Johari Digital manufactures Facial Toning & Skincare device for 7E Wellness, USA

New age Non-Invasive Skin care device, Myolift ready to disrupt the conventional aesthetic market in India!
Johari Digital manufactures Facial Toning & Skincare device for 7E Wellness, USA

Johari Digital manufactures Facial Toning & Skincare device for 7E Wellness, USA

Johari Digital Healthcare Ltd. manufactures 7E’s FDA-cleared revolutionary aesthetic Myolift devices. Microcurrent-based devices rejuvenate, heal and repair facial skin for a healthy & youthful glow. With leading aesthetic MedTech companies entering India's facial skin treatment market, presumably, there will be a significant shift from costly, invasive cosmetic procedures to more affordable non-invasive Micro-current devices. Indian Beauty Device Market stood at USD 395.59 millions in 2022 and is expected to reach USD 912.93 million by 2028 at a CAGR of 15.30%. Myolift devices will surely contribute significantly to the predicted growth. Considering this rising trend of accessible skincare, India will be a key focus geography for Myolift.


Myolift Device Development Journey with Johari Digital Healthcare Ltd.

Currently, there are multiple products under the Myolift range- Mini, 600, QT & Triwave. We’ve a 15 yrs. ongoing relationship with 7E Wellness where we’ve worked on Design & Manufacturing of Myolift devices with key focus on,

  • Industrial Design

  • Mechanical Design

  • Electronics Design

  • Software Design 

The device has evolved with time. Numerous feedbacks from end users, stakeholders, designers & developers have played a crucial role in transforming the design & functionality for more impactful treatment. 

Working with 7E Wellness over the years, with rigorous vendor management & lean manufacturing, we’ve reduced the cost of manufacturing to ensure the affordability of the product for majority users, especially in the Indian geography. Each of these versions are globally successful and in high demand in multiple geographies.

“We are doing everything possible to lower the barrier to entry and make sure that these incredible products are available to all skin enthusiasts, whether they are at-home users or professionals working on various skin conditions" 

Pooja Johari, CPO/ Founder, 7E Wellness

Why is 7E Wellness's Microcurrent device a revolutionary device for the aesthetic industry? 

Physical appearance affects confidence while accomplishing day-to-day goals. It may not be a priority but often it plays a crucial role in our personal and professional lives. Costly procedures and a variety of products for facial beauty have made skincare & desirable looks inaccessible to most of the population. 

Conventional medicines, surgeries and cosmetic skin care products require huge investments in terms of money. Additionally, it takes a lot of time for visible results. The side effects & uncertainty of results in invasive procedures make it an unworthy investment. 7E Wellness’s Myolift device is a revolutionary device to help individuals achieve healthy skin & visible results with minimal investment, effort & ease. 

The devices come with multiple waveforms precisely designed to provide tightened skin, reduce fine lines, wrinkles and lift & improve skin. The innovation has an intuitive interface which eliminates guesswork & provides pre-set facial treatment programs on the smartphone app. The product with its enhanced features is perfect for use at home, clinics and cosmetic centers. 

What lies ahead of 7E-Johari partnership?

Johari will continue to support 7E wellness in their pursuit of delivering more accessible, advanced and affordable skin care solutions/devices. We’re continually improving the pace, enhancing & expanding capabilities and churning out ways to improve our services & accelerate Medical Device breakthroughs like Myolift in near future. 

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