7 Ways to Increase the Followers Count On Instagram

How Instagram Helps Your Business to Grow Online

How Instagram Helps Your Business to Grow Online

7 Ways to Increase the Followers Count On Instagram

Instagram is one of the top ruling social media platforms with over 1 Billion users across the globe. Instagram allows you to post pictures, stories, and videos on the gram. Initially, it was all about pictures, but now it is much more than just pictures. 

It focuses on quality content which can be in the form of photos, stories, and reels. Thus, to sustain on Instagram for a long time, you must make your content speak for itself. However, you might be wondering why aren't your Instagram followers growing when you are putting all your heart into it?

We know it can be challenging, but you might be missing or don't know about some essential steps which will give your Instagram cut above the rest. But don't worry; we have a key to your problem to help you get your Instagram game on point.

We have curetted 7 Ways to Increase the Followers Count on Instagram in no time. So, without any further ado, let's jump right in-

  1. Optimizing your Instagram Profile/Page-

It is crucial to completely optimize your profile to boost your growth on the platform. For starters, your Instagram username is the highlight of your profile as people will come across your username first. Therefore, you must ensure that your username is easy to understand and yet goes with your profile's aesthetic.

Next up, your bio should be short and crisp because if you'll add too much in the bio, it is likely that people are going to skip reading it. Your bio can talk about you, your qualifications or achievements, etc., so ensure that it is unique and attention-grabbing.

Lastly, Captions should be SEO Optimized so that your posts will get an edge above the others. SEO will help your post show up on the user's feed which will draw new people to your feed.

  1. Maintaining Calendars and Scheduling-

Instagram has evolved so much in recent years, which resulted in a few changes in its algorithm. One such change can be posting schedules which means you can't post at odd timings. This can seriously affect your reach and engagement analytics. Therefore, to save yourself from this, keep calendars consistent with content and posting schedules.

Calendars will assist you in keeping track of your content and when it should be posted. Also, highlighting the days or times when your content will have the highest chances of reaching maximum users. Through scheduling, you can decide which day and time content goes out on your feed to maximize visibility.

  1. Hashtags are the way to go-

Whenever you are posting content on Instagram, always remember to use Hashtags along with your captions. Hashtags are a great way to increase your Instagram followers and engagement. You can look up the trendy Hashtags and add them to your caption along with the Hashtags relevant to your post.

  1. Ace the Reels Section-

Reels are the most trending and powerful addition by Instagram, which is helping so many creators get seen. Numerous creators have seen tremendous growth in their followers through reels, and their engagement is off the charts. So, start creating reels if you want to Ace your game on the gram. You can follow the trends or get creative by adding your touch to the reels.

  1. Engaging with your Followers-

The most authentic and simple way to grow your Instagram is to engage with your audience. You can ask them what they want to see created or anything. Always allow them to ask you questions through the ask me question box on Instagram.

This way, your audience will get to know you better and eventually ask their close ones to follow you. Also, through this, your engagement will increase, which will make your profile more visible on the user's feed.

  1. Conducting Giveaways and collaborating-

Who doesn't love giveaways, right? We all do, so a great way to increase your Instagram follower count is to host Giveaways. You can collaborate with different brands on Instagram and host giveaways.

You can make the rules by asking your followers to tag their friends and ask them to follow you. This way, you can attract more followers to your page. Also, collaborating with other creators will help you draw their audience to your page, increasing your followers.

  1. Buying Instagram Followers-

If you are stuck or you're tried seeing your follower count stagnant for a while, then you can buy Instagram followers. Yes, you heard that right! Various sites are selling Instagram followers.

However, you must look for the best site to buy Instagram followers to save yourself from fraud. Thus, before making the purchase make sure you are buying from a trusted site with customer reviews.


These were all 7 Ways to Increase the Followers Count on Instagram without any hassle. These are incredibly easy-to-follow ways that will make your Instagram page grow.

Keep track of your Instagram analytics as it monitors your engagement rate and how well your posts are doing. Once you give them a shot, your Instagram analytics will say for itself. 

Instagram is a place where you can channel your creative self. And now, it has emerged as a career option for many as it allows you to monetize your content.

Therefore, it is making people more and more invested in their follower count and overall app performance. However, we hope this article resolved your issue and gave you insights into the Instagram space.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>How Instagram Helps Your Business to Grow Online</p></div>
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<div class="paragraphs"><p>How Instagram Helps Your Business to Grow Online</p></div>
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<div class="paragraphs"><p>How Instagram Helps Your Business to Grow Online</p></div>
How Instagram Helps Your Business to Grow Online

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