Blogging Unwrapped! What are different types of blogs?

Do you know how many brands today started with a simple blog? If you are wondering how to start your blog, well, here are the different types of blogs that you can try.
Blogging Unwrapped! What are different types of blogs?

Blogging Unwrapped! What are different types of blogs?

Do you know how many brands today started with a simple blog? If you are wondering how to start your blog, well, here are the different types of blogs that you can try.

How many types of blogs are there which have today transpired into empires?

The list is limitless if you include Indian as well foreign bloggers. Have a look:

Different Types Of Blogs

Personal Blogs:

Personal blogs, as the name suggests, is online journal entry one makes keeping the writer in focus wherein they share their experiences, feelings, and innermost thoughts with an audience. There is no certain topic or theme they can work with. Personal bloggers share whatever they are interested in and there are no hard rules around it.

Business Blogs

Business Blogs or corporate blogs are blogs that focus on a particular company, product or service which is written by employees or owners of a certain company. This works on a certain theme to gain more exposure, traffic, and ultimately transform these leads into customers for the business.

Professional blogs:

Now, we have talked about personal dairy blogs and business blogs, but what if an individual were to write about their profession or personal brand, well, it’s a professional blog. So, you, as a single person can go ahead and make money by sharing your insight into the industry as an expert. With a business strategy, you can make an editorial schedule, engage in partnerships with brands, analyzes the market, scale your brand by exploring new marketing opportunities.

Fashion blog:

Fashion is a wide area with so much to explore in it. From old trends coming in the market again to styles in different seasons, if you are a fashion enthusiast, discover fashion blogging and its several niches and provide great content. Once you create a fashion blog, build the audience, and build the reach, you can go ahead and earn through the same.

Lifestyle Blog:

Some may compare personal blogs with lifestyle blogs and to some extent, they are similar to each other. The difference between a personal and lifestyle blog is the key theme. The focus in personal blogs is on the writer while the lifestyle blog is targeted at the audience.

Food Blog:

Foodies! Here’s your chance to shine. If you love to take strolls around your city to eat or explore different ingredients in your kitchen to make innovative delicacies, food blogs are a perfect choice for you. Just translate your passion for food into words, add some videos and photos, and list down recipes and experiences. You can earn through affiliating food products and ads on the web pages related to food apps, etc.

In this read, we will also be sharing “What type of blogs get the most traffic?”, “Which types of blogs are most popular”, and “What type of blogs make money?”

So, continue reading!

What type of blogs gets the most traffic?

The purpose of writing content is to earn money by attracting website traffic and other sources. But these sources would also be effective only when you have an audience that you can influence.

Food, fashion, personal finance, lifestyle blogging are the top 4 types of blogs that get the most traffic.

Which types of blogs are most popular?

Each blog has a distinct audience inclusive of different age groups, sex, demography, etc. And sorry to break the news to you, but there are no certain most popular blogs. Why? A personal blog or a professional blog or a food blog, and can be popular, you just have to make sure that you reach the audience well.

If you are providing relevant information, you can become popular. Having said that, articles like “How to” are most popular according to stats.

What type of blogs makes money?

Fashion blogs, food blogs, music blogs, lifestyle blogs, are some blog options that have a wide audience. Once you become a reliable source and an influencer with thousands of followers, you can scale this audience and make money.

It is crucial to know certain aspects of monetizing your blogs and how to do it. You must execute these strategies well.

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