Practico Interior Solutions Pvt. Ltd, Atmanirbhar Bharat Brand Fashioning the Industry with Supreme Quality Solutions

Practico Interior Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Practico Interior Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Atmanirbhar Bharat Brand Fashioning the Industry with Supreme Quality Solutions

Practico Interior Solutions Pvt. Ltd, Atmanirbhar Bharat Brand Fashioning the Industry with Supreme Quality Solutions

Founded on 15th December 2011, led by an experienced Director with more than 19 years of accumulated wisdom, Gaurav Kapoor, Practico Interior Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a multi-disciplinary solutions provider engaged in providing modern, convenient electrical and digital locking solutions.


Leading in the electrical switchgear and cabinet locks industry, visionary Gaurav had been able to direct the brand through exacting competition.

Today, they are known for their strong values of quality and trust as each piece of work is undertaken with a deep sense of optimism, excellence, and integrity keeping in mind that each project is a legacy for our future generations.

Back when Gaurav transitioned into entrepreneurship, it was a smooth one as he syncopated soundly into the ecosystem. When he started his brand of Connect System, he had to face a limited number of challenges given his decade-old relationship with the clients in major cities in India.

The brand was able to cope initially as the entrepreneur also did the classic and essential entrepreneurial move of doing his homework regarding good quality, branding, pricing, and distribution models before he launched his brand. This assisted Practico in sales.

Offering unique and long-lasting solutions to the customers, Practico's unique selling proposition, their products, and solutions are always one step ahead of the upcoming requirements in the future.

This makes their target audience choose them over competitors. The CEO Magazine had an interesting conversation with Gaurav Kapoor to grasp the vision of the entrepreneur behind his 'Brand Of The Year 2020' company.

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TCM: How do you serve your target audience in your industry?

Gaurav: Our target audience is corporate clients / Individual customers who are ready to invest in new office spaces. Whenever someone buys any switchgear for his / her office, they think about the safety & reliability of products.

And, keeping the same consumer thought process in mind, our values of quality allow us to offer a product that fits well to their requirements.

Another advantage Practico offers is that our products are completely customized as per customer requirements and are approved by SGS lab, which is one of the best testing labs in the world.

The cherry on top is indeed the 2 years' warranty on our products which makes them most reliable, safe, and long-lasting.

TCM: How do you ensure a smooth infusion of technology in your nature of work?

Gaurav: We provide the latest wireless charging system in our products to our customers and some of our products are coming with the latest features like wireless charging, 4K HDMI cables.

For offering the best service to our customers, we have equipped ourselves with Salesforce CRM software.

All our customer's feedback and queries on our website can easily be recorded into the salesforce system and can map every customer query and provide timely solutions to our customers.

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TCM: What are the key learnings you have derived from handling the COVID-19 pandemic scenario?

Gaurav: The COVID-19 pandemic with globally disturbing impact has given us time to think beyond our regular working models and helped us to infuse technology into our regular working styles.

Apart from the realization of the technology and its impact, we have also recognised the value of in-house production to empower our nation to comply with the vision of Atmanirbhar in India.

We have joined our prime minister vision for Atmanirbhar Bharat during these past few months and have increased our localization in India to almost 70%.

TCM: What motivates you and your team for the future?

Gaurav: Our industry is very unique and very fast-changing. We have to provide our cable management solution as per customer new requirements equipped with the latest solutions for connectivity to the user for their workstations, cabin, and meeting rooms requirements.

This never-ending exercise of striving to offer the latest and best solutions to our customers makes us motivated and we always aspire to achieve this aim.

TCM: What were the questions you ask yourself after each breakthrough?

Gaurav: Our mission is to hone our skills and be the masters of our profession by challenging ourselves to constantly evolve with every new project that we take up.

Working in an era commanded by the dynamic nature of technology, I never think that I have a breakthrough as we keep adapting and as technology keeps on changing in our Industry, we sync our energy with our aspirations to always give the latest technology to our customers.

This ultimately means we never think we can reach a breakthrough.

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TCM: What are the key strategies you are adopting to maintain the connection with the target audience today?

Gaurav: Moving ahead, our key strategy is to make our products available across every part of India and the world. And today, in the journey to achieve this long-term vision, we are leveraging the key factor in business, internet and digital media.

We have launched our e-commerce website for our customers recently in 2020 and now any customer sitting in any part of India has access to our products at his fingertips.

TCM: Share the experience of your failure and its role in the growth of the company? Which achievements are you most proud of today?

Gaurav: The idea of failures and achievements cannot exist without challenges. Every challenge we have faced and overcame has given us new learnings and experiences.

These new learning were the key to ensure growth and offered us the motivation to do something better every time for our customer. As the challenges occur and breakthroughs follow, our achievements increase.

An achievement I am proud of today is becoming a part of Atma Nirbhar Bharat Mission of India. Being an Indian, we are proud of making quality products in India.

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TCM: How difficult is it to remain relevant and motivated in this competitive world?

Gaurav: In the world today captured in a global pandemic, we are living in the most unpredictable world which has unique challenges and diverse customers' needs and requirements.

When it comes to interior designs, we have developed the best solutions to meet the requirements of customers. Giving best to our customers is a paramount factor that motivates us to keep raising our game.

TCM: Whom do you credit to the success of your company? What goal(s) do you have for the company in the upcoming years?

Gaurav: The success of Practico Interior Solutions as a brand is a result of the dedicated efforts of the team. They are the most deserving holders of the credit of success.

The entire Practico team is focused on our goal to make the lives of people better through the solutions we provide. We are dedicated to offering highly personalized services tailored to people's needs. 

TCM: What advice would you like to share with other entrepreneurs?

Gaurav: A piece of advice that I would like to share with every entrepreneur reading this would be to always think about offering the best products to your customers and never compromise on quality to win the opportunity.

Your quality of products should make your nation proud alongside the brand name. 

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