Why Do Most People Use WordPress For Blogging?

Why Do Most People Use WordPress For Blogging?

Reasons, why most people use WordPress for blogging, are explained in this article that is compelling enough to give you a perspective. 

The simplest and most convenient software, WordPress is widely used to create a website and blog. It was originally started as a tool for building a blog, it has evolved into a powerful website builder throughout the years. Presently, it powers almost one-third of all websites on the Internet. All thanks to its robust features, functionality and a lot of support. 

Today, if you want to create a blog, it is recommended to use WordPress. Here are the major reasons why most people use WordPress for blogging: 

Amazing Themes and Plugins 

When we start any blog, our prime concerns are the design of the blog. WordPress brings a huge number of themes from where you can download according to your choice. Whereas for BlogSpot, it is very limited. Apart from themes, plugins drive people to WordPress for creating blogs and business websites. 

Presently, there are a variety of plugins available on WordPress that will take your blog to the next level.

Customize the Way You Want 

One of the major's reasons why most people use WordPress for blogging is because of its user-friendliness and developer-friendliness. Here, you do not need to have the technical knowledge to edit or design your website.

You can customize your website according to your wish and need. You can make changes in the layout of your post types, add widgets that are suitable for your blogging, have a forum and whatnot. This is very simple to change to design and make live customization through advanced page builders and customizers that make it eye-catching and more appealing. In other platforms, you have to hire developers to add new features when your blog grows but on WordPress, you can do things yourself. 

Great for SEO Purpose 

SEO is the main driving force to grow any blog. WordPress provides a lot of features for SEO like SEO-friendly permalinks, title tag, headings, proper HTML, etc. It makes Google and other search engines prefer WordPress and that is why most people use WordPress for blogging. 

Available for Free

Generally, when bloggers start their journey they do not want to invest. WordPress is free and open-source software. You can download, install, and modify it according to your needs. And, you can use it to create your blog for free. (Some plugins and themes are available in premium version also. The premium version provides more features, but you need to pay some amount to use it.)

Monetization Opportunities 

Once you gain the required trust and respect, you can contact private advertisers for monetization opportunities. Many advertising networks do not entertain bloggers from BlogSpot or many such sub-domain hosted websites. WordPress is a game-changer here. Many ad networks like Google AdSense, PropellerAds have launched dedicated plugins for WordPress blog. 

WordPress Support

At the initial phase, bloggers need support to start things and run them properly. WordPress support forum comes out to be the easiest to get the answers to your doubt. You can easily post your problems and soon you will have the solution. 

In simple words, you have more community support if you encounter a problem with WordPress.

Social Media Promotion 

This time, social media is the major factor that is making the blog go viral. Therefore, it is important for your blogging platform to provide you with all the support for social media integration. At this point, a place where WordPress is excellent and it has the reason why most people use WordPress for blogging. 

It brings a great set of plugins for social media sharing and profile integration. Your visitors can easily see what you are doing on the social platform. Also, you can ask them to like, share and follow you on different social sites. 

Full Security 

Present-day, the digital world is full of hackers. As soon as your blog becomes viral, you are likely to get the attention of the hackers. 

Among different blogging platforms, WordPress is secure. Besides, the developing team of WordPress keeps upgrading the platform to prevent hackers from hacking your website. Any malicious attempt is notified and prompt action is also taken. Moreover, there are any advanced plugins available that protect your website. You can also keep the backup of your website on a regular basis, so that a complete breakdown does not affect a lot. 

Last Verdict

So, these are the major reasons why most people use WordPress for blogging.

We hope you found this post helpful. What do you think about this article? Are you a blogger? Do you use WordPress? Share your experience in the comment section below, we will be happy to hear from you.

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