AAA Technologies Limited, Indian Pioneers of Information Security, Cybersecurity Auditing, And Consulting Services

AAA Technologies Limited, Indian Pioneers of Information Security, Cybersecurity Auditing, And Consulting Services

Founded on October 3, 2020, in two decades, AAA Technologies Limited became the first company specializing 100% in information security and cybersecurity auditing and consulting services to be listed on the stock exchange in India as it was listed on NSE emerge on 13-10-2020.

AAA Technologies is a premier independent auditing and consulting company specializing in the area of IS audit, information security, IT Assurance, compliance, IT governance and cybersecurity for 20+ years. Leading with the diverse service portfolio today, the brand has stood the test of time and battled well as a fierce combatant since inception.

Back in October 2000, when computerization was picking up, AAA Technologies' foundation was laid. Besides the benefits the computerization has, there is risk associated with it. At that time, visionary Anjay Agarwal, who now leads as Chairman and Managing Director to guide the AAA team, felt that there would be a need for checking computer controls instead of the traditional audit as organisations start relying on computers. Hence, he ventured into this area and became one of the pioneer / early starters in the field.

"The vision behind AAA strikes from the prominent thought of offering the best services to our clients and benchmarking ourselves as market leaders. And what can signify that better than "AAA" rating. Our motto is to provide accurate, reliable and innovative services to our clients," commented Anjay Agrawal.

Building and Sustaining the Empire

Rendering the best quality services for 20+ years, AAA Technologies' secret for satisfied clientele yields from their adaptive nature when it comes to offering their services in the fast-technological changing area. Boasting services to both Central and State government, regulatory authorities, public sector undertakings and banks, AAA plays a key role in securing an organization's assets in cyberspace.

The leadership has honed expertise over a period who have contributed to the security standards, best practices, standard security operating procedures, etc. help in being appropriate IT infra doctors for the business. The leadership team is involved in the new technologies yet to come and so understand how the business will be using the same and associated risk and probable newer threats. Thus, the learning curve is too small which is a cutting edge over other players in the market space. The company has rendered before-mentioned services for 20+ years and ensured 100% satisfied clients who received value from their services.

Why AAA Technologies?

Directed by Anjay, a leader who has been associated with ISACA, USA almost for a decade and serving various committees / Board of ISACA, the USA including Chairman of Government and Regulatory Agencies Board, and president of ISACA, Mumbai Chapter, AAA Technologies differentiates from the rest.

Robustly focused on the core business strength of IS audit, information security and IT governance, cybersecurity, AAA Technologies is impaneled by multiple regulatory bodies including CERT-In, CCA, RBI, etc, and awarded and recognized by the government and prominent bodies.

While AAA Technologies' clients are rest assured sharing their confidential data with them, they have been working closely with clients and providing solutions which are the most cost-efficient, thereby making security affordable. The clientele enjoys recommendations meeting their business objectives which are feasible for being implemented and rendered services across almost all the sectors.

The two decades of hoarded experience to execute the project in the most effective manner, skills, knowledge through continual education and accumulation of global contribution, auditing, assessment and consultancy services makes AAA technologies deserving of their 'Brand Of The Year' recognition. As the clientele benefits from Accurate, Reliable and Innovative services with 100% valued addition and satisfaction in all projects.

Growing with The AAA Family

AAA Technologies, leading in the IT services industry, has been able to ensure a smooth infusion with the technology by keeping themselves up to date with the latest technology and threats in cyberspace ahead of time and rendering the best quality services to the clients.

As Anjay shared, "The AAA family does not have employees but family members." Marrying both informal and formal structure, every family member is reachable to top management, can discuss their issues and has flexibility in leave and timing of an organization. While the formal structure focuses on effectivity in time and ensures quality. While AAA supports their needs and the team support company's objectives and therefore deserves the credit for the success of the company.

Meet The Leader

Having the power and responsibility to transform the safety online, Mr Anjay Agarwal, Chairman and Managing Director, is an eminent security maverick serving both the National and International security community for 20+ years.

The holder of 25 prestigious qualifications and certifications (such as CGEIT(USA), CRISC(USA), CISA(USA), CIA(USA), CFE(USA), ABCI(UK), FCA, ACS, ACMA etc) in several domains and from various countries with specialization in Information Security, Anjay is the 55th person in the world to get COBIT Certified Assessor Designation.

He has been associated in various capacities with Government and Professional bodies including Jury Member for the Maharashtra IT Awards conferred by the State of Maharashtra, ISACA (USA), ISACA, Mumbai Chapter, The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. He was the 1st person from Asia to be Chairman of Governmental and Regulatory Agencies Board (GRA Board) of ISACA, International. He has been associated with ISACA, Mumbai Chapter since 2000-2001 in various capacities and was the President in the year 2006-2007. He has been associated with ISACA, International since 2002 and has served on various committees / Board.

A member of the Academic Relations Committee of ISACA, International for the year 2004-2005, 2003-2004, and 2002-2003, Anjay was also a member of Governmental and Regulatory Agencies Board (GRA Board) of ISACA, International for the year 2006-2007, 2005-2006, 2004- 2005 and was the Chairman of Governmental and Regulatory Agencies Board (GRA Board) of ISACA, International for the year 2008-2009 and 2007-2008. He was Chairman of GRA Sub Committee Area 1 of ISACA, International for the year 2010-2011 and 2009-2010 and member of Professional Influence / Advocacy Committee for the year 2010-2011.

Anjay has been a member of Audit Committee for the year 2013-2014 and 2012-2013 and Finance Committee for the year 2011-2012 of ISACA, International, a co-opted member in Information Technology Committee of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India for the year 2003-2004 and Co-opted member in Information Technology Committee of WIRC of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India for the year 2002 and 2008. He has been Jury Member for the Maharashtra IT Awards conferred by the State of Maharashtra for several years. He has been involved in 10,000+ assignments in Information Security / Cyber Security to date.

Growth, The Continuous Approach

"It is difficult to remain relevant and motivated in this competitive world but at the same time, it is necessary also. Unless you are motivated you cannot perform better," mentioned Anjay.

"How could we have achieved things better," replied Anjay on the questions he asks himself after each breakthrough. With plans to secure the cyber assets of the nation and thereby ensuring secure cyberspace to live in on the cards, the mastermind is moving ahead with many achievements badges on his shoulders. The key strategies he is adopting to maintain the connection with the target audience today, is, keeping in touch with them and inquiring how they can improve their services.

 Advice for Entrepreneurs

"Be ethical, honest, transparent, and have a long-term vision," advised Anjay to the aspiring entrepreneurs. After facing his shares of failures, the leader shared his idea of failure, "Failure is always key to success. The important thing is not failure but the reasons for failure. It is important to analyze those reasons, overcome the same and ensure that it does not get repeated. By doing so, failure would be overcome and success would be yours."

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