3 Best Financial Magazines in India to Read in 2021

3 Best Financial Magazines in India to Read in 2021

Which is the best financial magazine in India? Do you want to start reading about personal finance? You are in the right place. In this article, we will talk about the Best Financial Magazines in India to Read in 2021.

Many business leaders and millionaires swear by checking the morning newspaper or taking up monthly magazine subscriptions. If you want to know the basics of personal finance or stay on top of the latest financial trends. While getting solid, the long-term insight that you can use in your financial planning efforts; reading financial magazines can help you a lot.

With so many finance magazines running in the market, selecting the right ones to read regularly may seem tough. To help you, we have compiled a shortlist that will get you headed in the right direction on your path with mastering the basics of personal finance and investment. Browse through the list and find the one that fits your choice perfectly. Make sure to spend a few hours per month and you will be able to grab good knowledge in finance.

3 Best Financial Magazines in India to Read in 2021

Outlook Money

One of the most popular finance magazines in India, Outlook Money covers news and views on mutual funds, real estate, banking, equity, and insurance. Since it is a specialized personal finance magazine, it has a feature for queries related to personal finance and it spreads its articles across the basis and advanced personal finance topics.

The current news on finance and economy are simple, crisp and easy to follow. This simple yet informative and powerful publication is available in Hindi as well as English. Outlook Money also does an annual ranking of best mutual funds and stocks.

The appealing design of pages and beautiful fonts makes it even more attractive. Outlook Magazine is strongly recommended for anyone starting out on learning personal finance and looking for the best financial magazines in India.

Economic Times Wealth

The popular newspaper, Economic Times publishes a magazine, ET Wealth (Economic Times Wealth) on a weekly basis. This is again focused on personal finance. It brings a variety of contents based on how current affairs affect personal finance.

ET also covers articles related to taxation, stock markets, insurance, credit, and investment instructors. It has a lot of real-life examples of people and their financial status and issues and how these issues can be sorted out. If you wish to read the past issues of the publication, you can access them digitally also on their website.

The presentation of the magazine is fantastic and so are the articles. The data and graphics of this financial magazine are great and worth collecting and making it one of the best financial magazines in India.

Money life

With an aim to disseminate business news as well as promote financial literacy, Money Life is empowering investors on personal finance. This is another great magazine that attempts to lead the pack among the top personal finance magazines in India as well as across the world.

It shares articles and unbiased views on taxes, investments, and advice related to personal finance. Besides, it is delivering a variety of content on promoting awareness of regulations and on the protection of interests of investors and consumers. All the articles from Money Life are quite informative, meticulous, and knowledgeable.

Money Life also carries an annual review on best mutual funds and stocks. The Money Life advisory provides weekly Stock letters based on the selected investment portfolio type. Each letter contains a summary of the market trends, stock recommendations, and more.

Summary of Best Financial Magazines in India to Read

These are the best financial magazines in India for anyone wanting to know about investments, taxation, insurance, spending, giving, and current affairs on fiancé. They are a treasure of knowledge and the sooner you get to it, the better you are off as informed and intelligent investors.

To get the most benefits out of these financial magazines, go for two or three, and check them regularly. This way, you will be able to develop a solid understanding of the financial market and also get information that you can use to shore up your financial stage.

Which is your top finance magazine and why do you call it best? Share in the comment below. Often, visit The CEO Magazine website to get all the latest updates related to the business world. To get all the articles in your inbox, subscribe to our magazine.

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