Lauding transformative healthcare workplaces

A coterie of health & wellness companies are prescribing unconventional ways to create a Most Preferred Workplace 2022-23 that others look up to
Lauding transformative healthcare workplaces

Lauding transformative healthcare workplaces

Traditionally, health & wellness workers have always had to juggle myriad challenges, and the pandemic that emerged most unexpectedly only served to complicate things further still.

And while the challenge before them was a daunting one, the healthcare industry responded admirably to the challenge at hand. By scaling up operations to meet healthcare demands, expanding testing on a war footing, devising a vaccine in record time, and ensuring its swift and equitable distribution, healthcare providers helped ensure the safety and wellbeing of diverse sections of the populace. All of this before we even begin to ponder about healthcare concerns beyond COVID.

Health & wellness organisations are already feeling the pinch of a lack of healthcare workers across all qualification levels, a challenge highlighted by the World Health Organisation. This limits the potential of professionals to serve existing and future needs and expectations in healthcare, but this is just one of the concerns facing them on multiple fronts. A rapidly aging workforce is a cause for concern for organisations around the world, as also the physical and mental fatigue wrought by combating a severe pandemic on multiple fronts. Rectifying this pair of lacunae will go a long way towards injecting fresh motivation into health & wellness professionals.

A continuum of care

The myriad factors impacting the health & wellness sector have doubtlessly been difficult to navigate, but if anything it also demonstrated the potential upsides that can be tapped into across the spectrum. By redesigning facilities, delivering optimal training, ensuring mentoring occurs, and taking care of holistic wellness of employees, organisations can create and capture new opportunities swiftly and decisively.

Indeed, a few select organisations across the sector have done exactly that. By reacting rapidly to the challenges at hand, these organisations have developed the talent pool across the ecosystem and delivered a differentiated experience across the employee life cycle, in the process further cementing the cause of saving lives and improving livelihoods. These are the health & wellness entities recognised as a Most Preferred Workplace, and their achievements have given a shot in the arm to the entire sector.

This unique platform brings to the fore the intrinsic opportunities and challenges abounding across the sector, with these harbingers of health & wellness lauded in a celebratory on-ground event to be held on 23rd December in Mumbai. The event will see an assembly of expert speakers deliberating on the hot-button topics setting the industry alight, such as evolving workplace trends, building digital capabilities, and

fostering employee wellbeing while addressing fatigue and burnout. These topics will be addressed by a line-up of speakers that potentially include Jagdeep Chauhan, Director Human Resources, PD Hinduja Hospital & Medical Research Centre; Minhye Seo, Head Human Resources - South Asia, BD; Rajorshi Ganguli, President and Global HR Head, Alkem Laboratories; and Sumantra Mitra, Senior Vice President - Human Resources, Glenmark Lifesciences Limited, among others.

This one-of-a-kind research-driven platform, organised by Team Marksmen, is an industry-led initiative that saw organisations surveyed across the following parameters:

●       Employee Engagement

●       Organisational Purpose

●       Intrapreneurial Ecosystem

●       Work Flexibility

●       Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

●       Growth & Rewards

●       Work-life balance

Speaking ahead of the event, Sharad Gupta, Co-Founder & COO, Team Marksmen Network said, “Health & wellness organisations have the unique, generational opportunity to move the needle on employee burnout and fatigue. It is imperative that they do so too, since the penalty for failing to address these workplace factors are considerable, perhaps most noticeable by way of attrition, reduced productivity, and engagement. The health & wellness companies immortalised as having a Most Preferred Workplace realised that they need to take greater care of their human capital across a broad continuum, and have created an environment where employees can thrive, where their full potential can be realised. This is an example for everyone across the industry to look up to and emulate.”

While it must be said that there is no singular playbook for practitioners to refer to, organisations are nonetheless encouraged to take pre-emptive care of their workplace through focused interventions. Prevention, after all, is better than a cure.

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