Digimaze Marketing Pvt. Ltd.

India’s leading Performance Marketing and 360-degree Digital Advertising Agency
Vatsal Rajgor, Co-founder and CEO, Digimaze Marketing Pvt. Ltd.

Vatsal Rajgor, Co-founder and CEO, Digimaze Marketing Pvt. Ltd.

India’s leading Performance Marketing and 360-degree Digital Advertising Agency

Digimaze Marketing Pvt. Ltd., India’s leading Performance Marketing and 360-degree Digital Advertising Agency

By 2025, 67% of the country’s population will be touched by social media penetration. Vatsal Rajgor, Co-founder and CEO, Digimaze Marketing Pvt Ltd identified the potential in the year 2019. His education at Boston would have led him to take up a commercial job in one of the leading firms as a Marketing Head.


He chose to return to India with the understanding that Indian market is just getting out of its infancy stage. This was the right time to launch a startup which will be based on the expertise of performance marketing and leveraging brand value on various social networks and reaching out to over a 100 million users of social networks in India.

The potential was identified by Vatsal and his cousin Poojan Ajani whose IT engineering background served as a backbone for developing inhouse softwares and applications which are now going to become the face of marketing in many corporate houses.

Vatsal has treated this entire startup of performance marketing as an adventure which is going to be never ending. Consider it sky diving or scuba diving, the adrenaline rush for every brand that has been touched by Digimaze is a story itself.

In a conversation with The CEO Magazine, Vatsal shared about the challenges, milestones, Covid-19 pandemic, and more. Have a look:

TCM: Vatsal, why don’t you share with us the challenges you encountered post deciding to incept Digimaze.

Vatsal: Indeed, there were challenges as we co-founded the company in a parking garage and navigated through the crucial initial period where we had to undertake responsibility which was curiously unknown to the entire B2C industry.

Gaining acceptance from clientele was a challenge. We offered them the understanding that this format of marketing is the new age mantra that is here to stay and would benefit the client consistently and with a guarantee. During the first few months, like any other start-up, we were disheartened, had disoriented minds, and had discussions over the pettiest of changes and minuscule of expenses.

TCM: Tell us in detail about your distinct services and products.

Vatsal: The Indian eCommerce industry is currently in bits and pieces, there is no one-stop solution for business owners in the market. For instance, you must approach different companies for sourcing different services like logistics, social media, marketing, etc. while every aspect of the digital ecosystem is haywire.

Digimaze tries to streamline all these operations and provide a seamless experience to our customers. We combine marketing data that is flowing into the system, along with the technical capabilities together to provide a robust solution that can be scalable, sustainable, and profitable for our clients.

So right from Helix, which is an automation and performance evaluation software, to Convertly, which helps increase your conversion rate and growth, to Infy Scroller which helps you design landing pages as quickly and as fast as possible, we have designed these software(s) to make the customer journey seamless and provide value to our clients.

TCM: What according to you is your biggest USP that differentiates your organization from similar-sized players in the Indian market?

Vatsal: Creativity, deliverables, endeavor to give better service are pillars of the foundation of Digimaze. Our integrated solution offers a comprehensive approach right from designing our client’s website to managing their performance marketing and managing their digital ecosystem.

Today, while there is uncertainty, we focus on the best architecture which can be scalable, while our performance marketing team enables and ensures an ample amount of revenue generation.

We help brands grow at a very sustainable pace. Because at the end of the day, if we understand their data, we understand who their audiences are, it makes our job easier for the social media team to reach out to the niche.

TCM: Shed some light on your team. How did you build a dynamic team?

Vatsal: A lot of credit for building a team goes to both my Co-Founder, Poojan and my first partner, Chintan who has been with me since inception. Their astute methods have helped us employ the right energetic, creative, and well-focused employees.

Being a part of a company is always a standard procedure for any organization but believing it is one big family is another thing. We, at Digimaze, ensure that during difficult times, we are sensitive towards everyone be it an intern or a CEO.

TCM: What motivates you as a leader? And how do you keep your team driven?

Vatsal: We have multiple leaders in our organization and not just one. Our motivation is derived from each other’s success as a team. Even though I founded the company, I believe, calling myself the leader of the team, would only undermine their constant hard work and inspired creativity which makes me look good as the head of the company.

When I started the organization, I never knew that I would get the opportunity to be ahead of such brilliant minds. Therefore, there is never any dearth of positivity or accomplishments which drives me to constantly enhance my skills and knowledge. This creates an ambience of self-drivenness for every employee of the organization.

TCM: What are some of the key technological transformations in your space, especially post-pandemic?

Vatsal: Post pandemic, most people have changed their buying behaviour as e-commerce has become increasingly popular. This transformation makes reaching out to your audiences and converting them to loyal customers easier. If you have the right kind of offering with the right kind of messaging, reaching out to your targeted niche becomes easier.

In today's ecosystem, if someone wants to start up their digital brand, they may not need to have a crores budget, they can simply start with a minimal budget because performance marketing can kickstart your business with as low as 20,000 rupees investment.

TCM: How would you define success? Is there a secret mantra to success?

Vatsal: Of course, there is a secret mantra to success which we believe has been our major backbone; that is freedom of thought, freedom of creativity, and freedom of egging each other to excel and be number one. We keep changing our mantra of success from believing that either we can be number one in the business or we simply are the only one in the business.

TCM: Could you talk about your company’s business performance through 2020, key learnings, and your expansion plan for 2021?

Vatsal: The pandemic caught everybody undeniably completely off guard. 2020 gave us the focus of understanding each other’s strengths and weaknesses, patience and endurance. This paved the path for sowing seeds to scale up our business on a much larger platform for the next year to come.

Owing to the pandemic, there has been a surge in demand for the number of people wanting to go digital. We expanded our team of talented minds and cater to extremely high demand in the market. In 2021, we are looking to provide a one-stop solution to all our brands to all our D2C brands right from helping them generate revenues to building their social media presence to getting them technologically stacked up and ready.

We are expecting a 1,000% growth this fiscal year, and by March 2022, we should be a team of 120-130 highly motivated and creative individuals. We aim to serve around 200 plus brands across the globe while at the same time, there is a huge demand from countries like the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

<div class="paragraphs"><p><strong>Vatsal Rajgor, Co-founder and CEO, Digimaze Marketing Pvt. Ltd.</strong></p></div>
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<div class="paragraphs"><p><strong>Vatsal Rajgor, Co-founder and CEO, Digimaze Marketing Pvt. Ltd.</strong></p></div>
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<div class="paragraphs"><p><strong>Vatsal Rajgor, Co-founder and CEO, Digimaze Marketing Pvt. Ltd.</strong></p></div>
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