The objective of this article is to help you decide on the right ERP System in India for small to mid-sized businesses. Investing in an ERP System is in most cases a one-time decision so; we must review different software and get proper information before making a choice.

These 10 ERP Systems mentioned in the article below are suitable for small businesses in India by relevance, features of business, local support, cost, and technology.


While purchasing ERP software, first of all, it is important to understand the difference between a Large Enterprise ERP System, and a Small Business ERP System in India.

A small business ERP System is designed in a way that handles lesser data is less complex, ready to-use and comes at a much lower cost.

However, one size fits all approach does not always suffice when it comes to selecting a new ERP solution. With system needs differing across business and industries, here is a list of top ERP systems for small businesses of industries like eCommerce, manufacturing, cloud-based, food industry, etc;

Epicor- A Web-Based ERP for Wholesale Distributors

A full-integrated set of applications for any wholesale distributor, Epicor Distribution Suites offers its solutions on a best-of-breed basis. It is suitable for a host of industries like electrical, fastener, medical, petroleum, fluid power, and HVAC.

Epicor provides features like purchasing, order management, accounting, inventory management, and transportation management. It also offers reporting and analysis through its Business Analyser that converts raw data into business intelligence that can then be used to adapt and optimize its processes at a rapid pace. It is a web-based ERP and builds on a Windows-based platform and SQL database.

NetSuite ERP- World's Most Deployed Cloud ERP Solution

A modern and cloud-based ERP platform, NetSuite ERP is designed to scale as your business grow. The product is from Oracle that ensures you only get the best software from a global leader in business technology solutions.

Today, the ERP system from NetSuite is used by over 16,000 enterprises of different sizes and industries in more than 160 countries. Widely known as the world's most deployed cloud ERP solution, NetSuite's ERP brings you all the tools and modules you require to automate business processes from accounting, manufacturing operations, invoicing, financial management, demand planning, revenue management, fixed assets and many more.

BatchMaster- The Perfect Software Solution for Process Manufacturers

BatchMaster is built to meet the specific need of process manufacturers. It particularly suits chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food manufacturers, and nutraceuticals

It allows your inventory to be easily controlled based on quality status, units of measurement, expiration date, lot number, and strength.

You can change formulas to satisfy nutritional or physical targets, reports, transactions audit reports, and shipping documentation to keep the process in line with industry regulations.

Also, this is available as an add-on to Microsoft Dynamics GP, SAP Business One, Sage 100, 300 ERP and QuickBooks and a complete integrated system.

Premier- A Specified Cloud Solution for Construction Industry

A powerful cloud solution created especially for the construction industry, Premier is reasonably priced and perfect for small to mid-size general, specialty or subcontractor businesses.

It comprises a fully integrated suite of modules including accounting, project management, job costing, subcontract management, etc.

Premier has some significant features like full drill-down reporting, Microsoft Office Integration, Excel uploads, configurable form design, and document approvals.

Premier is web-based, built on the Microsoft Azure Cloud so, it is available anywhere you can access the web. The screen design is simple and consistent, and there are three levels of help on every page, making the software easy for your employees to learn and use.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>10 BEST SMALL BUSINESS ERP SOLUTIONS FOR 2020</p></div>

bcFood- One Stop Solution for Food Production Companies

The fully integrated suite from Beck Consulting, bcFood is designed to support the specific needs of any company working with food products from growers, processors, manufacturers, packers, brokers, shippers to distributors. This is a web-based ERP and is built on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the best selling ERP application globally.

bcFood is easy to pick up because its interface is like other Microsoft products such as Word, Excel, and outlook. bcFood supports real-time visibility into all transactions and relational data models. It is highly scalable and can suit a growing business of virtually any size, whether it is a start-up or a giant company.

Business Cloud Essentials- A Comprehensive Resource Planning Software

If you are looking for a comprehensive, cloud-based enterprise resource planning software, go for Business Cloud Essentials. It is a robust solution, which comes with various modules like CRM, accounting, payroll, and operations. With its extensive nature, this software is perfect for small and medium businesses with diverse operations and unique needs.

Business Cloud Essentials is a perfect option for manufacturing companies; manufacturing teams can use Business Cloud Essentials to schedule work orders, create Bills of Materials, manage the repair of inventories, and streamline quality management.

Also, accounting team can leverage the power of the accounting module to streamline financial management. It offers subscription-based pricing. The pricing is perfectly suited for small and midsized businesses, mainly those with diverse operations.

Odoo- A Perfect Management Platform

Oddo brings you dozens of tools to help you manage vital areas of your business like sales, marketing, finance, human resources, operations, and communications.

It also holds multiple tools for managing projects, boosting productivity, building your own website, and creating your own custom applications.

Oddo allows you to create and add your own custom apps; the number of apps in Odoo's fold has accumulated- 10,000 plus as of the last count- covering virtually all your business needs with a one-stop platform.

In addition, Odoo provides a calculator in its pricing pages that enables you to match users and apps and know how much you need to pay each month or for the entire year.

Sage- Taking Care of Accounting Systems

Sage is a unique ERP system targeted especially small to mid-sized companies that have outgrown their basic accounting systems and require something a bit more robust.

The business management and ERP solutions from Sage are available in the cloud and on-premise and involve integrated CRM, HR and Payroll applications. For distributors and wholesalers, it offers inventor management, forecasting, bar codes, and EDI applications.

Overall, Sage is a good option if you are in a small to mid-sized company with 100 to 500 employees; but organizations that expect to progress beyond the lower mid-market need to consider carefully whether Sage ERP can support more complex requirements.

TradeGecko- Making Commercial Operations more Efficient

TradeGecko is an inventory management platform and is a cloud-based ERP. This is designed especially to make commercial operations more efficient. This single application can manage everything from inventory management operations, critical business applications, purchasing to sales.

TradeGecko basically offers a B2B e-commerce portal, it allows users to sell wholesale directly to retailers through customized storefronts. It also support in Customer Relationship Management, demand forecasting, order fulfilment, accounting and sales reporting functionality and many more.

The best part about this ERP software is that you can easily integrate it with platforms like Amazon, Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce.  TradeGecko also supports multiple currencies and tax types.

You can get reports and updates in real-time for better tracking and analysis, and set reorder points for each item in the inventory.

Syspro- Uniquely Focused On Manufacturers and Whole Distributors

Syspro is the best example of an ERP system that is uniquely focused on small to mid-sized manufacturers and whole distributors. It offers a Microsoft.net-bade integrated supply chain suite encompassing ERP financials, analytics and planning, and scheduling.

Sysporo is so heavily focused on these spaces that it was once referred to in Canada's Manufacturing Automation magazine as being, 'like a sniper who won't let its target out of its sights'.

Although this time, Syspro is not able to compete financially with bigger like SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft, it is primarily focused on the financial, manufacturing and distribution needs of its customers.

 ERP software is very useful to manage your business needs because of all applications integrated into single software. So when you use ERP software in the business, you gain more profit and reduce errors and time.

These are some famous ERP systems that small to mid-sized companies are using, but there are many others in the market that may better suit the individual needs of your business. Do proper research and review and find your best ERP solution.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>10 BEST SMALL BUSINESS ERP SOLUTIONS FOR 2020</p></div>
<div class="paragraphs"><p>10 BEST SMALL BUSINESS ERP SOLUTIONS FOR 2020</p></div>
Best ERP Software in India for Enterprises

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