TRRAIN Empowers People in Retail

TRRAIN Empowers People in Retail

TRRAIN Empowers People in Retail

It is our constant commitment to upgrade lives of people in retail both at work and at home.

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Founded by Mr. B.S Nagesh, a noted person in the area of Indian retail sector, Trust for Retailers and Retail Associates of India or TRRAIN aims to bring together all stakeholders to a common platform to promote growth of the retail industry. As a forerunner in the sphere, it acts as a common voice for the industry and plays a significant role in the growth of this sector, a sector that drives the economy by providing employment opportunities and driving income growth. Celebration of Retail Employees' Day on December 12 has also been conceptualized by this organization. The Retail Employees' Day has garnered global adoption with four million retail employees celebrating the day in India and Turkey.

Mr. B. S. Nagesh, who is considered the godfather of retail in India, laid the foundation stone of TRRAIN as a public charitable trust in 2011. With the vision of empowering people in retail TRRAIN works to achieve immediate and lasting change in the lives of retail associates in India. TRRAIN that is solely committed to upgrading the lives of people in retail, both at work and at home, has undertaken various initiatives to enable retail associates to upgrade their skills through TRRAIN- Aptech Retail Education Program and build pride and dignity through the TRRAIN Retail Awards and Retail Employees' Day. TRRAIN's initiative on building inclusive retail work force by training and employing over three thousand people with disabilities in retail roles through the project Pankh (in collaboration with Youth4Jobs Foundation) has received tremendous support from the industry. Over eighty retail organisations have taken benefit of the same. Currently operational through 27 centers, the training program provides the complete spectrum skills in a very interactive and easy-to-learn manner with focus on four key skills – Life Skills, English Language, Computer and Retail specific skills.

TRRAIN now works in four different areas- skilling, inclusion, pride & respect. An in-depth research was conducted in 2011 amongst employees and employers both in modern and traditional retail. The retailers spanned across various retail formats from modern to traditional, kirana to department stores, hyper market and grocery supermarkets.

While speaking about their areas of work, Ameesha Prabhu, CEO said, "These came from the verbatim statements made by the employees. For instance, they said 'Hum bolte hi nahi hai ki hum sales mein kaam karte hain (We don't tell others that we work in sales).' This became a question of pride, so we started the Retail Employees' Day.
The sentiment 'Padhe-likhe nahi hai aur koi padhaa ta bhi nahi hai (We don't know to read and write, but nobody teaches us either),' translated into the TRRAIN-Aptech Skilling Programme."

TRRAIN unveiled their four initiatives in 2011 which are now extremely well-received by the retail fraternity. TRRAIN Foundation is a Section 25 company, which implements the vision of TRRAIN and the revenues earned by the fee-based retail training program are utilized towards meeting the expenses of the organization.
Ameesha Prabhu is at helm of the affairs as the CEO at TRRAIN.  She plays an active role in the organization's business development and the account management. Ameesha started her career in retail over twenty three years ago. She has also acquired holistic perspective of various retail businesses, their financials & profitability criteria's. She has the ability to create cross-functional initiatives, key partnerships and actionable strategies necessary for successful goal achievement. Ameesha, who finds change is refreshing, has always worked with startups all through her career, be it Shoppers' Stop in 1992, Swatch in 2000, Aditya Birla Retail in 2007, Tesco in 2009 and TRRAIN in 2011.

Born in a Gujarati family Ameesha grew up in Mumbai and studied Economics at the University of Mumbai.

" I love change. Anything static is boring. Retail is anything but static or boring – its an extremely dynamic business. And any dynamic business requires change at every level – in thinking, in execution, in productivity. I embrace change very easily.

I would not approach change without a basic blueprint for action. Change should not create an impediment but facilitate the set objectives. Change management takes time & is sometimes painful but if implemented well, change is one of the biggest assets of a company, especially a start up, " Ameesha Prabhu expressed The CEO Magazine.

Commenting on the firm's future plan, she said "TRRAIN wants to play a major role in the development of the modern retail sector in the country and establish itself as one of the most credible and trustworthy NGOs in the field of retail. As an organisation, TRRAIN will be known for its practices, both in terms of its processes and people. It would have built technology solutions for retail associates' growth and prosperity.

With regards to the programs, TRRAIN will continue to focus on its existing projects wherein we will scale PANKH and TRRAIN-Aptech skilling initiative and take the Retail Employees Day & TRRAIN Retail awards globally. Our dream is that the whole world celebrates 12th December as Retail Employees Day."

TRRAIN aims to ensure scalability and robustness, and in this way contributing not only to the health of the retail industry in general, but also increasing its competitiveness and sustainability. Some of the changes it brings about are transformational and have a significant impact on society like creating livelihood and building a requirement for new skills and new thinking.

"In terms of quantifying the goals set by the organisation, for instance, Pankh should have 10,000 youth graduating every year and getting into retail jobs. In addition, 10,000 retail associates should be skilled each year by retailers via our TRRAIN-Aptech Skilling Program," the spokesperson of TRRAIN told The CEO Magazine.

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