List of 10 Best Consulting Companies in India

List of 10 Best Consulting Companies in India

List of 10 Best Consulting Companies in India

If you are searching for consulting firms in India, this is your last stop. 

Read the whole article to learn what a consulting company is, what it does, and which consulting firms in India are the finest.

A consulting business employs consultants who give professional advice. 

Through data-driven analysis, these services are meant to help and guide a company to reach its main goals and perform as well as it can.

A business consultant can help with strategy, problem-solving, and planning, among other things. 

The scope of work often includes project management solutions along with results that can be used. 

The best consulting firms in India are known for charging ridiculously high prices for their services, and they may have a lot of success.

What is the definition of a consulting firm?

A consulting business is a company made up of experts in their field who help organizations that aren't sure how to solve their problems by giving them advice, guidance, and real-world solutions.

Consulting firms are hired to help solve the problems that come up in every organization.

The best consulting firms in India exist in almost every industry.

Even in the public sector, there are businesses for finance, healthcare, advertising, engineering, architecture, and technology, among other things.

Top 10 Consulting Companies in India

TATA Consulting Firm

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is one of the largest IT services and consulting companies in the world. 

Its headquarters are located in Mumbai, India, although it maintains offices worldwide. 

TCS is well-known in markets like e-government, banking and financial services, telecommunications, education, and healthcare.

TCS offers a wide range of business, technology, and engineering services and solutions that are led by consulting and powered by artificial intelligence. 

It does this with its unique Location Independent AgileTM delivery method, which is a standard for how well the software is made. 

Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. offers information technology consulting services, consulting services, and business consulting solutions. 

It provides end-to-end technology and technology consulting services to global organizations.

The business is divided into five segments: banking, financial services, and insurance; manufacturing; retail and consumer packaged goods; telecommunications; media and entertainment; and others.

Its services include application development and maintenance, business intelligence, enterprise solutions, assurance services, engineering, and industrial services, information technology consultants, infrastructure services, business process outsourcing, consulting, asset-leveraged solutions, mobility, connected marketing, social computing, big data, and the cloud. 

The company serves banking, financial services, insurance, retail, and consumer packaged goods; telecom, media; and information services; high-tech consultants; manufacturing; life sciences; healthcare; energy; resources; and utilities; as well as the travel, transportation, and hospitality industries.

Tata Consultancy Services was established in 1968 in Mumbai, India.


  • Excellent workplace atmosphere and workload flexibility.

  • If you are assigned to an excellent project at TCS, life will be simple.

  • Outstanding workplace atmosphere.

  • Excellent work-life balance and training sessions.


  • Salary and pay are below market value.

  • Salary increases are linear and not aspirational.

Avalon Consulting

With 28 years of experience in strategy and management consulting, Avalon Consulting is one of the best consulting firms in India. 

Avalon serves Indian, Middle Eastern, Chinese, and Southeast Asian clients. 

The majority of its six partners have been with the company since its start, making it the biggest Indian-owned consulting business. 

The company has offices in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, and Singapore.

Avalon Consulting, founded in 1989, is one of the world's leading management consulting organizations, advising clients on strategy, business transformation, and innovation. 

It is a subsidiary of Avalon Group, which encompasses the complete knowledge value chain. 

Avalon has collaborated successfully with customers throughout the gamut of business consulting services, including businesses, financial institutions, private equity firms, venture capitalists, government organizations, and industry associations. 

The headquarters of "Avalon Consulting" is located in Prabhadevi, Mumbai, India.


  • Excellent top leadership.

  • The company's work culture is favorable.

  • Work-life balance is favorable compared to industry norms for consulting.

  • Few partners and administrators are well-educated.


  • Insufficient work-life balance.

  • Evaluations and bonuses are disheartening.

  • The WFH culture has hindered effective teamwork.

Kanvic Consulting Companies

a top management consulting firm working with visionary leaders. 

With the help of their customers, they come up with unique and flexible strategies by working together in a way that is both new and useful. 

It trains rising industry leaders and C-level executives in strategy, marketing, transformation, and digital. 

Kanvic is a top management consulting firm that works with business leaders with big ideas to make an impact outside the company. 

It works with its customers to come up with unique and flexible strategies through a process that is very creative, very relevant, and very collaborative.

It consults with C-level executives on strategy, marketing, transformation, and digital, including industry leaders and new competitors. 

Whether it's growing your business, entering a new market, making your business more profitable, or dealing with digital disruption, their advisers can help you with your toughest strategic problems.

The headquarters of Kanvic Best Consulting Companies are in Gurugram, Haryana, India.


  • excellent environment to work and study in.

  • excellent project background and business acumen overview.

  • A variety of responsibilities are assigned.


  • There are few opportunities to work in other offices.

Indigo Consulting

Indigo Consulting is one of India's leading digital business consultant transformation and digital marketing consulting firms, with offices in Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, and Vietnam. 

Indigo Consulting provides digital consulting, platform, marketing, build, sustainability, and content production services

It works with other companies in many different fields, like banking and finance, telecommunications, hotels, media and entertainment, consumer goods, and cars.

Indigo Top Consulting Firms is a veteran-owned, independent, full-service public relations and communications agency. 

They think that the way business consultants work now will help them organize their company to create dynamic synergies between cost reduction, performance measurement, clear two-way communication, focused engagement, and customer-centric delivery. 

The headquarters of Indigo Consulting are located in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.


  • The workplace culture is positive.

  • Develop a connection with customers, marketing, and technical abilities.

  • Significant amounts of real-time education.

  • subordinate to senior management.

  • The most effective and efficient human resource management.


  • Depending on the project, work hours may be extended.

  • A chance to collaborate with additional businesses.

  • Certain top members refused to cooperate.

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How many types of consulting are there?

Nihilent Technologies Consulting

Nihilent is a global consulting and services firm that employs a human-centered model for problem-solving and transformation management consultants. 

Nihilent's broad spectrum of skills in business process and technology consulting helps clients reach new heights of corporate performance. 

Transformation, innovation, and optimization serve as catalysts for performance transformation. Nihilent Technologies is a supplier of IT services.

It offers business consulting and IT services. The firm was established in 2000. The headquarters of Nihilent Technologies are in Pune, India.


  • Excellent place to work.

  • Excellent learning and development opportunities.

  • Good for beginners, with a sufficient number of leaves.

  • Excellent place to work.

  • Paid on time.

  • Good trek.


  • Management falls short of expectations.

  • The discrepancy between resource and management communication.

  • The recruitment procedure must be expedited.

Discus IT Consulting

Discus IT is an IT company that works with businesses to help them with IT consulting and software. 

Discus IT is committed to providing enterprises with world-class IT consulting and software solutions. 

It gives you the mix of technical skills and business knowledge you need to make and deploy software solutions effectively.

Discus IT offers a comprehensive selection of SAP solutions to fulfill your needs. You may use their comprehensive onshore, offshore, and hybrid support solutions. 

They offer a wide range of end-to-end SAP solutions that let you optimize and grow your installation to provide excellent business consulting. 

Discus IT Consulting's headquarters are located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.


  • Supporting employees and a wonderful work atmosphere.

  • Contributing team members.

  • Good learning environment

  • Positive work culture.


  • Everything is running well at the firm.

TRC Corporate Consulting 

Some of the best brand consultants in the world use TRC Consulting for audit, consulting, tax, IBC advisory, and HR services. 

TRC Corporate Consulting is a young, active consulting company that focuses on helping businesses grow. with demonstrated experience in numerous industries:

Governance, Risk, and Compliance, Fixed Assets and Inventory Management, Transaction Advisory Services, Valuations & Business Modeling, Business Advisory Services, Risk Advisory and Internal Audit Services, Project Monitoring.

TRC is one of the most prominent business consulting firms. TRC Corporate Consulting's headquarters are in Gurugram, Haryana, India.


  • Excellent work environment and quality personnel.

  • Excellent Knowledge and Exposure to Learning

  • Positive work environment and flexible hours.

  • The management is perceptive, and all procedures have been optimized.


  • Occasionally, work pressure might be overwhelming.

  • Job security is lacking.


LTI is a worldwide technology consulting and digital solutions company that assists over 420 customers in achieving success in a world that is merging.

With operations in 32 countries, they go above and beyond for their customers and accelerate their digital transformation using LTI's MosaicTM platform to enable their mobile, social, analytics, IoT, and cloud journeys.

The fact that we were founded in 1997 as a subsidiary of Larsen & Toubro Limited affords us unequaled real-world knowledge to handle the most difficult difficulties faced by organizations across all sectors. 

Each day, their team of over 30,000 LTI enables its clients to increase the efficiency of their business and technology consultancy operations and create value for their customers, workers, and shareholders. 

LTI is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.


  • This firm has a healthy workplace culture.

  • Extremely helpful staff and an excellent learning environment.

  • A healthy work-life balance. Personnel-friendly policies.

  • Excellent work-life balance, helpful team (personal experience) A decent wage.


  • Annual increases need significant improvement. 

  • Freshmen are assigned domains at random.

Maction Consulting

Maction Consulting is a business consulting company specializing in market research, data analytics, and business consulting.

Maction Consulting is a full-service market research firm that offers quantitative and qualitative fieldwork/data gathering, analytics, and market/social research to companies and non-profit organizations throughout the globe. 

Their area of expertise consists of exploratory research, cross-sectional designs, longitudinal designs, and causal research. 

They identify the optimal approach to use depending on your specific needs. 

Their experience in vertical solutions enables your organization to improve operations and boost productivity. 

Maction Consulting Private Limited is a Share-Limited Private Company. Maction Consulting Companies has its headquarters in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.


  • Having a positive corporate culture and working with all employees.


  • The number of employee perks will decrease.

MphasiS Ltd

MphasiS was established in India in 2000. MphasiS, headquartered in Bengaluru, is one of India's major IT services and consulting firms. 

Mphasis is a worldwide supplier of information technology (IT) solutions specializing in cloud and cognitive services, applying next-generation technology consultants to assist firms in undergoing global business transformation. 

The company, a worldwide supplier of information technology (IT) solutions specializing in cloud and cognitive services, employs next-generation technology to assist firms in undergoing global business transformation. 

Mphasis Group is a multinational corporation that specializes in offering application development and maintenance services, infrastructure outsourcing services, and business and knowledge process outsourcing solutions to customers worldwide. 

The headquarters of MphasiS Ltd. are in Bengaluru, India.


  • Work-life balance is almost ideal.

  • excellent company and environment.

  • excellent learning, supportive management, and open-door communication.

  • The work atmosphere is pleasant, and the management consultant is helpful.

  • Effective organization is necessary to acquire new skills.


  • The salary is quite cheap compared to comparable firms.

  • It is difficult to obtain approval for leaves.

  • The bench policy at Mphasis is inadequate.


Top consulting firms in India are almost everywhere, in almost every industry, and they try to solve any problem. 

If your organization faces a challenge that is beyond its capabilities, it may be better to hire a top consulting firm.

India is now home to some of the world's greatest IT service providers, digital marketing consulting service providers, and consulting firms. 

India's software businesses are renowned worldwide for their effective IT and business-related solutions.

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