A CEO or chief executive officer the highest-ranking post in the company can be any company. The CEO has all the rights to take any decision in the company in critical situations. The CEO has the power to decide on behalf of shareholders.

Most CEO work is to take care of the company and focus on its growth from bottom to upper posts CEO has to focus on each part of the company and make it work with the other employees of the company.

The CEO is often responsible for expanding the company, driving profitability and in the case of public companies, improving share prices.

To be a CEO your priority is to maintain yourself mentally because firstly it is very important to keep your mind focused and calm and filled with some goals and aims which should be done to be CEO.

When you have such a big huge responsibility that time, you're the one who should know that goal for your company so that you can make them work and follow a path.

This is not easy to follow because when you wear a new shoe and when it is with a huge responsibility that time it becomes more difficult to fully fill it.

When you are on such a huge post people see as an idle try to follow your paths so to maintain this responsibility that time you have to gain people working with you, show them the path for the correct goal, spend time with them at work as much as you can, make your employees feel company as a family.

Keep the environment positive as much as you can, try to know each and everything in depth that sometimes others don’t know. Keeping so many people united and making them work is not an easy task so this is a very important step.

You should be carrying more patience than normal time because the company runs by the CEO, not the company that runs the CEO. The bottom line though is that there are core elements every CEO should work toward so that he or she can steer the growth of the company for the best future.

Many barriers will be there but you are the one who has to focus on your company's future for the best. Sometimes it makes it very difficult for you when your company feels pressure but that time patience works.

A CEO is someone who deals with higher-level strategic decisions and those that direct the company's overall growth. For example, the CEO may work on strategy, organisation, and culture. Specifically, they may look at how capital is allocated across the firm, or how to build a team to succeed.

It takes whole days and nights to work and get that position. Sometimes it becomes so hard to get a free day but all you know pays off at last.

During CEO transition markets can respond either positively or negatively to the change in company leadership. That makes sense as studies show that CEOs may have a large impact on company performance.

For instance, one should find that 45% of company performance is influenced by the CEO. But on the flip side, another shows that CEOs affect just 15% of the variance in profitability.

When a new CEO takes the place of the company, the price of the stock could change for any number of reasons. However, there is no positive correlation between stock performance and the announcement of a new CEO.

There can be many collateral damages while changing of CEO so when you reach that position be ready for some consequences and handle them very patiently that can be your first trojan to face.

Strategy is a very interesting and mindful thought that will solve your many problems.

Strategy is something that you need to follow which will make many things easier, but be ready for backups also because every strategy doesn’t work all time so be ready other also but the strategy is something you need hardly that will make you focused on your goal and in this, a CEO plays a big part because he or she shows the path to company and its workers also for work.

The strategy gives aim, goal, focus, and consumes your time and makes your teammates clear and focused which always gives the best result if followed in the right direction.

To be a winner it is best said to keep your enemies more than your friends because when you work in such a zone you always have your competitors along.

So, keep yourself always updated with your rivals so that you can make things easier and make your barriers smoother. Keep your vision always sharp and try to build good relations with the best companies.

Develop relationships with other teams on candour and accountability. One-on-one coaching sessions with your direct report are the foundation of these crucial relationships.

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