StrategicERP provides flexible ERP solution, that achieves practical Strategic goals

StrategicERPStrategicERP provides flexible ERP solution, that achieves practical Strategic goals

StrategicERP provides flexible ERP solution, that achieves practical Strategic goals

has engaged Gartner Research Analysts for World class product development

 Our Correspondent

IIT Bombay graduate Mr. Ashwin Gami was determined to build a company, where someone can feel like an open source project. Keeping this ideology in mind, he and Praful Gami were consistently doing research and development in the IIT lab. They aspired to establish such a company, which will be based on people, would attract talent, would nurture collaboration, neutrality, independence and universal principals directly inherited from the open source software communities. In 2005 StrategicERP was born out of these principles that shapes its structure and internal processes. Within just 4 years a team of ten like-minded people had developed a propriety framework J2Fx in JAVA platform which has the automation feature, came up with a product name StrategicERP. In 2014 setting up a 5000 Sq Ft Office in the heart of Mumbai, widened its services, offered 29 modules for Real Estate ERP, StrategicERP successfully achieved 80 Installations.

StrategicERP provides flexible ERP solution which is a catalyst that drives practical Strategic goals. StrategicERP's solutions help to redefine business management and operational excellence, through innovation and refined business processes, while providing competitive differentiation. StrategicERP is one such provider of Real Estate ERP that caters to different functions of realty business with integrated Property Management and CRM modules. Its ERP implementation and ERP integration methodologies speed time-to-value delivery for a number of reasons, including their incorporation of the right analytics for real-time decision-making StrategicERP implementation solutions also seamlessly integrate applications across disparate platforms and technologies, to increase the value of IT investments, and enhance productivity and profitability. This organization is going to introduce scalable cloud option for separate databases in one application. StrategicERP has also decided to give scalable cloud option for separate databases in one application in its SaaS models.

Assuming the competition in the market, StrategcERP strives to make it easily accessible and empower business companies to stand out from the crowd. This has led to the passionate zeal to expand its business to various locations in and out of the country. StrategicERP has head office in Mumbai with domestic branch offices spanning the length and breadth of the country. Now this firm has offices in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Pune, and Delhi. The company has also created their footmark in Doha, Qatar. With a mission and vision to empowering business, StrategicERP has strengthened its workforce, which comprises of twenty engineers – dedicated for the technical enhancement of the product and eight Chartered accountants for finance functionalities. It has a project management cell with PMP certified people and 30 engineers for implementation and support. The company serves hundreds of companies – Dosti, Rajesh Lifespaces, Shree naman group, TVH,GD,Kundan Spaces, Ostwal,Yashada Reality Group, Marvel Developers, Transcon Developers, D Thakkar Construction, Dedhia Group are few of their esteemed clients.

Marquee products of StrategicERP

  • RealEstateCRM 
The  RealEstateCRM module helps you know your customer better and includes many features such as activities, history, related contacts, addresses of your customers and their relations with your competitors. The flexible database structures enables you whatever information you would like to keep on your customer and maintains such information for your future reference.
The  RealEstateCRM module also facilitates control and organization of entire sales process, from offer to invoice. It empowers your sales staff by providing details such as inventory status, estimated costs and delivery time, risk status, habits and special demands, and previous trades during offer stage.
The  RealEstateCRM module offers an effective customer complaint management tool which also includes repairs processing and document management.
  1. RealEstateBasic

Focusing on customer's best interest StrategicERP has launched a brand new software i.e REAL ESTATE  BASIC V.15.2  for SME Real Estate. REAL ESTATE BASIC is a web based and mobile based start to end ERP solution that satisfies all the requirements of SME's real estate and construction industry. It provides quick ROI to SME real estate. The 6 Modules Covered are ERP Admin, Finance, Administration, Pre- Sales(CRM), Sales, ToDoTaskManagement and a Mobile App feature.


RealEstateMedium has 13 major modules.

Exclusive Features of RealEstateMedium
·         Automation process of revenue booking.
·         Maintaining all the engineering detail like(creation of activities, maintain the materials used in specific activities etc)
·         Manage company's statutory liabilities( PF,TDS,PT,Service Tax, VAT etc)
·         Maintain records of channel partner/campaigns etc.
·         Track materials received/issued and balance on site.
·         Generate PR, Comparison, PO, Direct  PO& Purchase Invoice.
·         Maintain HR details – Employee records, Salary generation.
·         Automation process of PF, PT, TDS, ESIC deductions etc.
·         Get audit related output ( Service Tax recoverable, Advance expenses etc )


A superstructure software covering major 20 modules that's takes care of clients all round real estate software requirement is the RealEstateLarge . Its module integrated with real time mobile app featured and with service and support on a daily basis that gives you the ultimate guarantee of your Complex Real Estate Business's software is in safe hands.

 Infra Basic, Infra Medium, Infra Large, HRMS, Project Management, Inventory Management are some other products of ITAkash.

The Maverick behind the Success

Mr. Ashvin Gami, MD, ITAkash

Mr. Ashvin Gami holds the bachelor's degree in Electronics and Communication from IIT Bombay, India. Mr. Ashvin brings to ITAakash Strategic Software more than 10 years of demonstrated success in ERP implementations of small-to-large scale systems and leading high-performing teams.

He has the passion for R & D and has over the years developed many innovative products and IT solutions leading to higher levels of Productivity to Customers. He is actively engaged in ensuring a high quality of governance, customer satisfaction and 100% project delivery.  To build World class product development, his company is engaging Gartner Research Analysts, StrategicERP expressed The CEO Magazine. StrategicERP is also planning to raise 10 Cr Investment for B2B E-Commerce.

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