What Are Some Famous Business Magazines in India?

What Are Some Famous Business Magazines in India?

What Are Some Famous Business Magazines in India?

What Are Some Famous Business Magazines In India?

Business Magazines are fodder for all those who are hungry for knowledge and information. Entrepreneurs and business tycoons read business magazines on a regular basis to stay updated with the latest happenings and development in their arena.

Many prominent business magazines in India are an outstanding source to stay updated with the latest business era and get the best tactics in the multitude of business. The best part is that the update of what a business magazine brings on the table is thoroughly examined and refined bringing up genuine data to the desk.

The magazine is categorized into different forms like Management, Future Ventures, Finance, Investment advice, various start-ups funding information and much more.

 Here are some famous business magazines in India for you to fill up that cup of knowledge;

Business India

Business India is said to be the first business magazine in the country. It was published in 1978. This publication house has possessed the capacity to keep up its top ranking among readers regardless of the wandering of a lot of new magazines across the country. Business India offers contextual investigations for advertising styles, organization conclusions, gathering of business and market boosting tactics.

Business Today

The most-read business magazine of India, Business Today has over 2.9 lakh readerships per month. It was launched in 1992 and today this has become a favorite and famous business magazine in the country. If you wish to read a detailed report of the Indian economy on business strategies, this magazine is the best option for you.

Forbes India

Forbes is a renowned business magazine in India. It is known to bring out the latest happenings of the country and the world related to finance, business, health, and economy. The foundation of Forbes India was taken in the year 2008.


ISBInsight was founded in November 2003. It mainly published interviews with decision-makers and thought leaders from different organizations, academia, industry and present research across economics, IT, accounting and other details of industries.

Images Retail

Another famous business magazine in India, Images Retail was launched in 2003. It analysis the trends and developments of the retail industry. It covers logistics, real estate, investment opportunities, supply chains, and consumers' needs.

Outlook Business

Known for bringing carefully analyzed information from all business sectors, Outlook Business covers various enterprises and ventures information. It covers the stories and perspectives of all the leading businessmen and considered the most coveted business magazines in India.

The Franchising World

Published by Franchise India, Franchising World analyses gathers and showcases various franchising opportunities available on the global level. It covers insights from professionals on the vital of running a business. The first issue of the magazine was published in 1999.

The CEO Magazine

The CEO Magazine is another famous business magazine in India. It is among the admired and fastest-growing monthly magazine published from New Delhi. This magazine works to bring real and inspirational case studies with proper guidance to start-ups and emerging companies.

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