Journey of Pioneers to Dominators of Mobile/Device Skins and Screen Protectors Industry in India

Gadgetshieldz; Journey of Pioneers to Dominators of Mobile/Device Skins and Screen Protectors Industry in India

Commencement of Journey of Gadgetshieldz

The possession of gadgets has become an integral part of everyone’s lives as this is the generation of digitization and ‘paperless’. While most people are gadget and tech fanatics these days and have a better understanding of how important it is to take care of your device, it was not always like this.

That’s where Gadgetshieldz stepped in.

Headquartered in Chennai City of India, it was founded in 2010, an era when smartphones made an appearance for the first time in India.

The man behind the organization; CEO of Gadgetshieldz Mukesh Jain got the idea of starting this venture after his encounter with a brand new Mp3 player which was ruined in a matter of just a few days because of scratches and dust. After a lot of hit and trial attempts at protecting his gadgets, he was utterly disappointed, which led him to create something new, accessible and affordable.

In 2010, Gadgetshieldz introduced invisible mobile skins in India, making them pioneers in the mobile skins and screen protectors industry nationally.


Gadgetshieldz has grown exponentially over the years and now they have multi-textured skins ranging from rustic patterns like wood, Leather and stone to neo-fashioned ones like Pixel, Metallic, Hive, Raptor, Camouflage and Sandstone for a wide range of devices consisting of Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, TWS, MacBooks, Smart Watches, Gaming Consoles, Go-Pros, Cameras & Lenses, Smart Tags and Credit/Debit Cards as well.

Other than back skins, at Gadgetshieldz, screen protectors and full-body protectors are also available for all these devices.

Quality over Quantity

Gadgetshieldz carries an impeccable sense of variety in context to the textures and supported devices, but what makes them stand out even higher is the intertwining of great quality and affordable pricing.

The mobile skins are manufactured using 3M Vinyl Materials with an option of customization and the screen and full-body protectors have Nano-Polymer technology which provides virtual-invisibility and self-healing properties.

Undoubtedly, the quality of the materials is premium, but what’s also important to be noted is the manufacturing process; every skin and screen/body protector is made with precision corresponding to each device, hence, providing a bubble-free, snug application throughout.

But what’s more amazing is that products made of such quality are generally quite expensive in the market whereas, at Gadgetshieldz, you can find it all at very reasonable pricing.

Feathers in Gadgetshieldz’s Cap

Gadgetshieldz has received accolades from major league tech-media houses like Android Central, Stuff Magazine, Digital Trends, Android Authority and Phone Arena.

Apart from the mentioned accolades, Gadgetshieldz has also collaborated with Xiaomi, a globally renowned organization known for manufacturing smartphones, TVs and other devices. Under this collaboration, Gadgetshieldz designed and manufactured smartphone skins for Mi Poco F1 phones and Redmi Power Banks.

Team of Gadgetshieldz

From being creative to hard-working, Gadgetshieldz has got a diverse team composed of young minds, as CEO Mr Mukesh Jain truly believes that the power and intelligence of youth can do a lot of change for good.

Other than being a diverse team, Gadgetshieldz’s team is fun and experimenting, which implies a collective open-mindedness of the team; making it to be a light-hearted, functional and innovative team.

For customer satisfaction, Gadgetshieldz’s customer support team validates each customer’s feedback in a sporting way and puts in efforts to do better.

Core Belief of Gadgetshieldz

Gadgetshieldz is a brand that is built on a foundation of how important it is to take care of our gadgets minimally while maintaining high standards of precision, external device safety and a variety of styles to choose from.

Other than the top-notch qualitative factors, Gadgetshieldz has been providing it all at reasonable pricing as well, which makes it a catch in a collective industry dealing with mobile skins, screen protectors and full-body protectors.

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