Free Graphic Design Software

For Aspiring Entrepreneurs and Startups
Free Graphic Design Software

Free Graphic Design Software

For Aspiring Entrepreneurs and Startups

Are you ready to dive into the exciting world of graphic design? Maybe you’ve got a brilliant idea, a side project, or you’re just curious about what you can create. But hold on, you don’t need to empty your wallet to make stunning designs! 

Graphic Design Tools provide users with the ability to create visual content, such as logos, marketing materials, and social media graphics. They come with a variety of design elements, templates, and editing features, allowing businesses to produce eye-catching graphics without the need for professional design skills.

In this article, we’ll take you on a journey through the best free graphic design software. These awesome tools are not only budget-friendly, but they’ll also bring out the artist in you, whether you're a pro or just starting out.

So, let’s explore the wonderful realm of Best Free Graphic Design Software and see how you can design like a pro without spending a cent.


Five Best Free Design Software


Canva, a user-friendly template-based design app, offers a vast selection of free templates, graphics, and photos to enhance your creative projects. With over a million assets available for free (or even more with a Canva Pro subscription), it's a powerful yet accessible tool.

Upon opening Canva, you'll find a plethora of templates for various purposes, from posters to Instagram posts.

Using the built-in search feature, you can quickly locate specific options like "birthday Instagram stories," providing thousands of suggested templates (although some may have Pro elements requiring a $1 payment).

Customising your designs is a breeze with the drag-and-drop editor. Simply upload your images or brand elements via the left sidebar, then add them directly to your chosen template.

For precise arrangement, right-click on elements to adjust their placement in relation to text and images. Like Google Docs, Canva allows for easy sharing and collaboration. Click the Share button in the toolbar to invite collaborators via email.

When you're satisfied with your creation, click Download to save your work for sharing. If you accidentally included premium assets, you can remove watermarks for a nominal fee (typically $1 per asset).

For frequent users, Canva Pro, priced at $12.99 per month (with a 30-day free trial option), provides extra designs, automatic resizing, a social media scheduler, and the ability to upload your brand elements.

Canva's AI-powered features, such as the text-to-image generator, are mostly available with Canva Pro.

However, you can explore the AI text-to-image generator on the free plan, though dedicated AI art generators like Stable Diffusion or Midjourney might offer more advanced results.

If Canva suits your needs, it's a fantastic choice. But if you're on the lookout for Canva alternatives, read on for more options.

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Pablo, a minimalistic image text overlay tool by the creators of Buffer, is an ultra-simplified option for adding text to images. Its simplicity is a standout feature, though if you seek more advanced options, you might explore other apps from our list.

Pablo is as straightforward as it gets. Visit the website, and you're immediately inside the app; no account creation is required because there are no accounts.

In the centre, you'll see your image preview. On the left, you can search for images from Unsplash or upload your own. Up top, select from six default templates. On the right, customise canvas size and shape, apply filters, position text, and add your logo or graphic.

Clicking on text allows you to adjust its formatting or double-click to edit directly. Use "Reposition" to change the image background's position and cropping—nothing more.

Once you're satisfied with your creation (which won't take long), hit "Share & Download" to save or directly post to social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram (or queue it up with Buffer). If using Buffer, you can integrate with other apps through Zapier.

Pablo's limited options are precisely why it earns its place on this list. It excels in simplifying the creation of attractive social media images, ensuring it's nearly impossible to create unattractive designs with its stripped-down approach.


Adobe, the industry giant in graphic design, offers Adobe Express, a powerful tool designed for creating social media and web graphics.

While it may not have the same fame as Photoshop or Illustrator, it's an excellent choice for most users looking to craft shareable graphics, and it's free to begin using.

Regarding templates, Express falls slightly behind Canva in terms of quantity and search functionality. While it still provides thousands of impressive free templates, you might need to invest a little more time tweaking them to find the perfect fit.

Despite this, Express shines as an editor. It offers Quick Actions on the home screen, capable of tasks like image resizing, video-to-GIF conversion, and background removal.

These features are powered by Adobe's cloud-based Photoshop and Premiere apps, providing an intuitive way to access advanced tools.

Within the editor, Express provides robust features that are thoughtfully tucked away.

Most users can easily create stunning social media graphics, but for those seeking deeper customisation, advanced layer options, blend modes, colour toning, and other features borrowed from Adobe's more renowned applications are available on the right sidebar.

It strikes a perfect balance, offering quick and user-friendly tools for most tasks while providing advanced features for those who need them.

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Express functions exceptionally as a standalone app for social media graphic design. However, its integration with the broader Adobe Creative Suite is hard to overlook. It's an ideal choice for businesses looking to scale and eventually use Adobe's more robust tools.

You can create libraries that are accessible across all your Adobe apps, import photos from Lightroom, and incorporate brand elements from Illustrator. Adobe Stock images and graphics are seamlessly accessible throughout the application.

Adobe is also diving into the realm of AI with an upcoming generative AI called Firefly. While these features are not yet available in Express, expect their integration in the coming months, likely as part of the paid plan.


Among the apps featured on this list, Snappa stands out as the only one offering free access to the same templates, graphics, images, and design resources as its paid plan. The caveat is that you can only download three designs per month without any additional charges.

For those who occasionally need to create social media images or want to craft a one-time banner for their online presence, Snappa provides a seamless experience devoid of constant upgrade prompts or limitations to certain themes, unlike Canva and Adobe Express.

While Canva and Adobe Express are exceptional, their free plans are more assertive in promoting their paid options. Snappa, on the other hand, strikes a less intrusive balance while remaining highly practical.

One distinctive aspect of Snappa is that its templates, while high-quality, may not be as extensively themed, and there isn't a straightforward way to search through them.

Consider the defaults as a starting point for customisation, not as pre-made designs where you merely swap out a photo and text.

For instance, if you want to create a birthday post, you should browse the templates and choose one with a layout you like.

Then, make it your own by adding your images or selecting from the included royalty-free stock images. Further customisation is possible by applying Effects like colour overlays, blurs, or adjustments, which enhance text legibility.

To add that essential touch, like balloons in a birthday post, you can utilise the Graphics tool and access the Icons section. Use the search feature to find and insert a balloon icon.

To ensure precise alignment, activate the Toggle Grid feature in the top toolbar to position elements perfectly.

Once you're satisfied with your design, you can either Download to save the image or Share it directly on your social media platforms (as long as you haven't exceeded your free post limit).

If you do reach the limit, you'll need to upgrade or save the file until the monthly limit resets.

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Vista Print

Vista Print, renowned for its custom printing services, also offers Vista Create, a remarkable free design tool for crafting social media graphics. Formerly known as Crello, Vista Create became part of the Vista parent company in 2021.

What makes Vista Create stand out is its extensive free offering. The forever free plan provides access to all the templates, totaling over 100,000 across various design categories.

You can also choose from a vast library of more than a million photos, videos, and vectors—though this expands to over 70 million with the $13/month Pro plan.

The Styles feature within the editor allows you to effortlessly modify the colour palette and fonts of any template, enhancing your creative options.

Additionally, you can create a custom "brand kit" incorporating your logo, chosen colour palette, and preferred font, ensuring seamless brand consistency across all your designs.

Vista Create provides a generous 10GB of file storage, allowing you to upload your brand assets and marketing materials. While Vista likely hopes you'll take the opportunity to design and order matching business cards or flyers, the value of their offering is hard to deny.

For advanced features like team collaboration, multiple brand kits, and automatic graphic resizing, you can upgrade to the $13/month Pro plan. With unlimited storage and version history, it represents a compelling deal.

Even the free plan competes effectively with Canva and Adobe Express, making VistaCreate a robust choice for social media design.


In a world of endless creative possibilities, you don't need to empty your wallet to create stunning graphics. These free graphic design tools offer an array of features, from user-friendly templates in Canva to minimalistic design with Pablo and the robust options of Adobe Express.

Snappa delivers practicality without constant upgrade prompts, and Vista Create stands out for its extensive free offerings.

So, whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur, a startup, or simply curious about your design potential, these tools empower you to unleash your creativity without any cost.

Dive into the realm of graphic design with these free software options and discover how you can design like a pro, all while keeping your budget intact. Your next masterpiece is just a click away!

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