How Startups Can Mitigate Cybersecurity Issues with Indian VPN

Cybersecurity Issues

Cybersecurity Issues

India's over 1.4 billion population and expansive land mass make it a thriving place for over 50,000 startups across different domains; Indians compete to ensure they export technology to the rest of the world. The fact is that anywhere technology thrives, cybersecurity issues will be on the increase.

There is a need to enhance extra measures to mitigate cyber-related crimes in countries like India; cybercriminals operate where they believe they can reap many rewards for little effort. Startups may want to cut costs to ensure relevance and survival; the global market is becoming more competitive daily, and cutting costs must not be to the detriment of your startup.

If hackers lay hands on employees’ and customers’ sensitive information, your startup's reputation is at high risk. Once your customers have a cause to doubt your reputation, they will start churning out your services or products, which may lead to the exit of your startup from the market and the attendant losses of the initial investment to initiate the startup.

Startups should ordinarily not bother about hackers, but the reality today in the business world is that almost all transactions are online. You must connect to the internet if you want to reach customers worldwide.

To connect to the internet, you will need the internet service provider (ISP) to assign your device an internet protocol (IP) address; your ISP knows your IP address and can trace your online activities with it. Hackers or third parties accessing your IP address can also track all your browsing history and sensitive information.

There is the belief that a strong password can deter hackers from attempting brute-force attacks to gain entrance into your network; while it takes more time for hackers, it’s not impossible. To become free from the menace of hackers, you need an Indian VPN.

How does an Indian VPN work?

One good way to ensure your startup mitigates cyberattacks while online is to stay anonymous; the Indian VPN has the following features that will enhance the protection and security of your startup:

  • Masking IP address - Indian VPN will assign you another IP address from any of their servers worldwide; a hacker or third party that wants to trace your online activities will end up at the server of the VPN.

    Your ISP will not know where you are browsing since your IP address originates from the Indian VPN.

  • Log encryption - Another vital function of the Indian VPN is encrypting all the browsing history of your startup; with the encryption of your log, anyone who accidentally accesses your sensitive information or data can’t decipher the meaning.

    Since only your computer and the VPN have the key to unscramble the encryption, the effort to obtain the data is a waste and useless to the hacker or third party.

  • Multifactor authentication - Indian VPN enables multifactor authentication; aside from your strong password that hackers can attempt to break with brute force attack, anyone who tries to access your network must provide some other means of identification such as biometric identification like eye scan, fingerprint, or facial recognition. With all these in place, hackers or third parties can’t access your network.

  • Kill switch - An Indian VPN, just like any other tool or app, can experience sudden downtime; with mishaps like sudden downtime, you can have compromises of data and files that can enable hackers to obtain your sensitive information such as credit card details and any other financial information they can use to harm your employees and customers.

    The kill switch feature of your Indian VPN ensures you can quit some preselected programs when you experience downtime to abort any compromise to your startup’s data and other sensitive information.

  • Freedom and privacy - Governments sometimes restrict some websites; a website may be crucial to your startup’s relevance in the global market, and you may find it difficult to access.

    An Indian VPN enables the bypassing of geo-restrictions. Government agencies in India can’t trace your online activities because the Indian VPN abides by the no-logging policy and allows you to choose an IP address from different geographical locations you want. Your regular internet service provider, hackers, and third parties can’t track you when online.

According to a report by Sonic Wall, there was an immense surge in ransomware of up to 133% and IoT cyber attacks in the first half of 2023 in India; cybercriminals shifted to more tech-savvy means of launching cyberattacks and malicious activities.

No startup can withstand such a barrage of attacks and survive in the highly competitive global market.


The world needs startups to ensure a drastic reduction in employment and poverty; hackers and rogue internet service providers don’t bother about what humans pass through daily to feed and pay bills; the population in India is growing at an alarming rate.

Every startup helps to reduce hunger and unemployment; India VPN can help ensure that your startup remains relevant in the global market by protecting and securing it from cybercriminals.

Mitigating cybersecurity issues is a task for everybody; it’s a call to action for every startup in India.

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