, and even hardware, SREE CRAFT strives to be the leader in design.

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Meet The Creative Minds

 Mrs Sreevidya S, Founder, SREE CRAFT

A PG in Public Relations & Advertising, MBA, and PG Diploma In Interior Design, Mrs Sreevidya is an award-winning interior designer searching for a purpose in everything. She believes every object, living or non-living, has energy, which impacts everyone who comes into contact with them.

If the energy of a space is not in sync with the resident’s energy, it can affect the quality of their life. Mrs Sreevidya’s intuitiveness helps her understand each space better way. She believes everyone deserves a happy, fulfilling life, so to help them achieve that, she aesthetically balances things in her designs.

Mr Sudheesh Babu Pillai, Co-Founder, SREE CRAFT

A Civil Engineer by profession with 20-plus years of experience in the field of civil and interior sector, Mr Sudheesh is the backbone of SREE CRAFT. He is the best team leader, an easy-going guy, and a tough businessman at the same time who dedicated himself to the organization’s growth.

His dedication is an inspiration for the entire team of SREE CRAFT.Mrs Sreevidya’s passion for creating amazing spaces and Mr Sudheesh’s in-depth knowledge and years of experience in the industry laid the foundation for their entrepreneurial journey as SREE CRAFT.

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sample of Interior Designed by SREE CRAFT

Awards And Recognitions

●     Indian Achievers Award for Excellence in Interior Design 2021-22

●     Top 25 Most Prominent Women Interior Designers 2022

●     Outstanding & Promising Interior Design Firm of the Year 2022, Karnataka

Some of our prestigious clients are:

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Overcoming Hurdles In Their Journey

The interior design industry in India is still evolving and unorganized. Lack of transparency, absence of standardized pricing, and mismatch in the presentation and delivered service are a few major problems in the interior design industry.

The team at SREE CRAFT never compromises on their service quality. They rely on their excellent network of suppliers for timely handing over of projects.

With an open mind to accept and a clear head to think and act, the team takes every challenge as an opportunity. The hurdles helped them understand there is more room for growth and a solution for every problem.

Differentiating Factors

Unlike other players, SREE CRAFT is not in a hurry to conquer the market. They focus on conquering their clients’ faith with the best quality services. SREE CRAFT strives to assure their client’s value for their money. Their core strengths lie in project completion, execution as per the design presentation, and no lag in material procurement, decision making, and project planning, which offer them an advantage over their competitors.

With a core value of Honesty, SREE CRAFT is one of the best interior designers in Bangalore. What started as a small office refurbishing work, SREE CRAFT’s turnover now is in crores. Mrs Sreevidya gives the entire credit to their clients, team members, suppliers, sub-contractors, and well-wishers.

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Interior Design Trends

Talking about the upcoming trends in the interior design industry, Mrs Sreevidya quotes Voltaire, “The present is pregnant with the future.” The sage observation of Voltaire holds in today’s commercial and residential interior design trends with the rising importance of psychographics, sustainability, wellness, community, and authenticity.

In 2020, the interior design market revenue reached $22 billion, and it is expected to expand further. The rising urbanization rate and real estate activities, mushrooming population, surging per capita income, and the government launch of construction and infrastructure development projects are fueling the expansion of the Indian interior design market.

Creating A Roadmap For Success

With goals and execution strategy set, role clarity, and development plans in place, a roadmap of how the team will work together to achieve those goals remains the final step.

From discussing future work scenarios, team strength, and challenges to success for the company and then working together to define rules of engagement and core purpose for the team.

The team also determines its criteria to measure success and makes sure to set a cadence for checking in on its goals. Consistent updates to the roadmap keep everyone on track and benefit the team’s performance.

Future Outlook

Ms Sreevidya believes a space should be able to inspire the confidence, empathy, pride, creativity, security, and energy of its inhabitants and works to create and optimize a meaningful space with a beautiful design that fulfils the needs of the inhabitant.

In the coming future, SREE CRAFT plans to concentrate on commercial and corporate clients in the north Bangalore region, one of the fastest emerging business hubs. By 2025, SREE CRAFT plans to add more members to their team, expand their work horizon, and work with 30-40 clients yearly with an average project cost of 45-60 lakhs.

SREE CRAFT believes in Collective Efforts and Inclusive Growth. Their growth will generate more job opportunities, contributing to India’s economic growth. Mrs Sreevidya encourages people to start their businesses and grow as great entrepreneurs making India a developed country with citizens having economic and financial freedom.

For young entrepreneurs, Sreevidya S offers a piece of advice,
“Always remain open to changes. Always have a great Business Growth Plan and try to execute it properly. Because “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”
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