Wealthiest Indian CEOs

Wealthiest Indian CEOs

It is not easy to start the company of your dreams. Everyone has an idea in mind, but only a few dare to fulfill it. And the ones who make their dreams come true are the ones that stand out from the crowd. Maran's net worth is $2.4 billion, more than the biggest lottery jackpot of all time. Who would have imagined that one man can manage the business in several sectors?

Maran's net worth is $2.4 billion, more than the biggest lottery jackpot of all time

Kalanithi Maran is a man who has proved that optimum utilization of limited resources can help you to reach heights you could have never imagined.

A son of former Union Minister Murasoli Maran had firm dreams, and he went on to make them right by building the Sun Group.

From.starting a monthly magazine to winning several business awards every year, Maran has come a long way. Today he holds several properties within his net worth. He is considered one of the wealthiest CEOs in the country. He has also gained the title of 'television king of southern India.'

Thomas Kurian is the technology force to be reckoned

Looking at Thomas Kurian, it can be said that if you get a good education and if you have the determination to achieve your goals, then no one can stop.

The technology giant is the CEO of Google Cloud currently, but he has been in positions of power in various other prestigious tech-corporations. With a net worth of 10,600 crores, the man is unstoppable.

A graduate from Princeton University is known as the technology force who gives tough competition to other corporations.

Jayshree Ullal is the flag bearer of women power in the art world

Jayshree Ullal is one such name among the wealthiest CEOs who has unexpectedly emerged as the flag bearer of women empowerment. She has proved that if you have the dream, dare to make it right.

She is the owner, founder, and CEO of Arista Networks, known now as the Indian origin billionaire inspiring little girls to pursue their dreams.

She is not only a courageous woman in the man's world, but she is also one of the highest-paid executives in America.

Nikesh Arora's journey from being a small-town boy to a billionaire

It takes guts for a person to make the choices and life and stand by them always. Nikesh Arora is a small town billionaire who made tough choices and still stood by them to be lucrative.

Coming from a small village in Uttar Pradesh, the man started his career from being a Google Executive to being the CEO and Chairman of Palo Alto Networks. He has changed the companies multiple times to suit his requirements, and it worked for him wonderfully.

The diverse portfolio displays his work in several fields, which finally led him to start the multinational cybersecurity company in America. 

Ajay Banga created Mastercard with his hands from scratch

When you are merely a Delhi University graduate, it is hard to imagine if you can become one of the wealthiest CEOs of the nation. But Ajay Banga made the impossible possible.

After Delhi University, he went on to pursue an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management. Starting his career from 13 years in Nestle India and PepsiCo, the man went on to win a Padma Shri.

He is an example that the growth shall be constant and continuous rather than immediate. Things take time and work according to their own pace. That is why today holds a net worth of 5200 crores.

Satya Nadella is a name that can never be forgotten

Who can forget Satya Nadella? Even children at school know who he is and what he has done to reach where he is today.

Satya Nadella started his journey from Hyderabad, where he worked for Microsoft. He shifted from several leadership roles in different departments. That explains how he has a vibrant profile and how he can manage the entire company so well.

He is an epitome of how you can climb the corporate ladder efficiently. If a boy holding an electrical engineering degree from Mangalore University can do it, then you can too.

Shantanu Narayen is the man behind Adobe Systems

Shantanu Narayen holds a net worth of 4800 crores currently, but behind it, he has done major hard work.

From getting a bachelor's degree in electronics engineering from Osmania University, a master's degree in business administration from the University of California at Berkeley's Haas School of Business, and a master's degree in computer science from Bowling Green State University, to becoming the Fortune Businessperson of the year several times, he jas come a long way.

It seems like Hyderabad is producing great minds like Satya Nadella since Shantanu Narayen also hails from Hyderabad. He entered Adobe Systems as a Vice President, and today, he manages everything with one hand, being the CEO of the company along with holding a Padma Shri in hand.

With great power comes great responsibility. One cannot be in a position of authority and enjoy all the perks without making any sacrifices. These CEOs have reached this place because they dared to prioritize things and struggle with their choices. To earn a fat paycheck, you will undoubtedly have to do things no one can imagine. These CEOs made those efforts to become the wealthiest, and hence they are inspirations.

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