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Pioneering Excellence in Fenestration Solutions
Tulsi Ram Modi - Founder & Director - Alfen Windows Pvt. Ltd.

Tulsi Ram Modi - Founder & Director - Alfen Windows Pvt. Ltd.

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Comprised of a group of ambitious and dynamic professionals dedicated to offering robust, stylish, and high-quality fenestration solutions, Alfen Windows Pvt Ltd is one of the first few Indian brands to establish a presence in the aluminium fenestration industry.


With a passion for delivering top-quality aluminium products, the company takes pride in its role as a pioneer and trendsetter in the industry, constantly striving to push boundaries and set new standards.

Recognising every feedback as an opportunity for improvement, the team at Alfen is committed to leveraging these insights to enhance its offerings further.

Founded in 2012, Alfen specialises in manufacturing aluminium doors, windows, pergolas, and railings for bungalows, farmhouses, industries, educational institutes, hotels, and hospitals, catering to various sectors.

Alfen aims to become the top brand in customers’ minds while aiming to deliver global product excellence in Aluminium fenestrations.

With a strong focus on Corporate Social Responsibility and employee well-being, Alfen sets new benchmarks with its robust system, talented engineers, and industry experts. With a dedicated team of 90 employees, Alfen operates through its offices located in Jaipur, Indore, Jodhpur and franchise networks.

A Journey of Challenges and Resilience: Mr Tulsi Ram Modi’s Path to Entrepreneurship

A commerce graduate with a profound interest in the business world, Mr Tulsi Ram Modi is the Founder and Director of Alfen Windows Pvt. Ltd. His journey in the industry has been filled with challenges and setbacks, but his unwavering determination and passion for exploration have kept him motivated.

Starting as an approved fabricator for another brand in 2007, Mr Modi worked there for approximately five years. During his work, he recognised the limitations of working for someone else, encountering various limitations and challenges.

Mr Modi realised that despite playing a significant role in the production process, he did not receive due recognition for his contributions.

Moreover, he observed a lack of awareness among people regarding the potential and quality of Aluminum windows, which resulted in them being perceived as inexpensive alternatives.

This unjust perception prevented these windows from receiving the recognition they truly deserved, while customers were deprived of high-quality products. Motivated by these realisations, Mr Tulsi Ram Modi was inspired to establish his own company, and that’s how in 2012, Alfen came into existence.

Derived from “ALuminium FENestration,” ALFEN represents its commitment to providing comprehensive services in the field of aluminium fenestrations, from start to finish, all under one roof.

With the belief that every opening, project, or query, regardless of size, holds equal importance, Alfen operates by the motto “openings that matter,” and its team constantly strives for self-improvement to deliver exceptional service to its customers.

Struggles and Breakthroughs

Starting the company in an industry dominated by the unorganised sector turned out to be quite challenging for Mr Modi.

The lack of organised practices and trained personnel posed a major obstacle in hiring the right manpower; he had to hire, train, and nurture employees from scratch, ensuring they were equipped with the necessary skills and expertise.

Another major challenge was educating customers about the distinction between Alfen’s high-quality products and the cheaper alternatives available in the market.

Successfully conveying the value and superior after-sales service provided by Alfen required dedicated efforts to communicate the company’s unique offerings and differentiate themselves from competitors.

Despite this, Mr Modi and his team persistently worked towards establishing Alfen as a trusted and preferred brand in the industry.

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Alfen’s Success Paradigm

For Mr Modi, his greatest accomplishment is the sense of ownership and dedication his employees have towards Alfen Windows Pvt Ltd. He finds fulfilment in witnessing his team view the company as their own rather than just a place of employment. Seeing his employees idolise and respect him validates his success as a leader.

He shares, “For Alfen, success is the satisfaction of both customers and employees. We take pride in being recognised as a brand that competes with global industry leaders, despite its smaller size, resources, and capital.”

The appreciation and support received from renowned architects, engineers, and other businesses also serve as a significant milestone and a validation of the brand’s credibility in the industry.

Building a Culture of Excellence

Adopting a proactive approach to talent acquisition and retention, the management at Alfen focuses on acquiring fresh talent through campus placements, as this allows for the recruitment of individuals who are eager to learn and can easily adapt to the company’s structure.

To ensure the team remains motivated, Mr Modi maintains an open-door policy, welcoming any grievances or concerns from the employees to foster a sense of belonging and importance within the team and making them feel valued as an integral part of Alfen rather than just employees.

Additionally, the organisation of events and activities by the HR department also provide opportunities for employees to de-stress and rejuvenate, enhancing their motivation and overall well-being.

Alfen’s Unique Value Proposition: A Customer-Centric Approach

A customer-centric approach is what separates Alfen from others in the industry. Unlike many competitors, the company prioritises customers’ best interests over forced sales.

Viewing themselves as consultants rather than mere salespersons, always recommending the most suitable product for each customer, Alfen values customer relationships more than immediate profit or sales.

Ever since its inception, Alfen has always upheld the fundamental values of doing the right thing prioritising customers and embracing continuous improvement.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

To stay ahead of industry trends and anticipate market changes, Alfen maintains an active Research and Development (R&D) department that continuously seeks opportunities for improvement.

As a leader, Mr Modi himself has a strong drive to learn and discover new ways to enhance processes and increase efficiency. Customer feedback is also valued and utilised to identify areas in need of improvement.

In the coming years, the aluminium fenestration industry is going to experience significant growth and increased competition. To thrive in this evolving landscape and to meet the growing demands of the market, Alfen is focusing on business expansion.

Significant investments are being made to acquire the latest technologies, establish a robust digital presence, and automate work processes to minimise errors.

The company prioritises staying at the forefront of technology by continuously investing in the best and newest machinery. By adapting to emerging trends and maintaining a competitive edge, Alfen Windows plans to position itself as a leading player in the industry.

Words of Wisdom

Advising young entrepreneurs, Mr Tulsi Ram Modi shares,

“In the business world, resilience is key. Don’t let others’ opinions define your path, and be unafraid to take risks. Every risk is a challenge, and every failure is an opportunity to learn. Prioritise the customer above all else, and success will follow.”

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