Helping The Businesses Accomplish Their Aspirations, With A Simple & Practical Approach, Business Management Consultancy ‘PQSmitra’ Aims To Contribute to Indian Economical Growth

Sachin Sikhot
Sachin SikhotFounder - PQsmitra

Managing a business is delicate and needs utter dedication in every aspect of its operations, finances, workforce, and other intricate details. Businesses often need a little assistance handling the whole system and keeping it on the right track. This is where PQSmitra comes in. It is a Mumbai-based leading Business Management Consultancy with over 25 years of consistently delivering high-quality services.

PQSmitra offers its management consultancy services to organizations from various corporate sectors of India and crossing overseas. Its wide range of best-in-class services includes Consultancy for Implementation of International Standards which includes but isn’t limited to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 21001 & Social compliance standards such as SEDEX, SA 8000 & Ecovadis, Documentation support & Assistance in the Certification process, Practical Solutions for Customer Specific Requirements, Strategies for Business Performance Improvements & Promotion Services for Businesses. Their teamwork and operational excellence in every task help them achieve customer appreciation.

PQSmitra holds multiple offices in Mumbai, Pune, Nashik & Indore, four prominent parts of India. The understanding and confidence in providing consultancy on Quality Management Systems & QMS for Automotive Sector led to the company's ideation.

PQSmitra’s Goals & Objectives As A Consultancy Service

The only goal that PQSmitra is set on achieving is a world-class & sustainable company that ensures a better future for the company while satisfying its clients with their services. Sometime soon, they want to be recognised for their high level of appreciation from its satisfied clients and be only known for their goodwill.

As far as the objectives of PQSmitra stand, the primary one is to obtain exponential yearly growth. They have planned on achieving this by allowing 100% compliance, targeting their quality and delivery of services solely.

How PQSmitra Add Value Through Its Key Services?

PQSmitra has successfully devised a module called Pragati & Routine, a Business Performance Improvement module, cumulating the knowledge and experiences of their 25+ years of existence in the industry. Any business facing any sort of challenges regarding survival and sustainability is an eligible candidate for their Pragati model. It is keen on identifying these scenarios and coming up with simple & practical solutions. This practice has also made PQSmitra cultivate a good

culture internally.

The future of the industry and the business lies at the hands of the next generation to take the baton. Hence, PQSmitra is keen on adapting specific standards such as ISO 21001 & NABET that emphasize the requirements and needs of the learners by supporting institutes with a great impact speculated on the country's economy through the growth & development of responsible individuals.

PQSmitra provides ISO certification consulting, training, and implementation services on a pan-India basis. They have a legacy of assisting their clients in flying through the ISO audit and obtaining the certification. Their unique ISO Certification Consultancy Services offer documentation and handholding through 100% support from start to end.

Foundation & Journey Of PQSmitra

Performance, Quality & Safety Mitra (PQSmitra) formerly Precise Quality Systems was founded by Mr. Sachin Sarkhot in 1999. The company has maintained dominance over the consultancy industry for over two decades. The idea originated with Mr. Sachin’s view of distinct and practical solutions in every sector of the corporate world.

Mr. Sachin was also urged to uplift the Indian industry to an international standard. In this pursuit, he strategically sketched out the ISO standard services that had the potential to give the Indian industry the edge required to penetrate the global sphere. PQSmitra is a leading Management Consultancy with over 3000 satisfied clients to brag about.

Mr. Sachin Sarkhot was working as a quality assurance specialist before having joined PQSmitra. He was utilising his engineering knowledge and skills well for the Quality Assurance job. Meanwhile, Sachin came across the ISO 9001 Quality Management System, which MNCs only picked up as they had the resources

to acquire such systems.

At the same time, many companies did not have the privilege of implementing a Quality management system for a few reliable reasons. These are, respectively, shortage of resources, poor awareness about the system's value, fear of colossal responsibility, and getting accustomed to new concepts and what to do to get

this done.

With the engineering background coupled with the expertise and experience picked on his journey as a Quality Assurance Specialist, Mr. Sachin was ready to bring all those qualities to the table while leading PQSmitra. Dutifully, he delivered external support and made them understand the sheer value of bifurcating the responsibilities of the whole system.

Most of their ISO 9001 QMS solution modules are simple & practical, which has, in turn, pushed PQSmitra to offer services in such a large magnitude. They are focused on inventing and implementing new relevant, effective services to clients’ business needs. In this successful journey, they aspire to pay as much as possible to the country and contribute a little to its economy.

A Quick Timeline For PQSmitra’s 25+ Years

One year after its founding, PQSmitra had already set up its first office in 2000, diversifying its services. By 2004, they have enhanced a robust service delivery module. Moving into 2006, they were already recognised as a leading service provider in India, cemented by the associations made with major organisations. In 2012, they further diversified their services, eventually leading to their customer satisfaction rate rising to 1000+ clients by 2015.

Performance Quality & Safety Mitra (PQSmitra): Key Executives, Clientele & Employee Details

Mr. Sachin Sarkhot is the Founder and Managing Director with experience handling PQSmitra for over two decades. In present time, Mr. Sachin Sarkhot (M.D.). PQSmitra is supported by Mrs. Shraddha Sarkhot (CEO) for managing the Operations and Finance for smooth functioning of the organisation.

Currently, the company holds a clientele record of 4500+ clients. This includes JSW, Tata Play, Directorate of Technical Education (DTE), Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education (MSBTE), Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL), Hamilton Writing Instruments, MESCO, Pyramid Technologies, Commander, Flair, Baumer Technologies, Sealmatic, etc.

The journey is still continued. Mr. Raju Valiya (Head - Business Development) is proactive in identifying the new avenues and adding clients from various sectors of the industry. The company operations are backed up by the Project Administration and team of 30+ experienced engineers to support clients all the time.

How PQSmitra Stand Out In The Management Consultancy Industry?

Their far-fetched goal of contributing vastly to the Indian economy has been planned to be achieved by reaching out to and supporting any and every MSME along with large-scale organisations and educational institutes. PQSmitra stands out from its peers for its performance, quality, and safety measures for handling multiple organisations across different industries.

PQSmitra is known for its 100% support and assistance before and after its services are provided. There are some clients on their list with whom they have managed a consistent relationship for over two decades.

How Successful Has PQSmitra Been In Their Journey?

Success for PQSmitra is intricately connected with providing services that have a reputation for helping companies grow and flourish in their field of expertise. On top of it, they have consistently received customer satisfaction reports. This continuity has earned PQSmitra recognition from Silicon India Magazine as a part of their Top 10 Promising ISO Consultants – 2019 and again in 2021, clocking 4500 satisfied clients.

Obstacles For PQSmitra On Their Way To Progression

Challenges are part of life and are no different from starting an entrepreneurial journey. However, a great story can only be about overcoming these challenges and setting new standards. “A business contingency plan must be chalked out to tackle such a situation. The business contingency plan has to be practised and preached with a positive mindset and a mentality of never backing down in every organisation. Some challenges may be too complicated, and not all should be taken head-on; be wise enough to know when to let go” says Mr. Sachin.

PQSmitra’s Views & Insight On The Future Of The Company & The Industry

Acknowledging the rapid spread of digitalisation, PQSmitra has been in the works of devising a module that will assist small to big organisations seamlessly covert from QMS to e-QMS. They will be doing so by associating with technology-based companies to get additional support to the table.

PQSmitra has also decided to venture into Manage-ment systems for EPC and renewable Energy sectors, Energy management systems, and Facility Management systems. Additionally, they have completed 100+ projects in social compliance in FY 20-21 & FY 21-22.

Finishing the conversation with a quote from the Greek philosopher Plato, Mr. Sachin says “The direction in which education starts a man, will determine his future life”; PQSmitra is working on solidifying its presence and giving back to the country from where it has originated.

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