Apps That Every Writer Should Download on Their Smartphone

Apps That Every Writer Should Download on Their Smartphone

Apps That Every Writer Should Download on Their Smartphone

Writers can get a lot out of their smartphones, either through applications to organize themselves or other apps created for writers. We analyze some of them in this article.

For inspiration, learning, and motivation

<div class="paragraphs"><p>For inspiration, learning, and motivation</p></div>

For inspiration, learning, and motivation

Writing Challenge

This is a game to boost your creativity. The application gives you several proposals; from there, we must start creating our story.

Once we have decided on our storyline, the application launches ideas you must incorporate into your story occasionally (we set the period in the settings). Fun, dynamic, and brain-activating, we recommend Writing Challenges for your free time. 

Book Writer

The curious thing about this application is that it keeps the name of the characters independent of the text so that if you suddenly modify one of them in your story, it will automatically apply the change to the rest of the characters. 


This app allows you to develop your imagination and creativity. It is perfect for creating first lines and titles. It also has exercises and tips for you to learn new techniques. Useful, fun, and educational. 

Create your novel

 It is an innovative application in which you can create stories with several authors. You must download the one according to what kind of genre you are interested in.

Complete your novel, for example, with the help of other people. It is a fun system because to continue with what the previous author has written, you must have wit to bring coherence to the work.

For planning and organization

Story Planner

 Perfect for organizing your novels, stories, or scripts from any location. This app allows you to start all your writing projects and create the characters, the contexts, etc.

You can generate a text file (.rtf and txt), and the app also returns statistics so you can get conclusions of your complete story at a glance and decide which planning is the most correct or give cohesion to your novels.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Story Planner</p></div>

Story Planner


The app store's page defines it as the "place where you keep everything". It is a tool to keep your work well organized. Save ideas, collect appointments, and make a checklist, read articles on different topics like "is is legit?"... You can even use the camera to comment on paper or printed documents. An ideal app for organizing your quick notes and collecting others you have saved on paper.


An application for screenwriters and writers to keep their creations organized and be able to modify and correct them from anywhere.

To detect plagiarism


Only available on Android. This is a service that detects if there are copies of a text. It searches in different portals and in several languages. You can type the text directly or upload a URL, PDF, or DOC document.

What are your favorite writing apps? 

What do you think of them? It is worth having SD memory or any format that supports our terminal and includes all these applications. We can stimulate our creativity, take notes of what comes to mind, and plan simultaneously. 

Now it's your turn. Tell us what applications you use or what twist you give to other existing ones not for writers but extrapolated. Tell us about it in our social networks, and we will include it.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Apps That Every Writer Should Download on Their Smartphone</p></div>
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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Apps That Every Writer Should Download on Their Smartphone</p></div>
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