Pridel Private Limited

Pridel Private Limited

Pridel Private Limited

Pradyumna Gupta, Founder & Chairman, Pridel Private Limited

Logistics plays a crucial part in the balanced and sustainable economic development of a country. Every business, no matter how small or big, is dependent on logistics to reach its customers.

Pridel Private Limited is a global logistics organisation established in the year 1994 by Mr Pradyumna Gupta. What started as a customs house broker with a small team of 4 people led by Mr Pradyumna himself has now grown up to a team of 350 members offering integrated logistics solutions across the globe.

Logistics Industry in India has become extremely fragmented and competitive. There was a time when there were only a few names in the logistics industry, but the past few decades have seen tremendous growth in the industry and the onset of several new players.

There are companies that cater to a single client, and then there are also companies with more than 1000 cr revenue, the industry is highly diverse.

“At present, I consider Pridel to be somewhere in the middle of two extremes. We are slowly transitioning from medium to large scale. However, our commitment to keeping the interest of our clients at the centre and our topmost priority remains unchanged through this transition.”

Mr Pradyumna

Pridel’s Vision

The team at Pridel aims to provide the highest degree of customer satisfaction through their state-of-art, technology-driven logistics solutions, making for a single point of contact for services across land, air and sea. Their solutions are ever-evolving, up to date with the latest trends and backed by continuous research and development.

Pridel’s Mission

Their mission is to commit to the highest quality of services while bringing value to their customers, stakeholders and team members. The team focuses on technology-oriented solutions that are poised to raise the bar in the world of logistics and usher in a sea of change.

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Services Offered By Pridel

Pridel offers a plethora of services spread across Ocean Freight, Air Freight, Customs House Brokerage, and Transportation powered by a self-owned fleet of 220 vehicles, Warehousing and Free Trade warehousing.

Over their three decades-long journey, Pridel had 1000+ clients, including some of the imminent industry players like Jubilant Ingrevia, Greenlam Industries, Merino Industries, Surya Roshini, Jindal Poly films, Escorts, Uflex Limited, LG, Jakson and many more.

Mr Pradyumna Gupta, Founder and Chairman, Pridel Private Limited

Mr Pradyumna Gupta had a humble beginning. His journey to building Pridel, one of the pioneers in the logistics industry, started as an export executive with an export company in the city of brass, Moradabad. While working for the company for three long years, he realised the vast gap in the management of logistics.

”I was lucky to be at the right place at the right time. Seeing the gap in logistics, the idea of building a logistics company arose in my mind, and I grabbed the opportunity to help smoothen the process.”

Mr Pradyumna

He quit his job at the company he was working with and immediately laid the foundation of Global Cargo Forwarders as a customs house brokerage company in 1993. Since then, there has been no looking back for Mr Pradyumna, and he, along with his team at Pridel, kept on working towards achieving their vision with only one principle – Be Kind to all.

Starting from the ground to building an empire, the journey has been anything but easy.

“Every day brings a new challenge and something new to learn. The journey for Pridel has been full of learning, and we are improvising ourselves daily. However, I don’t believe in failures. Failure is just a feeling, not an outcome. Either you win or learn, you never fail.”

Mr Pradyumna

Pridel’s Journey So Far

While working for the export company in the initial days of his career, Mr Pradyumna saw tremendous potential in the logistics industry in the coming years. He was sure of India’s growth and that logistics would be the most important aspect of the same.

Mr Pradyumna explains, “No matter which industry is taking the lead, logistics would be required for everyone, Hence the scalability of the industry made me attracted towards it.”

Pridel had a steady Y-O-Y growth in terms of presence, offerings and revenue. They have been recognised as the top 3 customs house brokers in North India every year since 2005.

Pridel works on the fundamental values of ‘Being kind and ethical.’ These are the two principles the company is based on.

Unlike other logistics companies, Pridel is not focused on solving any problems. The mission of Pridel’s team is to make the life of their clients easier by offering them end-to-end solutions for logistics powered by technology so that they focus on their core business.

Their differentiating factor lies in the culture of keeping their people, vendors and clients at the centre of any strategy they implement.

Pridel Private Limited have their offices in Noida, Moradabad, Kashipur, Pantnagar, Agra, Ludhiana, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Chennai, Cochin, Mumbai, Gandhidham, and Mundra.

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The Take Of Pridel On The Pandemic

The initial days of the pandemic were tough as there were no set guidelines, and that was a bit challenging for the team of Pridel. However, they always stayed on the front foot, whether customs clearance at port, transportation operations team, drivers or runners who were delivering urgent documents.

Another help for them had been their In-House tech solution, which they had implemented right before the pandemic. Since the offices were shut, the tech solution played a major role.

Every team member was able to do the execution online through the software, and their processes continued seamlessly. The team at Pridel showcased great unity and dedication towards the commitment of the company to its clients.

Now that the world is recovering from the impact of the pandemic, digitalisation comes across as the major shift almost every industry is experiencing. Mr Pradyumna explains that the Logistics industry has been one of the late adopters of digital transformation. It is the onset of the pandemic that accelerated the adaptation of digitalisation in the industry.

“People Comes First” - Mr Pradyumna Gupta

When the pandemic hit, as a leader, the main concern for Mr Pradyumna Gupta was to ensure that the team of Pridel was taken care of. He emphasises that the workforce is what makes up the organisation and not the other way around.

As an organisation, they are highly dependent on the workforce, and their major focus during the pandemic was their team’s well-being. At Pridel, the biggest asset they have is their people, and there were no salary cuts/layoffs.

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Upcoming Trends In Logistics Industry

The logistics industry is undergoing a tremendous technological revolution. The technological revolution is the major trend that is taking over the logistics industry. A major trend in the industry is digital logistics services, and a lot of startups are focusing more on that.

“Although digital logistics can help empower the chain but cannot alone handle the complete journey through which a shipment goes from one country to another.”

Mr Pradyumna Gupta

What The Future Holds For Pridel

The team at Pridel is on a mission to build solutions which would solve clients’ problems. In recent years, Pridel has undergone constant growth and five years down the line, it expects to cross 1500 crores in revenue. Mr Pradyumna Gupta’s vision for Pridel is to reach amongst the top 5 players of logistics companies in India in the coming future.

At present, the team at Pridel is focused on providing technological solutions for our clients to enhance the working experience. They are also working on improving warehousing and cross-border transportation.

To meet the rising demands and increase their reach across India, the team at Pridel is focused on expansion. Their plans include opening up new offices at multiple locations across the country in Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and Bangalore in the next financial year. Pridel also has plans to invest in grade-A warehouses with an aim to set their footprints in tier-2 cities.

“Consistency is one of the biggest factors in leading to accomplishment and success.”

- Byron Pulsifer

“I see a lot of young people out there, but the one thing that’s missing from most of them is consistency. You need to be consistent with your efforts, and success will find you. Also, never ever stop because the moment you think you have achieved and now just need to sustain, your downfall begins that very moment.”

Mr Pradyumna Gupta

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