Providing Customized HR Solutions
Ally-eXecutive: Providing Customized HR Solutions

Ally-eXecutive: Providing Customized HR Solutions

shan kaul - Founder & Business Head - Ally-eXecutive

Ally-eXecutive: Providing Customized HR Solutions

Ally-eXecutive HR Consulting Private Limited, an entrepreneurial venture, commenced its journey on 12th December 2014, when a recruiting professional with past experience in MNCs giants thought of an idea to provide customized recruiting solutions with his core expertise in recruitment.

Today Ally eXecutive is a trusted partner & a well-known name in identifying staffing needs for client projects across India, Singapore & UAE.

They are a team of twelve Senior consultants with their base location at Delhi, NCR, and their regional set up at Bangalore. Ally-eXecutive encourages a work-from-home model.

In the future, they have plans to set up a satellite center in Noida for all their hubs and regional centers. The organization has been instrumental in driving its revenue margin YOY with a decent financial turnover for the past eight years of its existence in the market.

Shan Kaul: The Mind Behind Ally-eXecutive

Shan Kaul, the founder and business head at Ally-eXecutive, is a strong team player and leader who guides and motivates the team towards maximum productivity.

He is a senior Talent Acquisition professional with over 17+ years of expertise in recruiting for well-known MNCs giants in the past and now as consulting professional.

With ample expertise in a diversified technology-driven industry, he has a strong knack for understanding the tech & non-tech staffing needs of the business and has been instrumental in recruiting some of the best minds during his past experience in corporate and now as consulting partner to his clients.

He has immensely contributed to recruiting people for various roles in Middle to Sr leadership capacity for India, U.K, and U.S markets.

Shan Kaul founded Ally-eXecutive with the thought of working in areas of supporting clients in the technology space.

His expertise in initiating the entrepreneurial consulting venture has given him an additional mileage of operating as a Talent Acquisition professional and improving his outlook on identifying talent for multi-clients from a strategic business perspective. He has been actively involved in business development, Client Servicing, and Financial Management at Ally-eXecutive.

Mission And Vision

Ally-eXecutive vision is to position itself as a complete business partner through enhanced customized HR models for its clients to meet their business objectives. Shan mentions that they understand the pain areas of the clients, and their mission is to offer a service that goes little beyond support.

Key services

● Permanent Staffing for tech and non-tech clients

● Advisory – HR solution

● Training And Development

● Recruitment Product Solution designed for Start-Ups and SMEs (A Database management platform)

Differentiating Factors

Ally-executive’s customer-centric approach sets them apart from their competitors.

They believe recruiting is more about an advisory role rather than just a resume submission model.

They follow an inhouse PCF model which focuses on:

Researching their client’s Product

Understanding their client’s Culture

Hunting a right Fit for their client

Ally-eXecutive Success

"A high level of conviction, patience, focus & being abreast of your customers and their competitors is the key to success." - Shan Kaul, Founder, Ally-eXecutive.

According to Shan Kaul, success for them is about developing and sustaining the business, managing the revenue margins and cost, and meeting the client's expectations.

Starting in 2014, with its core focus on the eCommerce & Internet industry, it gradually grew the client list (well-known brands) in India along with its core members leading the staffing vertical as Business Managers. They also expanded their horizon to the U.S & U.A.E market with the successful onboarding of three service consulting partners.

Inspiration Behind Founding Ally-eXecutive

Shan Kaul spent over a decade with well-known corporate giants supporting their staffing business and recruiting for different clients, domains, and skills. He supported multiple business stakeholders with different mindsets, delivering as per expectations.

During this time, he experienced a few major setbacks, which led him to ponder on the idea of developing something meaningful for himself, where he could use his potential and expertise. The idea of setting up a Recruiting advisory firm led to the formation of Ally-eXecutive.

Ally-eXecutive Revenue Model

Ally-eXecutive in the service revenue model charges clients for identifying resources for their business. Their product revenue model charges clients for data management on their platform once deployed in the client systems.


Ally-eXecutive supported over 25+ clients from the time of their inception but eventually cut down to an active list of 10+ clients with the business intent of supporting client/industry players in specific areas.

They support brands operating in Digital Marketing & Advertising- AdTech, I.T product development, Telecommunication, Internet, eCommerce, FMCG, Legal Process Technology & Outsourcing.

They cater to major staffing needs of these industries at Middle mgmt. Sr. leadership to CXO capacity. They work heavily in areas of Technology & Analytics as their core forte in addition to other business areas.

How does your firm differ from the biggest competitors?

The team at Ally-eXecutive doesn't believe in competing with others. After over a decade of experience in talent acquisition, they believe that recruitment is not limited to consulting but is more of an advisory role for their clients when mapping the right resource for their internal fitments. Their deep expertise in the market and network helps them bridge the gaps of their clients within defined timelines.

Major Milestones Of Alley-eXecutive

During their journey, Ally-eXecutive has several milestones to its name. To name a few:

● Building the company from grounds up to onboarding 25+ clients while sustaining the business with revenue margin and other challenges

● Encouraged a women's workforce model.

● Started behavioral and technical training and development module.

● Development of recruitment product platform.

Ally -eXecutive Fundamental Values

According to Shan Kaul, their fundamental values are offering the right advisory to their clientele beyond the thoughts of just making revenue from them.

Solutions And Offerings by Ally-eXecutive

Ally-eXecutive identifies the right fit for their client through their decades of experience and expertise. They are also extending a cost-effective recruitment product solution for small businesses to deploy (Database mgmt. product) in client systems which could give complete freedom of managing the data with control and security to external clients.

Upcoming Trends In The Recruitment Industry

The market is shifting from conventional methodology to social media platforms. Although they prefer in-person meetings to evaluate their client's needs better, they also use multiple social networking platforms to connect with them.

Shan Kaul mentions, "Our business is completely dependent on relationship building. And to develop relations, you must be well connected with all types of customers."

Ideas taking Shape

Ally-eXecutive is creating a pool of qualified professionals in their database. They are developing a strong pipeline of qualified professional leads based on specific criteria in their system. To meet the product objectives, the team has plans to move to the next level of business.

Failures And Learnings

During the slump of 2017-18, Ally-eXecutive experienced its set of business challenges however they successfully sailed, sustained, and diversified after realizing they had to look beyond the horizon and expand their clientele.

Being a lean team & small ecosystem, managing and keeping the team intact while delivering clients' expectations is the major challenge they face today as well. They keep experimenting with different policies to motivate their team and work around different thoughts to scale up the operations.

Future Plans

Ally-eXecutive plans to grow its presence across international markets. Five years down the line, they plan to increase their client list, set their base in the Middle East, and focus on a viable and logical product model that can resolve customer problems in the long run.

Advice For Young Entrepreneurs

Shan Kaul says, "Think like an entrepreneur, study the market, keep experimenting, post weighing the pros and cons. Only then would you know your potential."

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