Top 10 Sports Magazines in India

Top 10 Sports Magazines in India

Are you a sports lover, who loves checking through the latest updates in the sports world? You are on the right destination. In this post, we will see the top 10 sports magazines in India that keep people abreast with all the facts, gossip and information churned out in the sports industry.

The first magazine was published in 1663 in Germany named Erbauliche Monaths Unterredungen. From the finance market to the fashion industry, all are covered and featured in magazines. Sports are not far from them as in 1886, the first sports magazine was published in the USA.

And, over the years these magazines have evolved a lot and today they have come as some of the largest mass media in history with its huge popularity. 

Today, there are vast numbers of sports magazines circulating worldwide. In this post, we will go through the top sports magazines read particularly in India. These magazines publish articles related to different sports namely cricket, golf, football, tennis, Olympics, hockey, health and fitness, sports channels, recent events, and occasions, latest updates, and many other related topics.

Now, without any further ado, let's go through the list!

Cricket Today: One of the Best Cricket Focused Magazine

One of the best sports magazines in India, Cricket today as the name suggests is a cricket-centric magazine published monthly. This English language magazine is an ode to the cricket game since it keeps cricket lovers updated about every single cricket match played whether in India or across the world. Besides, it also covers the latest updates in the cricket industry and about players.

There is an exclusive column in the magazine that is designated to the history of the cricket and its players and contest to keep the audience hooked. If you are a cricket lover, you should have already subscribed to the magazine; if you have not subscribed yet, do it now.

Sportstar: All-in-one Sports Magazine

Sportstar magazine was started in 1978; it covers all types of international sports like Olympics, FIFA, UEFA Euro, Cricket, and World Cup. Apart from international sports, the publication also covers different Indian sports like Cricket, football, Formula One Grand Pix, Tennis, etc.

Initially, this magazine was known as The Sportstar, but in 2006, the name was changed to Sportstar. Presently, it is sold as a tabloid. In the year 2012, the Sportstar magazine was revamped and after three years, it introduced e-magazine with the name. Today, it has become an excellent resource for sports lovers to stay updated about the sports news; no doubt it is in the leading position among the top 10 sports magazines in India.

Tennis: A Guide for Tennis Lovers

A USA-based sports magazine, Tennis is devoted to the sport of tennis. The first issue of this sports magazine was published in August 1954 and soon it became worldwide popular with its latest news and information about Tennis games. Presently, this magazine publishes 8 issues per year.

Tennis magazine is owned by the Miller Publishing Group. It has a circulation of over 603,069 per month on the global level. The magazine is available in both print and online versions. It offers an authoritative and comprehensive look at one of the most sports like tennis. This is a perfect lifestyle guide for people who are a tennis lover. Tennis covers everything from instruction tips by expert sports personalities to reviews on apparels and racquets.

Golf Digest India: A Unique Golf-centric Magazine

The Golf Digest India is a golf-centric magazine; it was launched in the year 1950 in the United State. This monthly magazine has now become one of the most read sports magazines in India. What makes this publication unique; it covers everything about golf from national golf tournaments to international golf tournaments, the latest news on gold, and more.

Ravi Narian is the presently the Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of the magazine, the man who won a gold medal in Asian Games held in 1982. Apart from its excellent role in sharing golf-related news, the magazine also leads an annual India Gold Expo that is attended by over 500 people from the Golf industry.

SportsBusiness: Business-to-Business Sports Magazine

This is a unique sports business magazine, being a business-to-business publication; SportsBusiness covers all the dimensions of how sports business is viewed in our country.

It caters to different sport organization heads like National Olympic Committee Members, National Sports Federation, Sports Federation, and Associations, Gym's Sports Authority, clubs and academics states sports federation and manufacturer and sports services and equipment in the country. Overall, this is a perfect sports magazine, if you are involved in the sports business. Stay aware of the recent incidents happening in the sports world and become more efficient.

ESPN the Magazine: An Inspiring Biweekly Magazine

ESPN, the magazine is a US-based sports magazine; it is known for providing a much more humorous and light-hearted approach to the major sports news than any other sports magazines. The first issue of ESPN the magazine was published on 11 March 1998 and currently the magazine publishes biweekly by the ESPN Sports network in Bristol, USA.

Presently ESPN has over 2 million bi-weekly circulations all across the world and it is running under the supervision of Chad Milman as Chief Editor. The magazine mainly covers major sports events like NHL, MLB, NFL and MLB. It also honours rising young athletes with the NEXT Athlete Award every year. Overall, this is a great magazine with all the qualities a sports magazine should have. And, the tag of one of the top sports magazines in India perfectly suits ESPN.

One of the first sports magazines in India that emphasized the Polo game and nuance of playing the game is La Polo International. The publication covers the royal lifestyle of the Polo players and different tournaments held in the nation and international levels.

La Polo International is considered as a one-stop destination for Polo related news and lifestyle of people associated with the game. It is counted among the top 10 sports magazines in India, especially for Polo.

Slam: A Great Basketball Focused Sports Magazine

Slam is an America-based basketball-oriented magazine, it was published in 1994 first time. This magazine is presently owned by the Source Interlink Media. The headquarter of the publication is in New York City, United States.

Slam was founded by publisher Dennis Page from Harris Publications and was first purchased by Peterson Publishing in the year 1998. Source Interlink finally owned the magazine in 2007 and since then it became the sole publisher of this widely circulated basketball magazine.

Slam has already published 179 issues featuring many star basketball players on the cover since it was started, but A Basketball on Fire was the first issue without a player on the cover, published in February 2012.

Runner's World: One of the Leading Sports Magazine in the World

The globally circulated world's leading running magazine, Runner's World was launched in 1966 by Bob Anderson. This monthly magazine informs, advises, and motivates runners of all ages and abilities. In 1969, this magazine was renamed Runner's World. It is now solely published by Rodale Press headquartered in Pennsylvania, the US and is currently run under the supervision of Editor-in-Chief David Willey.

Runner's World has a monthly circulation of 710,618 worldwide. It was nominated for National Magazine Awards three times and recognized for having the Creative of the Year. Today, it is a preferred choice when it comes to the top 10 sports magazines in India.

World Soccer: An Ideal Publication to Update about Soccer Game

The last name in the list of top 10 sports magazines in India, World Soccer Magazine features all the latest insights and news about the Soccer game. There is a team of the best editors and writers who have a forte in the respective game.

The magazine has special columns that are dedicated to different Soccer tournaments, and games played all across the world with leading authority's views. With stunning, beautiful images and heart touching stories and articles, World Soccer has become a go-to-book for sport on the international level.

Wrap Up

Almost all the magazines are best but we have listed here some of the most famous magazines in the sports industry. Some of these publications are globally based and some are India based.

There are many other sports magazines that are popular in India. Notable mentions in this list other than those top 10 sports magazines are Sports Illustrated India, F1 Racing, Super Street, Khel, and 90 Minutes.

This is always an attraction for any sports lover to have a copy of a popular sports magazine to cherish their passion for sports, so have a look at the above list and choose your favorite sports magazine. We hope you found this interesting and helpful. Which is your favorite sports magazine? Do you feel we missed any major names? Let us know in the comment section below, we will be glad to hear from you. If you are looking for a business magazine for inspiration often visit this website and get all kinds of resources free of cost. Also, subscribe to The CEO Magazine to get all our post notifications in your inbox.

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