EBC Tech Serv Pvt. Ltd.

Providing Excellent IT Services For Business Expansion
EBC Tech Serv Pvt. Ltd.: Providing Excellent IT Services For Business Expansion

EBC Tech Serv Pvt. Ltd.: Providing Excellent IT Services For Business Expansion

Vinod Gokakakar, Founder & CEO - EBC Tech Serv Pvt. Ltd.

With the digital revolution, most organisations are shifting their processes online. However, the digital era comes with its set of advantages and disadvantages. With an increased online presence, there is also an increased risk of cyber security threats.

There is more need than ever to have a robust cyber security solution in every organisation to protect them against any malicious attack. ETSPL, the brainchild of Mr Vinod Gokakakar, is an IT company specialising in providing high-end customised cyber security solutions for organisations.

ETSPL IT Solutions is the leading Technology Solutions providing IT company, which has marked its flagship in many countries with 350+ successfully accomplished clients. Showcasing consistent growth since its inception, ETSPL has grown to offer a wide range of services, products and Solutions.

They offer a plethora of IT services to clients across different verticals. As a technology consultancy company, their speciality lies in Modern workplaces, DC Transformation, Application services, Managed Services and Cyber security.

They have had strategic partnerships with Microsoft, Google, AWS, Zimbra, Red Hat Linux, Sun Solaris, HP, Dell, Lenovo, Samsung, Adobe, IBM, Cisco, VMware etc., to achieve the client’s business objectives.

Key services offered by ETSPL include Cyber Security, Email Security, Website Security, Digital Solutions, Cloud Solutions, Software development, Web Design, Infrastructure Solutions, IT Consultations, and AMC / FMS.

  • Modern workplace - Mobility, Collaboration, VDI, & Audio-visual

  • DC Transformation - Cloud, DR, Backup, Networking

  • Application Services - HRMS Solutions, Software Development- design and support

  • Website Design, Development & Digital Marketing

  • Managed Services - System Integration, Managed IT Services, CCTV, Biometrics, Access control, Fire alarm System Solutions, Network Solutions

  • Cyber Security - Web, Cloud, Infrastructure Security, Data Privacy Protection, Cyber attacks protection,

  • IT Facility Management Services (FMS / AMC / NMS)

  • Packaging Design Solutions

  • VOIP, Call Center Dialer Solutions

Within four years of its inception, ETSPL has managed to work with 350+ clients. Some of their imminent clientele include Webengage, Capital Foods, DOW, NBHC, Relex Healthcare, Bilfinger, Reifenhauser India,Packult, Infratech, Hydac and many more.

ETSPL Mission

ETSPL is committed to providing state-of-the-art Software development & Cyber Security services worldwide, incorporating cuttingedge technologies backed by a team of highly skilled and experienced developers. Following a structured process of development, they offer timely project delivery.

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Mr Vinod Gokakakar – Founder & CEO, EBC Tech Serv Private Limited

Born in a small village in Maharashtra, Mr Vinod Gokakakar was blessed with a sharp mind. He learned almost every technology and adopted expertise in the field of Information technology. Working in the IT sector, Mr Vinod had seen businesses suffer due to the poor response time and the lack of proper knowledge in the IT sector.

To bridge the gap in the industry, Mr Vinod, along with Mrs Komal Gokakakar, founded ETSPL in November 2017 to provide a high response and root cause solutions for all sectors and segments in India. ETSPL started its journey from an old rented apartment in Mumbai, Maharashtra has now grown to be an organisation with a 30-member team.

With over 17+ years of expertise in IT, Mr Vinod has been managing the role of ETSPL’s MD and CEO since its launch. Under his effective leadership, ETSPL has served several small, medium, and large enterprises and startups. They have also worked with the Government to solve many pending cybersecurity cases.

Mr Vinod founded ETSPL on the fundamental values of providing quality services and solutions to their clients on a year-on-year basis without disturbing their existing infrastructure.

ETSPL Differentiating Factors

ETSPL USP lies in the fact they offer in-budget solutions to organisations. By customising unique solutions, they are able to service startups and SMEs around the globe. The high expertise team of ETSPL in VOIP and IT architecture customise a solution to effectively protect an organisation from cyber security threats. The team has solved 100+ cyber cases to date.

Offering in-budget cyber security solutions and 24x7 IT support services on-site and remote is the key factor differentiating ETSPL from its competitors.


2017 - Foundation of ETSPL

2019 - ETSPL’s Golden Age

By the time ETSPL had spread its wings in the market. They had started serving their IT services to India’s leading MNCs and manufacturing companies.

2020 - ETSPL’s Turning Point

ETSPL’s team skills and expertise provided a new horizon, and the company started its global expansion. They got the opportunity to serve US-based clients.

2021 - Provided Cyber Security Services To The Government

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ETSPL’s Take On The Pandemic

With the onset of the pandemic, the whole world felt its impact. ETSPL also had to face some challenges in the initial days of the pandemic. However, under the leadership of Mr Vinod, they managed to recover from the initial shock and soon after resumed their services.

The team at ETSPL provided remote customer support round the clock, which helped their clients to maintain their IT services. They even managed to expand their business into multiple sectors. Talking about the pandemic after-effect, Mr Vinod says, “From the pandemic, we learned that, to survive, you have to mould yourself according to the situation, no matter how it is.”

Upcoming Trends In The IT Industry

The IT industry is dynamic, with new trends always emerging. The recent trends gaining popularity in the IT industry are Cyber Security, Data Privacy, and Artificial Intelligence, amongst others.

Cyber Security has emerged as one of the main threats to organisations worldwide. Even in India, there has been an increased number of cyber attacks like hacking, phishing, spam, and data breach issues.

To help organisations overcome this, ETSPL is working on improving the cyber security of organisations in every sector. They have successfully delivered a complete security solution for every organisation they have worked with per their budget and services.

Mr Vinod says, “There have been zero complaints from organisations using our cyber security solutions from the past three to four years.”

Future Endeavour

Mr Vinod’s plans for ETSPL include becoming the top IT company in India in IT & Cyber Security Solutions. He defines the roadmap to achieve that by providing high-end security services to small, medium and enterprises segment, including strong support to the startups.

The team of ETSPL is working on launching a new venture specialising in AI, IP, Cyber Service, Copyright protection, and Data Privacy.

Mr Vinod advises young entrepreneurs to, “Focus on your services or solutions and work hard to maintain the quality of the services year on year basis.”

<div class="paragraphs"><p>EBC Tech Serv Pvt. Ltd.: Providing Excellent IT Services For Business Expansion</p></div>
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