The Ultimate Guide To Knowing About Amazon Advertising

The Ultimate Guide To Knowing About Amazon Advertising

what is amazon advertising

The Ultimate Guide To Knowing About Amazon Advertising

Amazon is taking over the eCommerce marketplace, and it is the center of customer purchase data, with almost 310 million active customers and more than 190 million monthly visitors. 

Selling and advertising on Amazon is a component of success for companies and sellers because it helps to drive sales, build your product, engage with customers, and helps you to achieve your business goals. So, it is essential in having an Amazon online advertising strategy.


What is Amazon advertising?

Amazon Advertising is a PPC (Pay per click) platform that enables sellers to promote the products they are selling on the marketplace. The operation is similar to other PPC tools like Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising, but this is completely focused on the sponsorship of Amazon products.

In Amazon advertising, advertisers can use a variety of tactics to influence customers, such as targeting particular audiences or placing advertising in particular areas.

Types of Amazon advertising

Sellers can target customers looking for their brand or certain product categories whether you're reselling wholesale products or launching your first private label product.

The best way to think about selling advertisements on Amazon is through these types. To build brand awareness, you can also use video and display advertisements. There are different types of ads you can buy on Amazon, and those are:

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Sponsored Product ads

Most of the sellers start their Amazon advertising with sponsored product campaigns. These are the ads that direct people who are searching on Amazon to find a  certain product you are selling there. Customers will be taken to the product detail page when they click on your sponsored product ad.

The sponsored product ads are often seen above or below the results other than the additional product detail page as well as the search results page. These ads target specific keywords, and sellers can select between exact, phrase, or broad match types.

Advertisers can control the campaign time, and also set a daily budget. You have two campaign choices with Sponsored Products: automatic campaigns and manual campaigns

●     Automatic campaigns

Based on the details of your listing, Amazon can decide which keywords or products your campaign will target by using the automatic targeting option. Before creating your listing, conduct extensive keyword research if you want to use automatic targeting to make sure Amazon chooses only the relevant targets. 

Your product listing's keywords are found by Amazon's algorithm. Amazon gradually modifies its advertisements to boost your conversions using the information it gathers from clicks and purchases. Ads that are automatically optimized cannot be manually optimized.

●     Manual campaigns

You have more control over the keywords if you choose the manual option. A list of suggested keywords is also available from Amazon, or you can come up with your own. You can even make custom bids for each keyword. 

When you are aware of the specific search terms that customers use to find your sort of product, use keyword targeting. With the use of a tool like SellerApp's Amazon keyword research, you can discover relevant keywords. 

You can target specific competitors' ASINs, categories, brands, or other product qualities using product targeting. 

Since the entire process is manual, you'll need to continuously check the keywords and bids and adapt as necessary. In the long run, manual optimization typically results in more effective ads.

Sponsored Brand ads

These advertisements are similar to pay-per-click ads that use keyword targeting, but unlike Sponsored Product ads, which only advertise one product at a time, Sponsored Brand ads promote several items at once. 

You can find these ads on top of the search result page, above other sponsored ads and organic listings. 

Only brand-registered products on Amazon can use these ads. They are banner ads that display a brand's logo, message, and products next to search results on 

On Amazon, they can be found at the top, on the left-hand rail, or at the bottom of the search results page. Sponsored brand ads are excellent for reaching top-of-the-funnel customers.

●     Sponsored Brand Targeting

Sponsored Brand ads use keyword targeting. The 3 match types that can be used by advertisers are exact, phrase, and broad. Based on your product and its details, Amazon will also suggest keywords for bidding.

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Sponsored Display ads

These ads also function as pay-per-click ads for the product detail page. The only people who can use this advertising, in contrast to the other two ad types, are sellers. You won't be able to run these adverts if you are not an authorized Amazon seller. 

Sponsored Display ads are an excellent approach to capturing bottom-of-the-funnel customers from your competitors because of their targeting algorithm. Vendors, agencies with clients that sell products on Amazon, and professional sellers who are members of the Amazon Brand Registry are eligible to use sponsored display ads.

●     Sponsored Display Targeting

Product targeting allows you to interact with customers who are looking at your product or related products and categories. By displaying an ad of your product on top competitors' listings, you can reach potential clients of those businesses. 

You can create a coupon or set your pricing a little lower than your competitors if you know their listings are generating a lot of traffic, and then enable Product Targeting display ads. In this manner, you can influence shoppers to select your listing over competitive products.


Demand-side platform (DSP) is a type of feature that enables an advertiser to purchase advertising through automation. Amazon DSPs are effective marketing automation tools. 

The operation of a demand-side platform involves two key phases. The advertiser starts by uploading creative, setting up targeting, and setting a budget for their campaigns.

You can do all of these with the dashboard. The DSP searches through its network of publishers for websites and mobile apps that meet the advertiser's requirements after the campaign material has been uploaded, and then makes a bid for placement. The DSP then quickly resolves the bid, posts the advertisement, and handles the payment.

Audio ads

During screen-free times, this kind of advertising can assist brands in reaching a larger audience. Audio marketing can assist brands to establish awareness campaigns, in order to programmatically transmit their business message before or during audio streaming, such as when people are listening to music or the news.

You cannot choose a slot based on your preference, but there is a great reach for this ad. For audio ads, the key metrics that you should consider are impressions, listen-through rate, reach and purchase intent.

Video ads

Amazon Video Ads are advertisements that you can run on websites that are controlled by Amazon, including and IMDb, as well as on Fire TV devices and other websites. 

Regardless of whether you sell products on Amazon or not, you can purchase Amazon video advertisements and choose the landing page for your ad from any website on the internet or an Amazon product page.

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What are the benefits of Amazon advertising

These are the reasons why you will need Amazon advertising in order to grow your business

Increases your visibility

Through Amazon advertising, you can increase the visibility of your product on Amazon, which will help you to improve your ranking for the product page and also gets better sales in the future.

Increases your conversion rate

As it becomes easier for customers to find your product because of Amazon ads, this will lead to an increase in conversion rate. Amazon advertising can give your product better exposure.

Increases your visitor’s time

Every online seller wants their customers to engage with their website more and remain there longer when they arrive through an advertisement page. This improves traffic to your product page significantly, which could result in more sales.

Increases your traffic

With the help of Amazon-partner sites like IMDb, Goodreads, Audible, etc you will be able to bring traffic to your Amazon store or the landing page on Amazon. If you use advertising on  Amazon, you can also expand your traffic to other websites. On these partner sites, Amazon will let you buy spots for display ads and video ads.

It is necessary to use Amazon advertising to succeed in Amazon. If you want any help with Amazon advertising, Sellerapp advertising managed service can be your growth partner. 

Ultimately, e-commerce businesses discover that selling on Amazon is a successful marketing strategy. Amazon advertising can have a significant impact on your online sales as people continue to move toward online sales. 

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