AMRI Hospitals

India’s First Public-Private Joint Ventures In Healthcare Realising Their Promise Of Best Patient Care Since 1996
AMRI Hospitals

AMRI Hospitals

Rupak Barua, Director and Group CEO 

"Challenges are inevitable, but the mantra is to keep taking up challenging tasks one after the other, and meet these challenges successfully. At the end of the day, only this attribute will help one to earn a name, not just as a leader, but also as an explorer of new paths," asserted Rupak Barua, Director & Group CEO.


AMRI HOSPITALS is leading with the healthcare sector initiatives that have more acceptability to the public, besides being sustainable and affordable. It is one of India's first public-private joint ventures in healthcare.

Established in 1996, spearheaded by legendary physician, Dr Mani Kumar Chhetri, and an equally illustrious team, the Group currently has three tertiary hospitals in Kolkata, and one in Bhubaneshwar, Odisha, along with a state-of-the-art day care centre, also at Kolkata. Multi-busines giant Emami Group is its promoter, and is regarded as one of the leading private healthcare networks in Eastern India.

Across its four tertiary hospitals, the healthcare group treats around 4.5 lakh people annually, besides conducting surgeries, procedures, and other treatment processes for around 1.5 lakh in-patients. Since its inception, AMRI Hospitals has been a pioneer in introducing several groundbreaking technologies, new techniques and treatment protocols, and continues to focus on more technology-driven healthcare.

The Foetal Stage Challenges

Given the roster of doctors AMRI had since its beginning, the road ahead was smooth, barring the usual birth pangs. The biggest challenge the healthcare group faced was in 2011. Following an unfortunate accident, AMRI Hospitals took some time to overcome the roadblock.

After Rupak Barua, the current Director & Group CEO, took over the reins of the company in 2014, the group regained its earlier vitality and the brand adopted a fresh perspective to its operations, bringing about a complete transformation in several of its facets.

Leadership Behind AMRI Hospitals Success

A leader's vision to choose the right direction and identify the right kind of talent makes him/her the rightful recipient of credit in crafting the success story. The vision to form the right kind of team, which helps in driving the achievements of the organization forward and essentially rewriting its success, lets a leader work on the right kind of execution.

An administrator with experience and insight, the degree holder from the prestigious Singapore Management University, besides IIM-Bangalore and IIM-Ahmedabad, has a career spanning more than three decades. Over the years, Rupak has carved a niche for himself and has found a seat of honor at several industry bodies, including as President of the Association of Hospitals of Eastern India (AHEI), Chairman of the Healthcare Sub-Committee (Eastern Region) of the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII), and as a National Expert at the Healthcare Committee of the Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC).

Staying Relevant, What Is AMRI's Secret?

"There is no doubt that the business landscape in every sector is undergoing tremendous and swift change. The transition we are seeing now is even greater, and we all have been almost forced to readjust our perspective and way of looking at things. Under these circumstances, the role of every leader at large organizations across diverse industries has become even more crucial.," mentioned Rupak.

He added, "If leaders just give lip service to transformation, they will find others down the chain doing the same. In today's competitive world, it is crucial to steer the workforce's mindset and behavioural patterns in the right direction, to keep them motivated. This will also help ensure that the transition does not go out of control, yet reaches that exact mark where change will help take the organization forward."

Keeping Up With the Rising Technologies

The introduction of AI and widespread digitalisation has brought about a paradigm shift in every industry, including the healthcare industry. In the last few years, with more evident effects as more sophisticated technologies appear to help in providing better clinical outcomes with more precision, at lesser time.

Keeping pace with current industry trends, AMRI has integrated advanced technologies in its healthcare model and has consistently upgraded existing treatment platforms, introduced pioneering treatment systems, and focussed more on digital platforms. The hospital chain is also striving to decrease its carbon footprint, with teams at every level actively working towards finding the means, at the same time, maintaining operational efficiency.

It is a result of AMRI Hospitals' marriage of most advanced technologies, the best doctors and other healthcare workers, seamless operational management, and best-in-class clinical outcomes to patients that allow the private healthcare service provider to draw people. What sets AMRI apart from the rest is its underlying motto of service with a smile, care, and compassion.

Overcoming the Pandemic

The pandemic is an unprecedented situation, which none of us has ever faced in our lifetime. The situation is difficult and has drastically changed what we considered 'normal' around us. However, the fact that other diseases exist which needs treatment along with carefulness regarding the COVID-19.

The AMRI Hospitals team realized that a large number of people are scared of getting infected by the virus to the extent that they are ignoring serious diseases, and even emergencies, just to avoid visiting hospitals. While AMRI has always been at the forefront of launching new initiatives, this has been further intensified during the pandemic so that people can continue to have access to quality healthcare.

The AMRI Team

"At AMRI Hospitals, we find motivation in the smile of our patients and their family members, when after successful treatment, they go back home. We also find motivation in offering the right kind of treatment to our patients," shared the leader.

The AMRI Hospitals team comprises focused, dedicated and target-oriented individuals, who are always willing to go an extra mile for customers and keeps on pushing the envelope. As the team does its job, at the organizational level, it is also imperative that team members are duly appreciated and rewarded.

They have been working hard towards developing AMRI into a more technology-oriented healthcare service provider, so that they can provide more precise diagnoses, helping doctors to have a better prognosis, and include digital tools for their operations. As a result, patients benefit with faster recovery, better clinical outcomes, and improved quality of life.

The Future of AMRI Hospitals

As a modern and leading healthcare service provider, AMRI Hospitals has its share of goals. While digitizing operations tops the list, to stay ahead of the curve and give AMRI an edge over others, the Group also plans to introduce newer and advanced technologies.

While the process to turn its systems and processes smarter has already been initiated, this will help minimize the average hospital stay of patients and provide even better clinical outcomes, besides helping to reduce expenses for patients. By 2022, the healthcare Group will also be aiding society by turning into a completely paperless organization.

The Proudest Achievements & Strategy Ahead

AMRI Hospitals enjoys its share of achievements, including the introduction of several novel technologies and recently becoming the first hospital in India to conduct Renal Denervation Therapy, the latest in hypertension management.

Reaching up to its today's stature, AMRI Hospitals has always believed in providing its patients with the best clinical outcomes, backed by advanced technologies. While most of its strategies and initiatives are based on this basic premise, the Group believes that the healthcare sector should come up with initiatives that are sustainable and affordable to the public.

AMRI's 361o initiative, which was launched earlier this year, is focused on developing a one-stop platform, using branding tools that are backed by positive patient experiences. Projects under the initiative have been further intensified during the pandemic so that people can continue to have access to quality healthcare.

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