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Streamlining Manufacturing Operations, Revolutionizing Manufacturing with their Innovative ERP Solutions
Arumugam Govindhan, CEO, Freedom Software Solution Pvt. Ltd.

Arumugam Govindhan, CEO, Freedom Software Solution Pvt. Ltd.

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Arenowned provider of ERP solutions, Freedom Software Solutions Pvt Ltd, specialises in delivering user-friendly and exceptionally efficient ERP software, catering specifically to manufacturing businesses.

In manufacturing, organisations frequently have to navigate intricate operations encompassing various departments, processes, and resources.


Recognising the value of streamlining these complexities, Freedom Software Solutions offers a specialised software solution known as Freedom ERP.

Their innovative product aims to streamline operations, minimise complexity, and enhance overall efficiency.

With a comprehensive suite of modules, Freedom ERP empowers businesses to manage their entire operations efficiently, from order management and inventory control to production planning and financial management.

With real-time visibility into crucial aspects of the business, manufacturers can make informed decisions and swiftly adapt to evolving market demands.

Team FSS is committed to unlocking the full potential of manufacturing businesses by offering process optimisation and efficient resource utilisation.

With a strong focus on serving Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), they empower these organisations to swiftly develop alternate strategies, alleviate stress, and optimise time management.

Why Freedom ERP?

An exceptional design, offering a seamless user experience and a user-friendly interface requiring minimal training, separates Freedom ERP from the competition.

Its versatility shines through the ease with which it can be configured for multiple business verticals, making it a highly sought-after software solution in the market, favoured by most users.

Features like unique Business Intelligence capabilities, e-invoice and e-Way Bill systems, seamless integration with Attendance Machines, efficient GST reconciliation, and Gate Automation functionality position Freedom ERP as an unparalleled solution tailored explicitly for the MSME sector.

“Traceability” is one of the essential things the manufacturing industry is focusing on, and Freedom ERP has a traceability module which meets almost all the OEM and Tier-1 requirements.

Mission & Vision

Freedom Software Solutions has a distinctive mission and vision that set the foundation for its operations.

Their aim is to provide unwavering support to manufacturing businesses, enabling them to achieve a successful digital transformation and maintain competitiveness in the digital era.

Aligned with this vision, their mission centres around propelling growth within the small and medium-scale manufacturing sectors through embracing digital transformation and achieving sustainable growth in today’s business landscape.

Arumugam Govindhan, CEO, Freedom Software Solution Pvt Ltd

An exceptional visionary and dynamic leader, Arumugam Govindhan and the co-founder Kannan exudes an unwavering drive and passion for revolutionising industries through innovative solutions powered by cutting-edge technologies.

With profound expertise in both manufacturing production processes and software development, the team, Mr Arumugam & Mr Kannan, possesses a unique ability to merge these domains, empowering businesses to thrive in unprecedented ways.

Their relentless pursuit of staying ahead of the curve in industry trends and emerging technologies positions them as a strategic partner, enabling them to deliver unparalleled, efficient, and effective solutions tailored specifically to the needs of manufacturing enterprises.

Genesis of Freedom Software Solution

Personal interest and passion for problem-solving and innovation drove Mr Arumugam into the software industry. “Software development fuels creativity and innovation, providing opportunities to design unique applications, develop new features, and explore cutting-edge technologies. The ability to bring something to life from scratch is a powerful motivator for individuals in the software industry. Being able to bring something to life from scratch is an incredibly rewarding experience that constantly motivates me as a software professional,” shares Mr Arumugam.

The journey that began as Greenchip Technologies in 2005, initially operating as a partnership firm, evolved into Freedom Software Solutions Pvt Ltd.

Today, FSS boasts an impressive clientele, having successfully implemented their solutions for approximately 450 customers and serving over 5000 users.

Their application is specifically tailored to cater to CNC machinery, Forging, Injection moulding, Press components, and Rubber processing industries.

The company currently has a workforce of 60 employees and plans to expand its team further. Headquartered in Chennai, FSS also maintains branch offices in Coimbatore and Bengaluru and a dedicated product development team located in Chennai.

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Customer-Centric Innovation: A Foundation for Excellence

Customer focus and innovation serve as the foundational values for Freedom ERP. Deeply ingrained in the company’s ethos, customer focus entails understanding and fulfilling the needs of its customers.

This value drives them to deliver high-quality products or services, provide exceptional customer support, and consistently seek feedback to enhance overall customer satisfaction.

Additionally, innovation is a vital aspect of their operations, propelling them to foster creativity, embrace new ideas, leverage cutting-edge technologies to maintain their competitive edge, and continuously offer unique solutions to meet the evolving demands of the market.

Redefining Success

In the realm of ERP, brand value serves as a metric to assess the reputation, recognition, and overall worth of ERP vendors and their products.

Through their unwavering commitment, dedication to standardisation, and persistent efforts, Freedom ERP has established itself as a leading provider of cloud-based ERP solutions in the market.

Their commitment to facilitating remarkable digital transformations for medium-scale industries serves as a testament to the strength and impact of their brand.

The satisfaction of their customers further attests to their success, as businesses utilising their cloud ERP have experienced significant improvements in their profitability and overall operations.

More than 60% of their new orders came through references from their existing customers, clear evidence of their brand acceptance.

Overcoming Challenges

The primary focus of the MSME sector revolves around ensuring customer satisfaction and dealing with day-to-day firefighting, often relegating system implementation to a secondary priority.

This dynamic presents a unique challenge, as stakeholders within the organisation may resist following a systematic approach, thereby diluting the intended purpose. Designing a product that effectively addresses these challenges becomes a significant undertaking.

However, with a majority of associates hailing from mechanical engineering backgrounds, the team at FSS possesses a valuable advantage, an in-depth understanding of the operational difficulties inherent in running a manufacturing business.

Leveraging this expertise, the team quickly grasps the pain points specific to each client’s business and devises comprehensive plans for swift and effective optimisation.

Navigating the Pandemic

The pandemic taught the team at FSS the importance of innovation within the given constraints, enabling them to continue their growth trajectory even during challenging times.

“The downtime during the COVID-19 pandemic provided us with an opportunity to evolve and grow as a team. We seized this valuable respite to strengthen our software solutions, developing advanced tools and frameworks to accelerate development and implementation processes,” explains Mr Arumugam.

The COVID-19 pandemic has spurred digital transformation in various industries, driving businesses to adopt tools like ERP for seamless remote collaboration.

This accelerated adoption of technology during the pandemic compelled organisations to redefine their business models. In line with this trend, FSS is committed to facilitating a comprehensive digital transformation in the MSME manufacturing sector through its advanced cloud-based ERP solution.

Future Outlook: Trends & Opportunities

In the rapidly evolving manufacturing industry, ERP systems are crucial for efficient operations. In the coming days, the industry will witness the emergence of several advancements, including Cloud-Based ERP, IoT Integration, AI and Machine Learning, Mobile ERP Applications, Advanced Analytics, and Business Intelligence.

Currently, FSS is focusing on standardising its software with predefined and preconfigured configurations for specific industries and segments.

They are planning to offer two different packages with distinct features and functionalities for quick and effective implementation. To further their growth and expand their reach globally, Team FSS is working towards offering their software in the Microsoft Store.

Looking ahead, with evolving business needs, staying up-to-date is the primary focus for team FSS. They are developing new tools and advanced features, aiming to position themselves as the preferred solution provider for the MSME sector.

Their future plans also involve developing a kiosk-like model for data entry and automating the shop floor with cost-effective, innovative solutions. Although FSS currently have a strong presence in South India, their customer-centric approach, user-friendly solutions, and futuristic product strategy instil confidence within Team FSS that they will emerge as a significant player in the ERP domain across the entire Indian market within the next two years.

Words of Wisdom

Upon asking for a piece of advice for young entrepreneurs, Mr Arumugam shares,

“Focus on solving a problem! By delivering value and addressing real-world challenges, you significantly increase your chances of success and attract customers. Embrace continuous learning to stay competitive and deliver innovative solutions. Also, don’t forget to validate your ideas early on. This helps you refine your product, ensure market demand, and greatly enhance your chances of success.”

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