Pristine E Tele Services PVT. LTD.

Pristine E Tele Services PVT. LTD.

Pristine E Tele Services PVT. LTD.

Parvez Nasir Khan, Director - Pristine E Tele Services Pvt. Ltd.

The evolving technologies are reshaping the business landscape. However, one thing that remains unchanged is the dependency of a business on its clients and the need to provide pleasant and efficient customer service.

Call centres are in the midst of providing a satisfying customer experience for any business. Pristine E Tele Services Private Limited is an international call Centre located in Kandivali Mumbai, Maharashtra, the financial hub of India, offering unique solutions ranging from inbound programs, customer care services, telemarketing and order processing for various products.

Their approach and values of always putting people first and working alongside the freshest and newest technologies with an unstoppable passion for being better every day make Pristine E Tele Services a trusted partner for all call centre and fulfilment needs of a business.

The team of professionals at Pristine are industry experts, having worked with a variety of clients and dealing with multiple challenges. Understanding the complexity of doing business in an environment where the competition is just a click or phone call away, Pristine E Tele Services has the skills, processes, technologies and, most importantly, the people in place to uniquely meet the expectations of today’s demanding customer.

Mission And Vision Of Pristine E Tele Services

Pristine, with a mission “to add value to its client’s business by providing cost-effective - premium quality customer management services and be the preferred vendor for off-shored, outsourced BPO services.” is focusing on installing global culture and philosophies into the operations of Pristine E Tele Services.

The team at Pristine E Tele Services believe that ‘small is better’ and ensures they deliver what the clients expect from them. With the mantra of “Pristine E Tele Services people become your people”, the team at Pristine provide dedicated services for all the business needs of their clients, with a friendly and enthusiastic environment. Their actions represent the best business services in the most seamless way possible to instil confidence among their clients.

Key Services Offered By Pristine

Pristine E Tele Services Private Limited offers a full range of call centre services with their expertise in

  • Inbound and Outbound Sales

  • Lead Generation

  • Up-Sell Programs,

  • Cross-Sell Programs

  • Customer Care Services,

  • RPO

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Meet The Man Behind It All

Mr Parvez Nasir Khan, the Director of Pristine E Teleservices, is a veteran with 20 years of experience in sales, team building, and business development with strong business acumen that has helped shape the company into becoming a telemarketing specialist catering to US businesses.

He took over the company in 2002 and rechristened it Pristine E Teleservices Pvt Ltd in 2021. An entrepreneur who built an entire organisation with people’s welfare at heart, he asserts, “Our most important assets are our people.” He believes when employees are happy, they will take care of clients, in turn, taking care of your business.

“We are providing unique solutions for your entire call centre and fulfilment needs.” - Mr Parvez Nasir Khan

The next-generation call centre provides inbound and outbound voice support, back-office solutions, and service management. The strategy at Pristine E Tele Services revolves around a relentless commitment to providing superior services using world-class technology with majorly investing in people and technology.

During their foray into the call centre business, Pristine E Tele Services has acquired substantial experience and expertise in B2B campaigns, especially selling ISP products. Mr Parvez explains, “We have got the right expertise because of our experience in terms of man hours given.

We have dialled 400000 man hours, with 120 seats over a period of 22 months for the B2B campaign of selling ISP products. We have also provided inbound customer care services. Our resume boasts of over 250000 sales & retentions for sales campaigns.”

The team at Pristine is experienced in running various B2B and B2C, Inbound as well as Outbound processes in the US, UK, Australia and Canada, such as SEO, Website, Membership Programs, Mortgage, Telecom, Household Surveys, Diabetes Supplies, Health Supplements, Energy & Gas, Merchant Services through lead generation and sales, Surveys, Hot Transfers, IVR and Credit Card Pulling.

Improving Customer Acquisition, Retention and Repetition Rates

For any business to be successful, customer acquisition, retention and repetition are highly crucial. Businesses make the mistake of focusing more on customer acquisition which involves gaining new customers but not on customer retention.

Developing better relationships with your existing customer and providing better services to them increases customer loyalty and repetition. By providing the best-in-class call centre services, the 250+ member team at Pristine E Tele Services aims to increase customer acquisition, retention and repetition rates of businesses.

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Differentiators For Pristine E Tele Services

Businesses today are embracing companies that offer customer experiences that best meet their needs. The English-speaking talent pool with a superior education in Mumbai combined with technology allows Pristine to offer competitive pricing.

Talking about their processes at Pristine E Tele Services, Mr Parvez says,

“we get that differentiating ourselves from the competition is critical for our success, and you will see this exemplified through our interactions with our team. The fact that we spend a lot of time perfecting our business processes to increase productivity and quality of our service is our differentiator.”

Mr Parvez

Pristine E Tele Services During The Pandemic

The major challenge Pristine E Tele Services went through during the Pandemic was to remain operational and profitable in the work-from-home scenario.

Transitioning to a work-from-home environment was not smooth sailing, but they managed to remain afloat with technology in place. Mr Parvez says, “It is essential for a leader to be aware of the needs of the employees and meet them during vulnerable times.” The Pandemic made remote operations a possibility, and companies now can hire from anywhere in the world.

Future Outlook

In the near future, Pristine E Tele Services plans to have a global presence by starting new offices overseas within the next year. Expanding their operation to multiple locations in India and abroad and growing both in the International and Domestic BPO sector as the goal, the team at Pristine are currently onboarding new programs to reach that goal.

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