Inventure Academy stands tall while nurturing the Indian Educational spectrum with its expertise

Inventure Academy

Inventure Academy

Nooraine Fazal - Founding CEO and Managing Trustee

Inventure Academy stands tall while nurturing the Indian Educational spectrum with its expertise

What fuel is to the world, education is for India, with the stumbling blocks being consistency and quality! Inventure Academy is redefining quality education by 'instilling in students the ability and conviction to realise their full potential, be socially responsible citizens and excel anywhere in the world'.

With a blend of invention and nurture, Inventure has been delivering excellence and reinventing itself relentlessly since 2005. Located in the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore, Inventure is a fully accredited and independent international school and is affiliated to the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) and the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE).

Transforming power through its integrated curriculum

The methodology at Inventure is experiential and multidisciplinary, encompassing the diverse ways in which children learn, both individually and collaboratively.

From Pre-K to Grade 12, the school challenges and scaffolds its 'Inventurers' to think critically, work diligently, play fairly and act empathetically, thereby molding them into innovative, responsible and sensitive human beings.

Inventure offers an all-encompassing school experience that balances academic rigor with the creative arts, sports and community service, while focusing on life skills of adaptability, ethics, critical thinking, problem solving and risk taking.

Learning Programs offered by Inventure Academy

Inventuring: This start-of-the-year program was formulated to garner the rich, varied ways in which students learn and engage with the world around them through activities based on Multiple Intelligences involving hands-on projects

Maker Space: This program takes inspiration from STEAM related activities to allow a variety of learning across the different genres of practical knowledge.

Inventure+Changemaker: This platform teaches high school students to be advocates of positive change, in their neighborhoods and beyond with various projects like Our Lakes Our Voice, Our Traffic Our Voice, Chain Reaction, Our Future Our Voice and Involve.

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Annual School Musical Productions tied into causes the Inventure community believes in: Inventure Academy focuses on all-round growth and development of the students. The Annual Musical Production is conceptualized and performed by Primary School in one year and Middle & Senior School in the next.

The takeaway for students is tremendous in terms of confidence, teamwork, discipline, and commitment in perfecting their roles. Many shows have been organized by the school, including:

Reading & Writing Program: Inventure Academy is the only school in Bangalore that teaches English using the Reading and Writing Workshop method pioneered by Lucy Calkins at Columbia University Teachers College.

Community Outreach: Inventure Academy has adopted three government schools and works with 3 other government schools on a regular basis.

Internship Program: This Program aims to help high school students develop career interests, leadership abilities, intrapersonal and interpersonal skills and provide exposure beyond the world of academia.

College & Career Counseling: At Inventure, career guidance support begins from Grade 8, when students are required to make Board choices between ICSE and IGCSE.

Multi-sports culture: Inventure is one of the few schools in India who adhere to best practices from around the world, using the latest pedagogy and coaching tools to empower students to create a habit of lifelong health and fitness, and provide an opportunity to learn to excel at sport at the highest level.

Inventure Academy has also collaborated with the Zeeshan Ali Tennis Academy (ZATA) which is supervised personally by Mr. Zeeshan Ali and his team.

Creative Arts: Inventure has made the creative arts an integral part of the core curriculum to identify and develop creativity in each child among different verticals including Visual Arts, Theatre, Dance and Music.

The Inventure Gurus

Inventure Academy has a committed team of educators who are lifelong learners as well. The faculty embodies the school's Core Values and breathes life into its Core Purpose.

Dynamic, creative, inspiring and compassionate, the faculty is creating an environment that is nurturing yet disciplined, progressive yet grounded.

Bonding with Education Sector

Inventure Academy is associated with RoundSquare, TAISI (The Association of International Schools of India), ASISE (Association of Schools for the Indian School Certificate}), ABIDe Working Group and the FICCI (Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry).

The school offers both national and international curriculum with accreditations to both the CISCE (Council for Indian School Certificate Examinations) Delhi and CAIE (Cambridge Assessment International Examinations) in the United Kingdom. Inventure is also a Member of the Research Groups of Task Group on Karnataka Stake Education Policy.

Of particular note is the school's initiative in 2014, when Inventure took the lead and collaborated with 18 educational institutions and NGOs to research what safety meant for children across various socioeconomic groups to create a student charter which contributed to the development of the Karnataka Child protection policy.

The school has achieved numerous milestones in a short span of thirteen years, placing its stakeholders, particularly the children, culture, vision and core values at the centre of all that it does. The milestones achieved by Inventure Academy include:

  • Education World India School Rankings 2017: Top 10 All India; Top 3 Karnataka & Bangalore

  • Education World Grand Jury Awards 2017: #1 All India for Library and Reading Culture

  • Future 50 Schools Shaping Success 2017 (Fortune Exchange Magazine)

  • Education Today 2016: India's Best School, Jury's Choice Award

  • Education World India Pre-School Rankings 2015: Top 5 Bangalore

  • Education World India School Rankings 2014: #10 All India; #2 Karnataka & Bangalore

  • Parikrama Foundation Award 2014 & 2016 for best personal counseling school & induction into the Hall of Fame.

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Future Ahead

Inventure's journey ahead is one of consolidation, institutionalization, and scaling to greater heights in the field of education.

Inventure strives to move ahead replicating its model of child-centered education, where every child experiences the right to freedom of expression and learning in a happy and nurturing environment.

Inventure's plans for future schools are underway and they look forward to providing quality international education at very affordable costs to more and more students.

"Life is a journey aimed at finding your life's passion(s), being the best that you can be while contributing to making the world a better place.

Everybody is unique; everyone is all too human; therefore, individuality & being human is to be celebrated, not discouraged. Everyone has infinite potential to succeed and achieve their life's ambitions Failure is a stepping stone to success."

Nooraine Fazal

Founding CEO & Managing Trustee          

NooraineFazal holds Master of Science degree in Management from Boston University.  She has worked with IBM and Reuters for 10 years in a front-line and managerial capacity.

Post a period of introspection about the future, Nooraine returned to India in 2003 (after twelve years across the UK, USA, Middle East, Australia and Greater China region), in order to be a 'citizen with a say' in the way the country is developing.

She has played both for the Karnataka women's cricket and basketball teams.

Nooraine's vision for education promises robust, lifelong development of the individual. These beliefs directly translate into the Core Values at Inventure Academy.

Nooraine is an educationist, sportsperson, entrepreneur and a change maker who believes that quality education can empower youth to bring about positive change in India and the world.

She conceived, conceptualized and made possible Inventure Academy, which today has the distinction of being amongst India's Top 10 Schools.

Actively involved in every aspect of the school, from shaping its policies, programs and its learning environment, to being accessible to students, teachers and parents, Nooraine is determined to nurture Inventurers who will build a progressive, secular and progressive India.

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