Get a glimpse of how Yash Mukand helps working professionals achieve their full potential through holistic wellness programmes


Yash Mukand, Holistic Coach & Corporate Trainer

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Get a glimpse of how Yash Mukand helps working professionals achieve their full potential through holistic wellness programmes</p></div>
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Get a glimpse of how Yash Mukand helps working professionals achieve their full potential through holistic wellness programmes

Shweta Singh

Nowadays, people are living hyperactive lives. In a quest to make the most of this rat race, they are losing connections to their true selves. Following an everyday routine is leading to a life full of mundane and monotony, and eventually, people are forgetting to nurture their own souls. People are chasing after materialistic desires, and they are unable to have a breather, which is taking a toll on their mental health.

However, to revive that lost potential, and to help working professionals live a life of contentment, I am hoping to direct them to a new path that is full of positivity and spirit.

I have successfully conducted more than 2000 workshops in 5 years and impacted over 20,000 workers. My experience also includes projects with leading multinational corporations in Gurugram. From Srinagar to Chennai, I delivered my programmes throughout the country

The approach of “holistic wellness” adopted is inspired by the 5000-year-old philosophy of yoga chikitsa or yoga therapy. It refers to the deep understanding of the mind, emotions, and physical body with an emphasis on mental and holistic well-being.

It is believed that to maximize one’s true potential, it is extremely essential to concentrate on the holistic welfare of a human being.

However, to attain holistic well-being it is necessary to have a healthy body and mind which can be achieved through the unique combination of yoga, pranayama, resetting mindset and habits by following life coaching, and an ayurvedic balanced and nutritious diet.

Holistic activities such as yoga, life coaching, and mental well-being have given us the opportunity to help promote a person’s absolute welfare. Taking good care of employee health has become one of the main aspects for big companies.

These days we are incorporating corporate wellness programmes with the aid of coaches who conduct corporate sessions, and yoga sessions that contribute to the employee’s happiness index, productivity, and overall well-being. The wellness programmes are designed to look after the four major aspects of a human being- Mind, body, Internal Self, and External Self.

Stress Management

Stress can adversely affect mental and physical health. We ensure that people are more equipped to handle stressful situations with calm and composure.

Moreover, people get easily bogged down by failures or setbacks in life which have a bigger consequence on their health. Being resilient and accepting each setback as a new challenge helps people to become stronger and pushes them toward a positive mindset.

Building Healthy Habits

The habits that we adopt in our lives help us to become better human beings and we put one step ahead in attaining our goals. It is extremely important for working professionals to have proper sleep cycles, to be healthy from inside and outside to nurture their true potential.

With erratic lifestyles and hectic schedules, they neglect their health. We are constantly trying to implement easy and simple techniques that will ensure they overcome their struggles with the right healthy habit.

Connecting To Yourself With Mindfulness

Mindfulness leads to making oneself aware of their conscious mind. It is instrumental in shaping your thoughts and controlling your emotions and finally allowing you to live in the present.

The moment we start living a life without fear of judgment or criticism, we become mindful of our own being which is the most important stepping stone to manage our everyday thoughts.

Finding Work-Life Balance

Self-assessment is incorporated into the program so that people can identify areas for improvement that will eventually lead to an overall improvement in their quality of life. Using a holistic approach, we ensure that all aspects of our lives are addressed and that weaknesses or lacks are strengthened.

Our holistic wellness programmes have been beneficial for professionals across companies. Employees have seen remarkable growth in terms of team bonding, and advanced communication, and overall, the sessions helped them to make better health choices.

They are able to lead a peaceful work-life balance with improved energy and concentration, and improved relationships both at their workplaces and at home.

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