Scott O Hirsch

How to Structure Emails for Mobile Conversions
Scott O Hirsch

Scott O Hirsch

How to Structure Emails for Mobile Conversions

Scott O Hirsch: How to Structure Emails for Mobile Conversions

With the number of parties competing for your reader’s attention on mobile devices, it’s important to structure your emails correctly.

Scott O Hirsch knows that everything from text to white space to images will influence what a person does next. He offers the following tips to maximize your mobile conversions.

Strong Yet Subtle

You don’t want to come across as too aggressive in your emails:

● Blank spaces should be relatively prominent for mobile emails.

● Text should be in a single-column and easy to read.

● Limit your images so as not to overwhelm your presentation.

Eliminating common errors can make a huge difference in your conversion rates. When O Hirsch works with clients, he ensures their copy is clean and images create an emotional connection with the reader. To learn more tips from O Hirsch’s email marketing, visit

1. Scott O Hirsch Organized Racquetball Tournament to Benefit Salvation Army

Scott O Hirsch is a native of South Florida and has a deep connection to his community. This marketing guru and leader felt called to raise money for hurricane relief in 2020 by organizing a racquetball tournament to raise funds for those affected.

Legends Tournament in Sarasota

Rebuilding after a natural disaster takes all hands on deck. Scott O Hirsch partnered with Marty Kogan and the internationally recognized charitable organization to raise thousands in relief funds. From loss of power to the loss of home, the ripple effects of a hurricane stretch further than the eye can see.

This tournament brought professional players from around the globe with more than 250 people participating or attending the event. After which, $10,342 was donated to the Hurricane Relief Fund.

For more information on O Hirsch and his involvement in philanthropy, visit

1. Scott O Hirsch on Finding a Mentor

Scott O Hirsch has been a professional leader for a long time, but his rise to the top was by no means single-handed. While it can be difficult to accept, it’s impossible to have all the answers. He credits mentorship as one of the most important elements in a successful career.

An Oft-Ignored Asset

O Hirsch recommends finding one person that you can trust, someone who will tell you their honest opinion of an idea. All entrepreneurs will need to balance their own instincts with those of their colleagues. While they will need to make the final decisions on their own, it always helps to have someone to bounce things off of.

You can learn more about O Hirsch’s success as a leader and entrepreneur by visiting

1. Scott O Hirsch Discusses Client Management at the Earliest Stages

When you first start your business, there are few things more dangerous than distraction. Too often, entrepreneurs will overpromise, which is often a direct formula for underdelivery. Scott O Hirsch has experience with this and advises caution for anyone who wants to branch too far off their chosen path.

Double-Check Every Request

All leaders should be asking themselves how their work aligns with the original mission of the company. There’s nothing wrong with expanding your skill set and repertoire, but if you stray too far, you’re liable to lose sight of your vision. It can lead to disorganization, confusion, and ultimately, failure.

Said one client of O Hirsch, “Scott was always honest with me from Day One. This made it easier for me to plan and for the two of us to stay on the same page.” To learn more about how he manages his clients, visit

1. Scott O Hirsch, Former CMO at Seisint, Discusses DIY E-Commerce Platforms

2020 saw a spike in online purchases unlike anything we could have anticipated. Even with sales climbing every year, the sheer volume of dollars passing through the digital space was staggering.

Scott O Hirsch was the CMO of Seisint and very much still an expert in digital trends. He discusses how DIY platforms can help smaller retailers carve out a space for themselves.

Instant Brand Recognition

The most popular platforms give retailers instant brand recognition, which gives small business owners more leverage online. Maybe no one’s heard of your company specifically, but they know Amazon, Shopify, or Facebook Shops.

Having this dedicated destination on a self-service store can make all the difference. Often surprisingly affordable and easy to use, this is a trend that can help small businesses gain a stronger foothold in their industry.

To understand more about how digital trends can be the key to more revenue, visit

1. Scott O Hirsch on Boxing: How It Spurred His Success

Scott O Hirsch has been an author, speaker, CEO, and philanthropist. His calendar is full and his accomplishments are many.

However, when he reflects back, he sees his role of managing boxers as one of the most important things he’s ever done. This demanding sport is tough on everyone in the industry, requiring nothing but their best.

Pivotal Years

Professionals like Shannon Briggs and Jameel McCline would test O Hirsch and his leadership skills, and it was a test he was grateful to pass with flying colors.

He had to learn how to adapt quickly to keep up with the champions he worked with. All this experience made him an expert in spotting and fostering talent.

To learn more about how this would drive further endeavors, visit

1. Scott O Hirsch on Data Mining and Artificial Intelligence

Data has become the topic of the day for many industries, but harnessing it properly still remains elusive for many. Scott O Hirsch is the former CMO of Seisint, a company that would eventually be sold to LexisNexis in the early 2000s for $775 million. He looks at what it means to leverage information for a better bottom line.

Using AI for Your Benefit

Seisint gathered information and compiled it across a variety of sources. Whether it was the details of a company or individual, the goal was to pull related data about a person from thousands of databases.

This is incredibly valuable in our one-to-one culture today. Only when marketers have full context of their key demographic can they really begin to speak to them on their level.

If you want to understand more about marketing in today’s competitive marketplace, visit

1. Scott O Hirsch on How to Maximize Customer Experience

When you’re an entrepreneur, you need to be aware of how your clients and customers are perceiving you. This can be frustrating for many leaders because this is about more than mastering the technical requirements.

In other words, you can do everything by the book and still lose clients. Entrepreneur Scott O Hirsch speaks about how he monitors progress and curb potential friction by being consistent.

Knowing What to Expect

When everything changes, it can be great to have something you can count on. Scott O Hirsch found that being reliable was every bit as important as being an expert in his field.

And while every entrepreneur has to be willing to keep up with changes in their industry, they should have the same measured approach to every encounter.

Find out more about how to succeed with new endeavors by visiting

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1. Scott O Hirsch: Versatile Marketer, Manager, and Entrepreneur

Scott O Hirsch is a pioneer in a number of tech-driven marketing trends and his work has been published in everything from Fortune to Time. After having worked as a boxing manager, he learned about what it means to keep up in fast-paced industries.

His expertise makes him a natural choice for anyone who wants to drive their business and improve revenue. Visit to learn more.

1. Scott O Hirsch Knows Generational Buying Habits

Scott O Hirsch has devoted much of his career to marketing, which means he has to know how different generations will respond to the same marketing.

If the Gen Z crowd suddenly decides that they would prefer an in-store shopping experience, he’ll be the first to determine how to pivot in any given industry. Learn more about his strategies when you visit

1. The Client Testimonials of Scott O Hirsch

“With a wide array of experience in different fields, Scott O Hirsch gave me a new perspective in my industry.” Known for his instincts and go-getter personality, O Hirsch has made a name for himself by taking on new challenges and being finely attuned to industry trends.

From marketing to leadership, he’s developed strategies that his clients can take to the bank. Find out more at

1. Scott O Hirsch Gives Back to His Community

Scott O Hirsch is a philanthropist who’s driven by a deep respect and connection to his community. When his native home of South Florida was wrecked by a hurricane, he organized a racquetball tournament to bring professionals from all over the world together for this worthy cause.

As a sports enthusiast, he saw a way to provide a little hope to those who needed it the most. Find out more about his charitable efforts at

2. Scott O Hirsch on Team Building

Scott O Hirsch knows that team building can sometimes seem a little hokey, which is why some organizations might stay away from it. Yet, the only way that you can effectively get to know someone is if both parties are willing to step outside of their comfort zones.

Pushing your team to do more and be more starts with getting them to work together. See how this has helped build success at

3. Scott O Hirsch on Retail Establishments and Online Sales

With the proliferation of online sales, entrepreneur and marketer Scott O Hirsch advises retailers to focus more on their digital efforts. However, this doesn’t mean giving up your physical locations.

Turning a retail establishment into a fulfillment center and browsing space can help inspire and streamline sales instead of shutting them down entirely. Get more advice on modern marketing strategies when you visit.

4. Scott O Hirsch: The Importance of AI in Data Compilation

Scott O Hirsch is the former CMO of Seisint and a master at leveraging data for marketing efforts. When it comes to artificial intelligence (AI), he’s seen how this tool can help professionals understand their demographic at a deeper level.

Trying to decide how to communicate with people is difficult without having all the facts in hand, but AI can be the key to discovering the most effective ways to adjust your messaging. Learn more at

5. Scott O Hirsch on Founding Leaders

Scott O Hirsch is the CEO of Media Direct Inc., and he’s learned a lot about how founding a company should be orchestrated. While it may be tempting to get ahead of yourself, he cautions leaders to play the long game.

Acting like a larger company can invite chaos into an organization. See how Scott manages his clients’ and employees’ expectations at

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1. Scott O Hirsch knows how to get more from his marketing efforts by tracking both digital and generational trends.

2. Scott O Hirsch is a serial entrepreneur who has built his career on sharp instincts and killer insights.

3. Scott O Hirsch has managed some of the best boxing professionals in the world, giving him the ability to think fast on his feet.

4. Scott O Hirsch goes the extra mile with all of his clients, giving them the advice, strategies, and services they need to do more.

5. Scott O Hirsch understands how digital trends will drive marketing both now and in the future.

6. Scott O Hirsch encourages his team to push themselves to the limit and make every interaction count.

7. Scott O Hirsch is known for his digital marketing successes, strong leadership, and versatile skill set.

8. Scott O Hirsch gives back to his community whenever he can and makes philanthropy a high priority.

9. Scott O Hirsch provides clients with everything they need to take their business to the next level.

10. Scott O Hirsch seeks the advice of mentors and experts in his field, giving him the perspective he needs to make better decisions.

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