Quality In Core

A Venture Of Dr. Kriti Israni, Providing Total Lifecycle Support and Cost-Effective Compliance Consulting Solutions
Dr Kriti Israni - Founder - Quality In Core

Dr Kriti Israni - Founder - Quality In Core

A leading global consulting firm, Quality In Core specialises in providing compliance consulting services and cost-effective solutions to a range of industries, including pharmaceuticals, medical devices, diagnostics, life sciences, healthcare, and biotechnology.

The company, headquartered in New Delhi, India, has a team of experienced consultants with years of industry expertise. Quality In Core is dedicated to providing total lifecycle support to its clients and ensuring exceptional services.

Founded in 2016, Quality In Core aims to be a globally recognised organisation that provides proactive, cost-efficient, and high-quality services while ensuring data integrity and GxP compliance.

The company values teamwork and collaboration to achieve its vision of fairness, business ethics, global reach, total lifecycle support, and building long-term relationships with clients, partners, and employees.

With a clientele spanning healthcare, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, diagnostics, cosmetics, chemicals, and food industries, Quality In Core has 50+ employees and offices in India and the USA.

QiC offers end-to-end support for the GxP system life cycle. Bringing US expertise to the table, the firm provides affordable and competitive solutions globally. Its unique approach of partnering with clients to deliver efficient and cost-effective solutions is how QiC stays ahead of the game.

Dr Kriti Israni, Founder, Quality In Core

Boasting an impressive academic background, Dr Kriti Israni is a Bachelor’s in Biochemistry from Michigan State University and a Master’s in Biotechnology from Northwestern University in the USA.

Along with her studies, Dr Israni gained valuable experience by working in the Pharmaceutical Industry since the age of 19, specialising in US FDA compliance.

During her work, Dr Israni noticed a significant gap between India and the rest of the world in terms of quality, validation, and compliance despite India being known for its efficient and cost-effective manufacturing industry.

Driven by her passion for bridging this gap and boosting the Indian Pharma industry, she founded QiC, a company dedicated to implementing global standards of quality, validation, and compliance in India.

Dr. Israni’s PhD in Business Philosophy, with a specialization in International Business Management, further supports her mission to improve India’s pharma industry and its standing in the global market.

The Tale Of Inception

While working at Hospira in Chicago, Dr Kriti Israni identified a potential market for global firms to expand operations in India due to its cost-effective workforce.

However, she also noticed a significant gap in the knowledge and implementation of streamlined practices, which could hinder optimal operations. Driven by her passion for bridging this gap and improving the pharmaceutical industry in India, she founded QiC.

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Thriving As A Woman In Consulting

As a businesswoman in the validation, quality, training, and coaching space within the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare sectors for 10+ years, Dr Israni had her set of challenges, but the experience was enriching nonetheless.

As Kriti shares, “Working across the globe in more than 14 countries has been a tremendous learning experience.

Dr Israni recalls a challenging decision she had to make while working in consulting; when she took on a project with Quality in Core (QiC), she was the only woman working with the organisation.

During a random audit, Kriti identified several serious gaps in practices, which led to animosity and consequences from the employees who were caught following improper practices.

To regain trust and help them understand the bigger consequences of following improper practices, Kriti spent time working one-on-one with site heads.

She focused on helping them see this as an opportunity to improve rather than playing the blame game. Despite the difficulties, Kriti and her team were ultimately successful in fixing the root cause of problems and gaps.

Being young, female, and coming from overseas in a field dominated by middle-aged men was not easy for her.

Initially, client employees were hesitant to work with Dr Israni, but she was able to build trust by emphasising collaboration and mutual benefit rather than increased workloads or fault-finding.

By taking a patient and step-by-step approach focused on creating win-win situations for all involved, Dr Kriti Israni managed to overcome these challenges.

Finding Inspiration

Dr Israni finds Mrs Zena Koffman, the Senior Vice President at Hospira, to be a great inspiration in the business industry. She shares, “Being from overseas, Zena joined a global firm Abbott Laboratories and climbed the ranks while gaining the respect of her peers through her compassion, hard work, and dedication to teamwork.

Awards & Accolades

Dr Kriti Israni was named Pfizer’s global Employee of the Year in 2015 and was lauded for her contributions to the PDA Society Midwest chapter.

She held a prominent role in the Quality and Validation organisation at Hospira and Pfizer, leading 14 global sites and serving as a direct liaison between the sites and corporate headquarters, despite being the youngest member of the team.

A Collaborative and Supportive Leadership Approach

Dr Kriti Israni’s leadership style revolves around leading by example and empathising with her team members. She places great emphasis on building open and trustworthy relationships with her clients and employees.

Dr. Israni believes that a strong understanding drives human relationships, and building trust in working relationships is essential for a collaborative working environment and overall success.

Kriti shares, “I approach everything with a simple baseline - “we are in this together, and it has to be beneficial to all”. So I slowly approach actions one step at a time and ensure maximum benefit to everyone involved in a situation.

Staying Current

In the consulting industry, staying up-to-date with the latest trends and developments is crucial. At QiC, they have a specialised research and development team that focuses on various aspects such as industry trends, recent inspections, warning letters, news, and potential clients.

To keep up with the changing trends while managing her workload, Kriti follows a strategic approach where she first addresses major issues and then works on achievable tasks for the day.

Hale And Hearty Kids

Currently, Dr Kriti Israni is focusing on her newly founded company, Hale and Hearty Kids, which aims to support parents in raising healthier and happier children through child nutrition, holistic health, child development, and parent coaching.

She noticed a gap in parenting culture during the COVID-19 pandemic and decided to take action by gaining certifications in these areas and launching the company in 2022.

Hale and Hearty Kids is a unique coaching platform aimed at simplifying parenting issues and child development challenges and providing practical solutions for parents.

The platform provides counselling services for Parent Holistic Health, Child Holistic Health, and Parent-Child relationships. Kriti foresees managing both her ventures, Quality In Core and Hale & Hearty Kids, and making a positive impact on society through continuous improvement and growth.

She plans to collaborate with schools, kids’ organisations, and NGOs to offer workshops and counselling sessions to parents. She is determined to make a positive impact on society by supporting parents in creating happier homes.

Words Of Wisdom

Advising young entrepreneurs, Dr Israni shares,

“Focus on “One Step at Time” and “Win-Win Situation for All”. Always keep the big picture in mind, but try to find satisfaction with achievable goals. This way, you make your journey enjoyable while never losing sight of the goals.”

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