How Thepackersmovers is Shaping the Relocation Experience in India



How Thepackersmovers is Shaping the Relocation Experience in India

House shifting is a common practice in India as people are constantly looking for better job opportunities, education and standard of living. Even though shifting can provide better opportunities, most people don't want the exhausting relocation process.

The demand for packers and movers has soared sky-high as moving companies look after the entire moving process and free the customer from all worries. 

Hiring movers has become the first-choice option for every household, as no one wants to risk their precious belongings. Hiring movers is a challenge in itself, as the market is flooded with fraudulent and fake packers and movers.

Incompetent and mediocre movers can steal customers' belongings, damage their items and put people's lives at risk. Some fraudulent moving companies take advance payments and never show up, and some fake companies charge excessive moving prices. 

No customer wants to be trapped by fraudulent packers and movers, so people started cross-examining and verifying moving companies before hiring, which is a good initiative, but it has a significant drawback.

Verifying the companies can consume a lot of time and resources, and everyone has limited time. This major problem led to the establishment of Thepackersmovers, a brand that revolutionized the relocation industry in India.

Hearing it from the Senior Manager of Thepackersmovers, Mr Mukesh Kumar, on how they saw a significant problem in the relocation industry and made it their mission to solve the issue. 

Establishment of Thepackersmovers

The relocation industry was quite monotonous till 2006, and the inception of Thepackersmovers in 2006 brought a massive change to the relocation industry.

Earlier customers struggled to find the best moving company near their house, and the moving company struggled to find potential clients. There was a huge gap in the industry that needed to be filled, and Thepackersmovers took the responsibility.

Mr. Mukesh Kumar, Senior Manager of Thepackersmovers, vividly recalls, "Finding reliable and trustworthy movers was a problem from which lakhs of people were struggling, and we observed that customers had to pay exorbitant prices and in return receive below-average moving service.

We decided that we should solve this issue and bridge the gap between customers and reliable moving companies. We started extensive research and began the verification process of moving companies across the country. On our website, we started listing verified moving companies and got a great customer response".

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Mansher Singh Growar - Founder & CEO - BHEJO Logistics PVT. LTD.

Key Highlights

"Hiring a trustworthy and reliable moving company was a long process which took around 7-10 days. Sometimes, people had to leave their professional work to find movers. We wanted to reduce the time from 7 days to a couple of minutes.

Throughout the years, we have always worked on our website to make it feature-packed and customer-friendly. Customers can find a suitable moving company for their shifting requirements in just a few minutes.

We tried to make the moving company hiring process as simple as we can so that not even a single customer has to deal with fraudulent or fake packers and movers," says Mr Mukesh Kumar, Senior Manager of Thepackersmovers.              

Verified Packers and Movers

The website does all the hard work and verification process so that the customer doesn't have to break a sweat. Every moving company listed on the platform is thoroughly verified and cross-examined. So, customers can choose their favourite Packers and Movers in Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, etc., without worrying about the company's legitimacy. 

"We have a dedicated team that looks after the verification and background check of the moving companies. The team thoroughly checks all the necessary Government-authorized documents such as GST registration, owner's Identity proof, rent agreement, etc. The company is listed on the website only if it passes the verification", explains Mr Mukesh.

One-stop solution for All relocation services

Relocation is not just limited to house shifting; there are various other items that need to be relocated and require professional assistance. Thepackersmovers has emerged as a one-stop solution for all relocation needs. 

Customers get a wide variety of relocation services such as house shifting, office relocation, car transportation, two-wheeler shifting, pet shifting, storage solutions, warehousing, etc. So whether a customer wants to shift to their office or their car, they can get the best packers and movers in Pune or any city for the task.

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Vangard Logistics Pvt Ltd

Bridging the gap between customers and movers

A major flaw in the traditional relocation industry was the gap between customers and movers. The moving companies were never able to reach potential clients, and the customer always searched for verified moving companies. bridges this gap as it has become a platform for moving companies and customers to meet. Once the customer fills out the enquiry form, they are provided with the top 3 moving companies nearby.

Hiring a nearby moving company is always great as the company will reach on time and be well aware of all the routes and roads. The platform has more than 6,000 verified companies associated with it, so wherever the customers are, they will get the best moving company near them.

The moving company is not just nearby but also matches the shifting requirements and budget of the customer, which is an added bonus. 

Tremendous Customer Support

Customers are filled with doubts when it comes to shifting. Most customers still can't believe that hiring movers is so easy and budget-friendly. One of the major differentiators of the website is its friendly customer support. Customer support helps customers right from the beginning of the move to the very end of it.

Customers can contact the support team via call, WhatsApp, and E-mail and get solutions to all their queries and doubts. At Thepackersmovers, verification is not just a one-time process, as the platform takes feedback from customers about their moving experience and rewards the moving companies accordingly.

"If the customer is not satisfied with the moving company's performance or is facing any issue while hiring movers, he can contact customer support, and our representative will solve their query. We ensure that the customer's query is resolved at the earliest," says Mukesh. 

The Final Verdict

There is no doubt that Thepackersmovers ( has changed the shifting industry forever, and they have been providing high-quality moving companies to customers for more than 17 years.

The company's phenomenal record has made it every customer's first choice. As the years progress, the company plans to extend globally and make relocation a child's play. 

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The CEO Magazine Interviews Mr. Atul R Desai Executive Director & CEO (Prism Johnson Ltd- RMC India)

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