What is a blog? Everything to Know About Blogs!

If you are still wondering “How to earn money from the internet today?” Well, a glance at the internet will tell you that content creation is booming, especially blogs. So, What is a Blog? Here's Everything to know about Blogs!
What is a blog?

What is a blog?

Everything to Know About Blogs!

Research says the internet is home to 570 million blogs as of 2021.

Another study shares that, bloggers are expected to earn 6 figure yearly income in 2022.

Well, it’s time to notice the elephant in the room, blog.

Table of Content

  • What is a Blog?

  • What is a Blog Definition?

  • What is the purpose of a blog?

  • Different Types of Blogs

  • What is a personal blog?

  • What is a business blog?

  • What is a Travel Blog?

  • History of Blog

  • What is a blog post?

  • What is a blog website?

  • What is the front page of a blog called?

  • What is the difference between a blog and a website?

  • What is a blog and how do I start one?

What is a Blog?

A blog is a short form of a “weblog”. This term is made up of two terms “web” and “log”. “B” in Blog comes from “Web” while “Log” comes from the collecting and storing data over a period.

What is a blog definition?

A blog is an online journal or informational website sharing information discretely and informally and in reverse chronological order wherein the latest posts appear first, at the top. In the world of the internet, blogs are a common medium to share knowledge in written format by subject experts.

What is the purpose of a blog?

A blog can be written for several purposes. A personal blog would help you serve a personal purpose while a business blog can help you serve different professional purposes.

Different Types of Blogs

Here’s an insight into

  • different types of blogs,

  • what do they include,

  • their purpose,

  • their audience

  • and monetization:

What is a personal blog?

Well, a personal blog as the name suggests is a blog that is written keeping the focus on one’s self.

Content: It includes topics revolving around their hobby or hobbies, beliefs, daily life events, their opinion on politics and sports, etc.

Purpose: The purpose of a personal blog or a personal online journal is to share your journey with a broader audience who share similar interests.

Monetize: One can earn through their blog by selling their products, sponsorships, guest appearances, etc.

What is the difference between a personal and lifestyle blog?

Well, a lifestyle blog is also one of the most common blogs out there wherein people share their journeys including aspects of their life like family, career, hobbies, travel, etc.

Purpose: Unlike personal blogs which are like a diary, lifestyle blogs are focused on the reader and shares a specific topic which they might be interested in.

Monetization: One can earn through lifestyle blogging with advertisements and affiliate links.

What is a Business Blog?

A business blog is a published informal online article that is written on a certain topic, product, or service.

Content: A business blog is written to provide information about a company and/or its products/services.

Purpose: Just like a shop in a traditional physical marketplace would put out posters, banners, etc to be recognised by people. A blog is also designed to attract eyeballs towards your brand.

How it Works: This blog is indexed by Search Engines like Google and presented in the results for certain queries. This leads to what we know as “visibility”.

Once your business blog is visible, it can help with branding, generating and nurturing leads, and also inbound marketing (attracting customers by creating valuable content and experiences personalised for them).

Monetize: You can earn through advertisements and affiliate links along with the benefits of inbound marketing.

What is a travel blog?

A travel blog is again an informal written content online which allows the writer(s) to share their journeys as they explore the world.

Content: As it is intended to introduce places, activities, and adventures to audiences who want to expand their horizons. Hence, the travel blog must include the about the destination, ways to reach it, restaurants they can visit, and activities they can indulge in locally.

Purpose: The travel blog is designed to allow readers to discover places and people.

Monetize: A travel blogger earns through the reach he creates by selling his travel pictures and videos, doing affiliate marketing, social media ads, and even placing ads on his blog.

A Brief Insight into History of Blog

1994: Justin Hall, a student at Swarthmore College wrote the first blog at Links.net but it was known as a personal homepage.

1997: “Weblog” term is coined by John Barger, who wrote a blog titled Robot Wisdom. It was then described as the process of “logging the web” as he browsed.

1998: A traditional news site wrote the first blog when Jonathan Dube blogged Hurricane Bonnie for The Charlotte Observer.

1999: Programmer Peter Merholz shorten the “weblog” term to “blog”.

2004: Merrian-Website declared “blog” as their Word of the Year.

Now that we have peaked into the history of Blogs, let’s see what people online are searching about Blog.

Here are all the questions that people frequently start with “What is a blog?”

What is a blog post?

A blog post is diary-style text entries that are mostly the work of a single individual, occasionally of a small group. It is a webpage on the entire website.

What is a blog website?

A blog website is the collection of several web pages with blogs. If you compare a blog website to a normal website, the clear difference is that a blog website is highly updated.

What is the front page of a blog called?

The front page of a blog which can be static is known as a splash page or custom homepage which can feature your experience and background, testimonials, latest posts, etc.

What is the difference between a blog and a website?

A blog is frequently updated content which is in singularity is a webpage. A website is a collection of several web pages and if it is not a blog website, it can have several static web pages.

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What is a blog and how do I start one?

A blog is an informal article published online and stored in reverse chronological order. You can start your blog by following a simple process shared below.

  1. Decide Blog and Domain Name: Start with deciding the name of what your online journal will be called which is also known as Domain name. Make sure it is descriptive.

  2. Get Your Blog Online: Buy your domain name and get hosting which is finding a space on the internet on which your website will be set up. It is like you find a property to set up your offline store.

  3. Get Started: Now that you have all the basic requirements for your blog, start sharing your knowledge and/or thoughts through blogs.

  4. Promote Your Blog: If you are intended to earn from your blog, apart from using keywords, you can also go ahead and promote your blog through social media, email, and text marketing.

  5. Make Money Blogging: With consistent uploading and marketing of your blog to the right target audience, hits and trials, your blogs will earn for you!

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