YouTube in 2020, became an ultimate solution provider for our food cravings, grooming tasks, and even entertainment during the lockdown. From searching samosa recipes to haircuts to videos that will offer a good laugh when stress overtook the population following guidelines and sitting at homes, YouTube creators made sure, we get answers to every query we put on that search bar.


As 2020 comes to end, it would fair to say that a major part of the world's population faced the loss of life while humans, as an entire community went through many emotional, physical, and economic downfalls. However, social media platforms especially YouTube rose to the challenge and became a space that helped retain sanity. YouTube India recently took an initiative to acknowledge the same with YouTube India top creator's list 2020.

Yes, YouTube India, the Indian arm of the American video streaming platform, hots many initiatives every year to motivate and encourage creator's to create more and create better content. Be it creator camp, next up, YouTube Fan Fest etc. But this year with 'the new normal' in action, YouTube India top creator's list 2020 has been a highlight and much-needed appreciation for YouTube creators.

And for loyal subscribers and fans, well, this list has been a treat as well. So, let's see which of your Favorite YouTubers is on the list.

CARRY MINATI aka YouTuber Ajay Nagar

2020, has been a controversial year for the teenage YouTuber, Streamer and Gamer, CarryMinati. The boy from a humble background who started his journey with a simple backdrop of his room and his talent of funny voiceover merged with the editing of his recorded games and weird internet clips have today, reached the milestone of 27.5 Million subscribers.

Carry Minati reached this rank in the Youtube top creators o 2020 list with his controversial video slamming Tiktoker Amir Siddiqui. The video which was later removed from Youtube was a record-breaker in India receiving the highest number of views within 24 hours.

On the other hand, Tik Tok, the application was banned by the government soon after given Indo-China border dispute. Fans couldn't help but link the two news. Another video which made Carry Minati reach 1st Rank in YouTube Top Creator's list 2020 is Stop Making Assumptions, which he posted soon after his YouTube vs Tiktok: The End video got removed from YouTube.

TOTAL GAMING aka YouTuber Ajay or Ajjubhai

Taking the next stop is a YouTuber which has built his channel on the booming YouTube niche, gaming. Yes, the YoutuTe Game streamer, Total Gaming. For those who aren't fans of the gaming world, well, the streamer Ajay has indeed same name and interest as our first name in the list. This YouTube creator's channel, however, is not as old as Carryminati's YouTube channel.

Second, in the YouTube India top creator's list, 2020 has been a YouTuber since the past two years and has over 17.1 million subscribers, which I believe will shoot up soon as the list has released and people are discovering him. Well, he sure has no lack of views on his videos though, with over 2.2. billion combined views on his views which he usually created on Free Fire.

TECHNO GAMERZ aka Ujjwal Churasia

Well, the name is self-explanatory as we see, gaming, appearing to a niche which will get you views for sure. The man behind one of the biggest gaming YouTube channel is Delhi based YouTuber with 10 million subscribers, Ujjawal Chaurasia.

The gaming YouTube content creator and streamer Ujjwal Chaurasia, with the third position in the YouTube India top creator's list 2020, is usually called Techno Gamerz or Ujjwal Gamer. GTA V game lovers usually adore Gamerz channel, given it is the biggest and most popular channel for GTA V content. The gamer also has a Minecraft server on Discord where fans can directly connect with him.


If BB KI Vines aka Bhuvan Bam is succeeded by an Indian creator, it has to be Ashish Chanchalani. It is surprising that a Youtuber with 22.7 million subscribers at the time of writing this article, was not ven not YouTube when he became successful for his vine videos.

Yes, Chanchlani, actually started his career as a viner on Instagram, a concept new to India, before becoming a YouTube India top creator's list 2020 recognised Youtuber he is today. Initially in his career, he took a step towards his passion while he pursued engineering.


Well, it is safe to say that world did not miss a future engineer as the talent engineered a channel worth coming on the list of YouTube India's Top Creators 2020 list with his most popular video of 2020 Office Exam Aur Vaccine | Ashish Chanchlani.

Well, the OG Bhuvan Bam also starred in this list. After fighting the deadly coronavirus BB Ki Vines received good news as his video BB Ki Vines- | Angry Masterji– Part 15 from his most entertaining video made him reach another milestone.

Youtube is a growing community and they make sure that their employees are valued at different stages of their careers as a YouTubers. Surely these YouTubers have contributed to a lot of "the new entertainment" in this new normal. And they deserved to be rewarded.

Let us know, who is your favourite gaming YouTuber and streamer in comments now!

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